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by Tori Carrington

ePub Skin Deep (Heat) download
Tori Carrington
Harlequin (August 1, 2002)
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with Lucky?Lucky figures the sexy doc needs his head examined if he thinks she'll be telling him her deepest thoughts.

Who Loved Her. Tori Carrington. with Lucky?Lucky figures the sexy doc needs his head examined if he thinks she'll be telling him her deepest thoughts. Because all she's thinking about is getting naked with him!

And picking up the latest makeover book is her first move toward a new life.

After getting publicly dumped-again!-Kyra White is making some changes  . And picking up the latest makeover book is her first move toward a new life. Following the step-by-step directions in Sex Kitten 101, Kyra sets out to conquer the male world. And she does it…very well.

Lori & Tony Karayianni aka Tori Carrington. After getting publicly dumped-again!-Kyra White is making some changes. Following the step-by-step directions in 'Sex Kitten 101', Kyra sets out to conquer the male world very well.

And picking up the latest makeover book is her first move toward a new life. And she does i. ery well. Suddenly every guy she comes across wants to take her to bed. Including her best friend, Michae. rchitect Michael Romero has lusted after his "friend" Kyra for years.

I have mixed feelings about the story. I liked the plot line, but I couldn't really fi Skin Deep by Tori Carrington is a classic friends to lovers story

I have mixed feelings about the story. I liked the plot line, but I couldn't really fi Skin Deep by Tori Carrington is a classic friends to lovers story. Kyra goes through boyfriends like they are Kleenex and Michael, her best-friend and co-worker, sits on the side lines and pines for her. After Kyra's most recent breakup, she decides to transform and Michael can't resist the new, more confident Kyra.

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Tori Carrington is the pen name by the husband–wife writing team of Tony Karayianni and Lori Schlachter Karayianni. They have written over 28 romance novels since 1998. Tony Karayianni was born in Smila, Greece and he grew up in Athens. He immigrated to the United States in late 1976. Lori Schlachter was born in Toledo, Ohio, United States. She studied at Catholic Central and graduated with a degree in computer science from Macomber-Whitney. For years, she worked in the computer industry.

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  • After getting dumped one time too many, Kyra decides a makeover is in order. Armed with a copy of "Sex Kitten 101," she does a complete turnaround, and captures the eye of her best friend and colleague, Michael. He does not really like the makeover, as it conjures up all kinds of thoughts he would rather keep to himself.

    Michael soon becomes catnip to Kyra's kitten, and the two enter into a passionate affair, always fearful that they will ruin the long-standing friendship. When an accounting error leads to the possibility of Kyra being an embezzler, it is Michael that stands up for her. Can they remain friends now that they are lovers?

    The husband and wife team that comprise "Tori Carrington" have written a breezy and sensual romp heavy on the steam (and a little light on plot) about the ramifications of altering a friendship and taking it to the next level.

  • Bookkeeper Kyra White is dumped by yet another jerk as her best friend in the world watches from a distance. Michael Romero is close to socking Kyra's last in the line of lovers right in the jaw when he sees the startled look on Kyra's face. He's not about to let his best friend take abuse from another loser.
    Michael has been Kyra's champion since she came to work for his architectural firm, and since then they've become close buddies - shoulders to lean upon - to share confidences - and pick each other up after loves gone bad. They've always thought of each other like next-door neighbors, but suddenly Michael is getting different vibes. Hoy boy! Those vibes are going to be zinging pretty soon .....
    When he gets a real good look at the new Kyra.
    Kyra is tired of being plain Jane and does a 180-degree turn-around. She's cut her long plain brown locks, opting for short, spiked blonde ones. And goodbye sensible white, button front blouses with long skirts and HELLOOOOO slinky minis and low cut, tight stretchy tops that have every man ogling as she walks past. A new Kyra is born, and is she ever enjoying herself. The tiger in her tank is turned loose - and guess who her next prey is going to be? Yep - Michael better hang on tight, because this new woman is going to take charge of her life and go for the gold.
    I am guessing the husband of this writing team wrote a good portion of this story as I sensed a man's viewpoint while reading Michael's thoughts. Michael goes through hoops learning life's lessons, but with Kyra to show him the way, how can he lose? Meanwhile, Kyra learns she's the same person inside no matter what she wears, but the hot, trendy look gives her the courage to fight for what she wants.
    SKIN DEEP carries the Temptation HEAT label, and this story definitely fits the category. Hotter than a firecracker, SKIN DEEP pushes the envelope of erotic romance with vivid, descriptive sensual scenes that scorch the paper, but buried beneath this activity is a good story. For those who like them hot, you will not be disappointed in this latest one from the Carrington husband and wife team. SKIN DEEP won't cool down your hot August days, so be sure to sit in front of a fan with a cool glass of refreshment. Once you open the first page, you won't cool down until you reach the last page, and maybe not even then (grinning here)...

  • While Michael Romero watches yet another one of Kyra White's boyfriends break up with her, he wishes yet again that he were her boyfriend instead, but he and Kyra are best friends so he settles for giving her a shoulder to cry on. As usual Michael is there to pick up the pieces and Kyra appreciates it while secretly noticing how gorgeous her best friend is.

    Kyra decides to make a change. With a new hair cut and new clothes she intends to make a fresh start. Michael's reaction to Kyra's new look is a combination of shock, lust and panic. Every man that sees her will want her and Michael can't handle that thought.

    Michael and Kyra's relationship changes one night when their mutual attraction explodes in a blur of steamy sex. Striving to keep their friendship intact while exploring their newfound passion is scary and intense. Maybe what's been missing in all their previous relationships was each other.

    Skin Deep is a very passionate and romantic story where friends become lovers. I adore Michael and Kyra. They are so obviously perfect for each other that it's fun and arousing watching them figure it out for themselves! The other characters in the story play a very minimal role, which made the focus stay on Michael and Kyra's relationship. Skin Deep is wonderful love story that drew me in with it's witty, sexy and tender storyline, then kept me hooked until I finished the last page!


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  • Skin Deep by Tori Carrington
    Harlequin Temptation # 890 - August 2002
    Harlequin Special Release - January 2006

    Michael is an architect and partner in his firm. He's been Kyra's best friend since the firm hired her as a bookkeeper. He's always been attracted to her, and yet somehow, never asked her out. Instead, he's been her confidant and helped her each and every time she gets dumped by some jerk. Kyra is mortified when jerk # 13 publicly dumps her and compares her to a dead fish. When she finds "Sex Kitten, 101" at the book store, she's ready to makes some changes. Oh boy, does she makes some changes. Gone are the long skirts and baggy blouses. On come the tank tops and skin tight skirts, and those impossible to walk in four inch heals Gone is the long brown hair. Now she's a sassy blond. You gotta love this transformation. Michael sure does, he can't seem to keep his tongue from hanging out, let alone the effect she has on his other parts!

    Kyra has often had images of Michael in her sexiest fantasies. Now when she sees the lust in his eyes she's empowered. So she seduces him. When things get serious, she needs to prove to Michael that she's still the same ol' Kyra no matter what clothes she's wearing.

    This was a sexy, fun read. The story is fast-paced and humorous. There are definite laugh out loud and big grin moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this book