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by BA Tortuga

ePub Timeless Hunger download
BA Tortuga
Torquere Press (December 27, 2006)
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Timeless Hunger book. Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy's Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food.

Timeless Hunger book. When she's not doing that, she's writing.

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BA is represented by Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. Follow BA on: Newsletter Signup.

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It's Gay Ski Week in Aspen. Lee is just the transporter for the broken werewolves his team rescues from the Brotherhood

It's Gay Ski Week in Aspen. Lee is just the transporter for the broken werewolves his team rescues from the Brotherhood. His latest pick-up goes badly when one wolf bolts, and his van is shot at, making it tough for him to keep it together.

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com's BA Tortuga Author Page. Once I’d finished the first Underground book, Special Teams, I was ready to write another one. This is a fun and hot series for me. However. There were deadlines. And the next book in this series didn’t have a deadline. So time moved as it does (at the speed of light – please slow down a little time, I am always running behind and I blame time’s zippiness for it!) And before I knew.

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Rosie doesn't date cowboys anymore, not since her husband died. Cop-turned-vampire hunter Vance changes his views when he meets Clay and his human familiar, a crazy Cajun called Remy. Les, a cowboy to the bone, is ready to convince Rosie to change her mind. and their happily ever after.

Knox likes to blow shit up. In fact, it's his life. He's got a reputation as the best demolition man in the business, at least until the enigmatic Isaac shows up and literally blows one of his jobs to kingdom come. Then Isaac invites himself to stay with Knox, leaving the big redneck wondering if he's his mind, torn between telling Isaac off and taking him right to bed. Isaac is a lot older than he looks, and tired of searching through time for the one he loves. When he finds Knox he's almost given up. He amuses himself with the youngster for awhile, but when he realizes things are getting serious, he runs, unable to bear the thought of losing Knox as he's lost so many before. This time he's not going to get away, though. Knox is a lot more tenacious than Isaac expects. They dream of each other while they're apart, the past coming back to haunt them. Knox finds that he's facing changes that he never expected, his need for Isaac far more than just afleeting love. Will their hunger for each other eat them alive, or can they strike the perfect balance between the past and the future?
  • Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

    Rating: 5/10

    - The tone of the story is conversational and easy to read, and it incorporates quite a bit of dry humor. One of my favorite descriptions occurs when Knox compares Isaac to "a cat that didn't want to be picked up, going all boneless and impossible."
    - The chapters written from Isaac's perspective have an odd sort of genteel charm to them. By nature, he's a rather vicious creature--needing blood and all that--but there's something refined about his mannerisms and his language. He's constantly attaching words like "lovely" and "luscious" and "delicious" to his observations.
    - There's nothing particularly unusual about the paranormal plot angle in this story, but it didn't feel stale to me, either. Tortuga turns Isaac's condition into a fairly serious mental battle that he's always waging internally: should he tell Knox, or not?

    - The premise that the entire story is built on--Isaac shows up at Knox's doorstep and just doesn't leave--was something that I simply couldn't buy into. I kept wondering why it was so difficult for Knox to kick him out.
    - I found the immediacy of Isaac's possessive attitude toward Knox to be a little annoying. They've literally just met when Isaac starts thinking of Knox as "his."
    - Twenty pages from the end, there's a suggestion that something major is about to happen in the plot, and then...nothing happens. It was a little weird for me. And anti-climactic.

    Overall comments: This book has a lot of sex, which is a common feature in this author's works, and the sex in this one is of the rough variety. Lots of bruises and lots of blood play. I didn't love it or hate it overall; it's just a so-so erotic romance for me. Heavy on the erotic.

  • Began a couple times but hard to read similar to other books by this author. But on 10-12-09 I finally began it again and got into the flow of the story and characters. Strong rapid attraction. I didn't understand point of the flashbacks at first. Hard to know what was going on. I thought it was supposed be werewolf book, yet they seemed more like vampires, but they could be out during the day & none of the other vampire lore applied. More were like except no references at all the full moon or packs. Still don't know what they were. Very sensual most pages once they started, but a part of the tie that bound them. Eagerness / love from past / books

  • This book has hot sex on every page! Somehow Tortuga manages to keep it lustful, unsatiable, unquenchable, needful, etc. for the entire story. I loved it. It was lacking in the original premise of the story in that Isaac disappears or runs away from Knox for his own piece of mind and Knox's personal safety - but Knox suddenly finds him. It's like on one page he was gone and then suddenly he is back and Knox finds him. This could have used a bit more fleshing out. Also the fact that Knox was a re-incarnation of previous lovers Isaac has lost was not explained or developed enough. But the rest of this hot, sizzling, lust-filled story and how they literally become addicted to each other and how Knox (the human) finally takes possession of Isaac more than makes up for any deficiency!Sooo hot! Sooo lustful! Soooo erotic!

  • This M/M "vampiric" romance is hot! Isaac and Knox do not fit your normal meaning of vampires but I would like to think they are vampiric.
    Isaac and Knox are totally addicted to each other. Their desire for each other is intense and obsessively savage. The sex scenes are lusty, and extremely erotic. Tortuga holds nothing back and certain parts are feral and almost animalistic. Imagine two vampiric creatures so in love with each other that they just want to be absorbed into or "suck" up by the other. Yup the blood, the bites...
    Plotwise, the story could have been better explored as both characters repeatedly met, love and lost each other through the centuries. But as a M/M erotic romance Timeless Hunger is sizzling intense.

  • The whole premise for the storyline in this book sounded intriging. The question of whether or not that Knox was Issac's continuing reincarnation of his first lover was never really confirmed but was definitely there in the background. The first couple of chapters started off well but once the sex started the story seemed to fall away and became repetitive and how many times can you say your's and mine, it seemed like they had to keep convincing themselves of this?
    I read the RoughStock series by this author and enjoyed them. I guess this one just wasn't my cup of tea!

  • if you are looking to read a novel that contains romance and hot sex then look no further than timeless hunger. isaac is a vampire who finds his true love in knox. ba totuga has hit the jackpot once again. readers if you have not as yet read his novel rain and whiskey i highly reccommend this book as well. fact is check all of ba torguga's books. i haven't found one i did not like.