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by Toni Blake

ePub The Red Diary download
Toni Blake
Warner Forever (September 1, 2004)
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Chapter One. "You're empty. She was just about to flick off the lamp when she caught a glimpse of a satiny red book peeking from between a quarterly report and a ten-pound dictionary on her bookshelf across. It was her sex journal.

Chapter One. Let me get you another. His fingers covered hers on the stem of the wineglass. She let go, leaving it in his possession. Not that she'd had sex in a while-in fact, it had been two years since she'd broken up with Daniel, the last man she'd made love to. Maybe that was why she needed a sex journal. She kept it in her office to prevent any prying eyes, like Carolyn's, from curiously snatching it up to see what was inside.

Izzy lay stretched out asleep on her pink pillow at the other end of the couch. She knew most people would consider it a boring way to spend Saturday night, but she felt perfectly content. much of her contentment was due to Nick and the new hope she felt surrounding their relationship.

The Red Diary, an erotic tale from rising romance star Toni Blake, takes readers on a sensual adventure in a story of seductive retribution

The Red Diary, an erotic tale from rising romance star Toni Blake, takes readers on a sensual adventure in a story of seductive retribution. Lauren Ash keeps a private journal filled with her deepest, most intimate sexual fantasie. hen house painter Nick Armstrong finds it, he plans to use the red-hot content to break Lauren’s heart-a proper revenge for the wrongs his family suffered at the hands of Lauren’s father so many years ago. Racy and fun, intimate and touching, The Red Diary features rich, compelling characters and a suspenseful, passionate escapade that you won’t want to put down.

The Red Diary, an erotic tale from rising romance star Toni Blake, takes readers on a sensual adventure in a story of seductive retribution. Lauren Ash keeps a private journal filled with her deepest.

The Red Diary, an erotic tale from rising romance star Toni Blake, takes readers on a sensual adventure in a. .

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Made into a major motion picture starring Johnny Depp, The Rum Diary-a national bestseller and New York Times Notable Book-is Hunter S. Thompson’s brilliant love story of jealousy, treachery, and violent lust in the Caribbean.

Toni Blake is just amazing with emotional and provocative tale. The Red Diary is not just an erotic story but a story that will touch the reader’s heart. Lauren Ash is tired of everyone assuming she is like her best friend, Carolyn.

The Run Diary shows a side of human nature that is ugly and wrong. But it is a world that Hunter Thompson knows in the nerves of his neck.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. The Run Diary shows a side of human nature that is ugly and wrong. This is a brilliant tribal study and a bone in the throat of all decent people.

When Nick Armstrong finds the red diary, he's shocked--and aroused. In intimate detail, the prim and proper Lauren Ash has recorded her most secret fantasies. Never before has he found such a potent weapon for righting an old wrong. Original.
  • This is one of Toni Blake's earlier novels, written in 2004 and recently re-released. It's a very steamy read and while there were things I loved, there were things I didn't love, but still, all-in-all, an enjoyable story.

    The plot:

    Lauren Ash is the daughter of Ash Builders owner, Henry Ash. On the outside she's prim and proper, but Lauren has a naughty secret - her red diary, in which she pens all her deepest, most erotic fantasies, never in her wildest dreams thinking that anyone else will ever read them.

    Nick Armstrong is the owner of Horizon Painters, and he has a secret too. His company has been hired to paint Lauren's house and Nick takes the job himself, wanting a glimpse of her life - a life that should have been his. But twenty years ago Lauren's father cheated Nick's father out of his half of the business, and now just a glimpse of the life he missed out on isn't enough. Now Nick wants revenge, and he thinks he might just have found the way to get it - Lauren's diary.

    The characters:

    Nick is a likeable character - very sexy, very smart - though I wasn't completely on board with his reasons for wanting revenge, or the way he was going about getting it. But, he's a man with a lot on his plate: running his own company, and helping support his sister Elaine and handicapped brother Davy. And he's got a lot on his mind: the grudge he's been holding onto, one that's turning him into a bitter, angry man.

    Lauren's character started out very weak, in my mind. She was easily led around by her friend, Carolyn, never really standing up for herself or making her own wants known. As the story progresses, she becomes a much stronger woman, but still, I never really connected with her or saw her.

    The story:

    As I said, this is a very sexy story, but the things I most enjoyed about it had nothing to do with sex, or our hero and heroine. What tugged at my heart and kept me turning the pages was the tragic story of Nick's younger brother, Davy. He's got such a sweet boy's heart and soul, trapped in a man's body, after suffering a horrific, brain injury. It was the time I spent getting to know him, his likes and his interests, that really had my attention. What an emotional side-story his is.

    The bottom line:

    I'm a huge fan of Toni Blake's Destiny series, as well as her H.O.T. Cops series written as Lacey Alexander, and while I really did enjoy The Red Diary, I didn't love it. I had issues with Nick's sneaking around Lauren's house, reading her diary and plotting his revenge on this woman who had nothing to do with her father's deception. I also had issues with Lauren, in general. I found myself more interested in the secondary story-lines than that of our hero and heroine.

    My thanks to Avon Books for providing me with a copy of The Red Diary in exchange for an honest review.

  • I gave this novel four stars because it was a really great read and we'll priced.
    This is one of this author's early books. I have read all of her Destiny series and am familiar with her through these.
    THIS Novel was a little different since I spent the first half of the book not really liking either character. As a matter of fact I took it off my carousel for a day or so because they irritated me. I am glad I finished it, because both Nick & Lauren did began to change & grow & the book came to a satisfying conclusion.
    I can honestly say I would recommend it and will probably read it again in the future.

  • Wish I could have returned the book after the first page turned out to be cheesily written porn. This is one of those books I'm trying to get off my ereader. Would love there to have been an X rating in this so I wouldn't have wasted my money. Maybe the author told a good story, or had excellent character development, but I couldn't tell you. Didn't bother to read on.

  • Very realistic love story. Little bit of angst, revenge, love, deceipt...but in the end it all comes together to make sense. I really loved how Toni Blake went back and forth between "real" time and excerpts from her diary.

  • I knew what the end result should be.....just had to get there! This was a Cinderfella type story with humor and touches of reality (despite some great fantasy!). Would recommend it for a beach or vacation read.

  • loved it! this is one of a kind romance. i like how its different from your usual romance too, like really who has a sex diary? it does sound like a good idea tho! HA

  • Loved this book. Every woman's fantasy to have her secret fantasies fulfilled. Loved the characters and their personal issues to overcome. Especially loved Davy and Daisy. Great read !

  • good