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by Robert Ludlum

ePub The Road to Gandolfo download
Robert Ludlum
Orion Pub Co; Reprint edition (December 2004)
Genre Fiction
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The road to gandolfo. It is Robert Ludlum writing maniacally in a labyrinth of suspense and hilarity.

The road to gandolfo. The road to gandolfo. Not one word has been omitted. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. For information address: Bantam Books. eISBN: 978-0-307-81392-3.

Home Robert Ludlum The Road to Gandolfo: A Novel. He’d purchased it in Washington from a CIA agent who realized the courts would not let him write a book when he retired; the man also offered a selection of wigs and hidden cameras but MacKenzie demurred

Home Robert Ludlum The Road to Gandolfo: A Novel. The road to gandolfo a . .The Road to Gandolfo: A Novel, . 1. Part of Road to series by Robert Ludlum. He’d purchased it in Washington from a CIA agent who realized the courts would not let him write a book when he retired; the man also offered a selection of wigs and hidden cameras but MacKenzie demurred. On settling into the room, his first act was to go right down to the lobby again and negotiate with the head switchboard operator: cash for cooperation. Since the cash was one hundred dollars, it was agreed that all his calls and cablegrams would be routed through her board.

The Road to Gandolfo is a story by Michael Shepherd (a pen name used by Robert Ludlum) about General MacKenzie Hawkins ("The Hawk"), a military legend and Army veteran. He defaces an important Chinese memorial as a result of being drugged by a Chinese general and is later kicked out of the Army.

The Road to Gandolfo Robert Ludlum BANTAM BOOKS. Torontonew york london sydney. This lowpricedBantam Book has been completely reset in a type face designed for easy reading, and was printed from new plates. Not one word has been Oh41TTED.

The Road to Gandolfo: A .has been added to your Cart. Book by Robert Ludlum, Michael Shepherd.

The Road to Gandolfo book. It was reissued several times and the paperback I have is the 1992 issue. According to Ludlum’s introduction this arrangement gave him the freedom to unleash his staggering imagination.

Robert Ludlum was the author of twenty-one novels, each a New York Times bestseller. In addition to the Jason Bourne series-The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum-he was the author of The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Chancellor Manuscript, and The Apocalypse Watch, among many others. by. Ludlum, Robert, 1927-2001. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. org on December 9, 2009.

The Road to Candolfo is one of those rare if insane accidents that can happen to a. writer perhaps once or twice in his lifetime. Through divine or demonic providence a concept is presented that fuels the fires of his imagination

The Road to Candolfo is one of those rare if insane accidents that can happen to a. Through divine or demonic providence a concept is presented that fuels the fires of his imagination. He is convinced it is truly a staggering premise which will serve as the spine of a truly staggering tale. Visions of one powerful scene after another parade across his inner screen, each exploding with drama and meaning an.well, damn it, they're just plain staggering! Out come reams of paper. The typewriter is dusted and pencils are sharpened; doors.

It was shortly past five o’clock; the legion of office workers were heading home. ort of a Savoy suite. He needed it. Geneva had been a nightmare. He had realized that for any future record, he had to convey a very specific ignorance as to the objectives of the Shepherd Company, cloaking this lack of knowledge in profound respect for the unnamed principals involved; especially the president, who was motivated by deeply-felt religious convictions

General MacKenzie Hawkins is a living military legend, a hero and a rogue. Sam Devereaux is a bright young ex-Harvard lawyer, now in the army, and he can't wait to get out. When the Hawk gets kicked out of the army for conduct unbecoming to an officer, his options are limited - but not for long. He has a plan, a plan so ambitious it will shock the world and make him a very rich man. He is going to get $400 million - a dollar from every Catholic in the world. And he's going to do it by kidnapping the Pope ...
  • Robert Ludlum was known as a master of spy novels, but I just discovered his name in an earlier book review. This reading is complex, but not without a sustained edge which kept me quite sleepless, moving from crisis to crisis. As I learned the core theory which propelled his two main characters who operated outside the spy agencies of opposing countries, I stepped back a moment, then took that leap of faith, and from there all the complimentary and opposing actions fell gradually into place in this masterful puzzle. Once or twice those actions seemed a little exaggerated, but once I had become a believer, they were easy to assimilate. This book was written before the internet and all sorts of technological apparatus' now available, yet the sharpness of apprehension is not lost. The author stood at the pinnacle of this genre during his life....and I will continue to plum the library of his works. If you like spy novels, this book stands with the best.

  • This is the fifth Ludlum novel I've read. The later ones, like "The Bourne Ultimatum" suffered from certain excesses - meandering, repetitive plotting, ridiculuous villains and so forth. So I thought I would try this, one of his earlier works. It's pretty much what you'd expect from Ludlum - vast murderous conspiracy, lone super-agent (well two of them in this case) against the world, paper-thin characterizations, utilitarian dialogue, astronomical body count. So much so that I felt like this novel was a caricature of all of the excesses that characterize Ludlum. The climax was like something straight out of "McBain" from the Simpsons.

    I'll just come out and say, the plot is preposterous. I guess I don't buy into the conspiratorial view of the world. At least, this particular conspiracy didn't seem plausible to me. However, Ludlum does manage to make an interesting story, even a page turner, out of it.

    My other issue with this is that the main hero, Scofield, isn't nearly as interesting a character as his odd-couple partner, Taleniekov. Unfortunately, Taleniekov is kind of pushed to the margins of the story for the final act, and following Scofield for that length of time is just a bit tedious. Oh, and one other irritation, the Kindle edition has numerous typos and formatting errors.

  • Definitely kept my interest all the way through the book. Some surprises, most but not all of them bad. Kept me guessing who were traitors and who were allies. The romance was there as an integral part of the story, not heavy breathing filler. I enjoyed the different portrayals of the foreign locales. As it should be, I liked the good guys and hated the villains; a testament to the skill of the author. A lot of action, all loose ends tied up at the end. All in all, a very enjoyable read.

  • Robert Ludlum is,possibly one of the greatest all time writers of mystery there is. This,book was one outstanding read. It's a,book that you will not be able to put down if you like mysteries

  • I read this book 30+ years ago and loved it. Now, I can't imagine why. It is a good, if implausible, story; the characters are heroic. Yet, the prose is often in italics or followed by exclamation points so as to emphasize to the reader the excitement of the situation. It does not inspire me to reread other Ludlums.

  • Ludlum style--grips you from the first sentence and never lets go. Two bitter enemies, both the best at what they do, put their justified hatred for each other aside and join forces against an enemy so malignant and covert that it threatens governments world wide.

    Characters have depth--emotional, physical and mental. Plots and subplots stack up like layers on a cake, held together by historical research and intimate knowledge of human behavior. Astounding detail never dry or boring.

  • Impeccably written. Highly believable. The unexa mined theme of relentless evil inflation is starkly evident in the ridiculously low prices and amounts set forth compared to today's prices for everything.
    Now, that is truly scary, because, well, inflation isn't fictional. Truth in vino, and great fiction.

  • I'm not a book reader, however when I go on vacation I like to have a book to pass the time by the pool and try and disconnect from the world (iPhone etc). My wife introduced me to Robert Ludlum's books about 5yrs ago and his books are compelling to read. This one is no different with twists and turns throughout. Since it is a spy novel it is easy to get confused so I ended up rereading some parts but don't let that put you off!