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ePub Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders) download

by Lorelei James

ePub Cowgirl Up and Ride (Rough Riders) download
Lorelei James
Samhain Publishing (February 1, 2009)
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Cowgirl Up and Ride, . Part of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James. A young man jumped out, swooped in and picked her up. His work-roughed hands tenderly brushed rocks from her knees and wiped the tears from her dirty face.

Cowgirl Up and Ride, . He carried her to the passenger side of his truck, burned rubber over the snake and drove her home, keeping hold of her hand as she sobbed. Amy Jo had a devil of a time climbing out of his rig, not because of the injury to her ankle, but mostly because she hadn’t wanted to get out.

16 primary works, 23 total works. Book 3. Cowgirl Up and Ride. I love writing about the modern day west, creating larger than life cowboys and the women who love them. This series is actually a western saga, carrie. ore. part of Rough Riders Series. But the tires on a big Ford dually locked up and the truck skidded to a stop.

Author : Lorelei James. Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch, missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins, Cord is more than willing to take AJ up on her offer. The fun and games tie them both up in knots. AJ isn't willing to settle for less than the whole shootin' match with her western knight.

But the tires on a big Ford dually locked up and the truck skidded to a stop.

Book 1: Long Hard Ride Book 2: Rode Hard Book 3: Cowgirl Up and Ride Book 4: Tied Up, Tied Down Book 5: Rough, Raw and . I cannot wait to devour so many more of your books

Book 1: Long Hard Ride Book 2: Rode Hard Book 3: Cowgirl Up and Ride Book 4: Tied Up, Tied Down Book 5: Rough, Raw and Ready Book 6: Branded As Trouble Book . : Strong, Silent Type (novella) Book 7: Shoulda Been A Cowboy Book 8: All Jacked Up Book 9: Raising Kane Book . : Slow Ride (free short story) Book. I cannot wait to devour so many more of your books. Absolutely brilliant writing! Everything about this book was PERFECT for me

Narrated by Rebecca Estrella.

Narrated by Rebecca Estrella.

It is a Rough Riders Series Novel. Enjoy Reading on StudyNovels. Author: Lorelei James. Category: Billionaire Romance. Series: Rough Riders. Total pages: 69. Start Reading.

Author: Lorelei James. Category: Others, Romance. Series: Rough Riders Pages: 129. Status: Update. Views: 766. New chapters.

Goody-two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for Cord McKay to see her as more than a girl in pigtails. Now that she's old enough, she's pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell-bent for leatherstraight for his libido. Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off women]]until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride barebackand he realizes she doesn't mean horses or bulls. Busy with the responsibilities of running a ranch and riding herd on his rambunctious family, Cord agrees to take AJ up on her offeron a trial basis.
  • 5 Unbelievably HOT, HOT, Sexy, Sweet Stars!!!!!

    Holy hell, how have I NOT read anything by this author before this book????? This book was amazing in every way and on every level.....I loved this book, this couple HARD:)

    First off, the writing was superb, the storyline was terrific, it flowed seamlessly and flawlessly, the characters including the secondary characters were intriguing, sexy, mysterious, and just downright raunchy and dirty and OMG....some of the secondary characters and their sex scenes...whewwww, give me a fire hose now please!

    Cord and AJ.......holy wowza, these two were spot-on PERFECT. They were amazing and beautiful and so real, I felt like I truly "knew" them therefore I was able to invest and connect with them completely and on every level. Their relationship was a beautiful and sensual and VERY HOT, slow build and it was done precisely right! I loved their chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Their sexual chemistry was a five alarm fire. Can I say this bunch of characters certainly know how to spice up the sex life. There was NEVER a dull moment and the dirty, kinky scenes were so hot, so spontaneous and so freaking dirty.....I LOVED every single second of every single sex scene....yessireee.......these cowboys sure know how to please a woman and dominate the hell out of them at the same time. OK, I need to "breathe" this story just got me so gooey, ga-ga crazy here, lol!

    Author Lorelei James, I am HOOKED.....I cannot wait to devour so many more of your books. Absolutely brilliant writing! Everything about this book was PERFECT for me:)

  • This time the story is about Cord McKay. He has had a rough go of it. Was married, but now he is divorced, and is raising his son. Due to being burned so bad in the past, he is not interested in pursuing any type of a relationship with anyone. All he truly cares about is his son and the family ranch.

    In comes Amy Jo, who now wants to be known as AJ. She is best friends with Cord’s little sister, as well as a babysitter for his son. She has set her sights on Cord, and will do whatever she can to finally get his attention and see her as a woman. Can she get him to look her way? Can she help to move on from his bad marriage and start living again? Will their age difference prevent Cord from taking AJ seriously?

    Dang! Every story is better than the last! AJ makes a great show of getting Cord’s attention, and boy is he interested now! The chemistry between the two of them is pretty hot, and they complement each other well in other aspects of their lives. Pick this book up! You won’t be disappointed!

  • I was a bit hesitant at the start of this story and I wasn't getting a connection to these two especially AJ but the author didn't go the route of DRAMA filled situations and I quickly became engaged into the story, especially with ALL that sex *sighs in jealously*. I LOVED Cord, my picture of an ideal rancher man. I started at book 3 on a recommendation and be prepared to be introduced to a whole lot of characters. The only thing I'm really disappointed in is I wanted more at the end of the story, on how AJ and Cord immersed themselves into each others lives and with Ky competing for AJ's affections as "his friend" not daddy's. Another chapter or epilogue would have raised my rating as I was left unfulfilled after I was emotionally attached to this story. I suspect the author may drip feed some little bits of information of this family in her upcoming books and that would be fine if I had been satisfied with the completion of this tale. I really am in 2 minds as to whether to continue on in the series or leave it and I also don't know if I can recommend this book. I think if you're okay with the story (maybe) continuing throughout other books then go ahead and buy it, you will love the McKay's!

  • Just finished reading Cowgirl Up and Ride for the 6th time ;-), this story NEVER gets old and makes me girly bits tingle EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I. READ. IT.

    I will NEVAHH EVAHH again, look at an orange popsicle without overheating ;-)

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the Rough Riders, one of my TOP FAVORITES books the other being Saddled & Spurred also by Lorelei James. This book is not just erotic romance, it has an incredible love story in it also.

    Cord is gruff, tough and the epitome of working cowboy, and so freakin' sexy. Adding to Cord's appeal is the love he has for his 4 yr old son Kyler. Between him being such a good single daddy and his gruff, dominating ways and shows of tenderness to AJ well he is exactly the kind of man who lives in my dreams. Amy Jo has been in love with Cord since she was a little girl. Cord sees her as his baby sister's best friend and his son's former babysitter, UNTIL he notices a smokin hot woman dancin at the Golden Boot. Lo and behold it's Amy Jo and she has her sights set on Cord, only she tells him she's now AJ with a new attitude and wants him to teach her all about sex.

    The path AJ and Cord travel to their HEA is filled with emotions, humor, smokin' hot sex and the rest of the McKay hotties and family. AJ is sassy and Cord comes up with some steaming hot methods of punishments =) The ending of the book is pretty much one of the most touching and "real" I've read, because there is a definite struggle and wooing by Cord that has to go through and AJ has to take a hard look at her life....

    Cord is so freakin' SEXY and chemistry between him and AJ just has my Naughty Kindle smokin. Every time he calls her Baby Doll or counts to her makes me quiver ;-) There are so many funny and touching scenes in this book.