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by Melanie Tem

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Melanie Tem
Leisure Books (August 1, 1999)
Genre Fiction
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Melanie Tem. Everything that came into her head to say seemed both ridiculous and dangerous, life-threatening. She heard the back door open and didn't hear it shut. The son-of-a-bitch never did shut the door.

Melanie Tem. The son-of-a-bitch never did shut the door ele said, 'I'm in love with somebody else,' and now there was no question what she meant. Ros said, stupidly, 'Who is he?' and Adele gave a shriek of outraged laughter.

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i've been fascinated by the whole Melanie Tem, Steve Tem thing for a couple years, but now it's really starting to peak.

When Marshall, an elderly patient with Alzheimer's disease, begins to see. i've been fascinated by the whole Melanie Tem, Steve Tem thing for a couple years, but now it's really starting to peak.

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An elderly patient with Alzheimer's disease is not taken seriously at the Tides Nursing Home when he starts seeing the vision of his dead wife, a disturbed and dangerous woman. Then sinister and fatal accidents start to plague the Tides.

Reading what the book was about and having read several books by Melanie Tem, I picked this one u. I also felt that the main character was the least developed of all the character in The Tides. Who are what Faye was is never really suitably addressed either. Why is Faye like this?

Reading what the book was about and having read several books by Melanie Tem, I picked this one up. A haunted nursing home. I had never read a novel with this premise before. The whole idea of a haunted nursing home has so much potential. Potential Tem just did not tap into. Why is Faye like this?

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Reviving people from the past is not an unusual occurance among the aging residents of the Tides nursing home, but when the facility's administer begins to dig into her own elderly father's past, she uncovers evidence of a malevolent past wife who may have returned from long ago to destroy them all. Original.
  • I am impressed with anyone who will sit down and take the time to write a novel, and I am an avid reader, but this was so bad, I had to stop at 50 pages.

    The writing was well done, it was the story that was bad.

  • A series of sinister accidents occurs at The Tides, a nursing home where Rebecca Emig is both administrator and the daughter of one of the patients. Are the visions of Rebecca's father, Marshall, real or senile delusions? Are they linked to these accidents? And how will they change Rebecca's life and that of every resident of the home? Melanie Tem has been around for a long time. She's the winner of the Bram Stoker Award, wife to Steve Rasnick Tem, himself a very well-respected writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and she knows her craft. She writes a good, tight narrative in which nothing is wasted and every detail tells a larger story. And those details are blunt; this story, while not gory, is not for readers with delicate sensibilities. The subject matter - residents of a nursing home, mostly elderly, many suffering senile dementia - is something I find hard to deal with for personal reasons, but if that were not the case, I suspect I would still find it all very disturbing. Tem has done her time in social work, and the details here ring true. She is writing what she knows, and this gives the book a firm underpinning of truth. Perhaps that's the most disturbing element of all. If this were simply a wild and wooly horror novel, it would be easy to forget.
    As it is, this book will stay with you long after the storyline has ceased to creep you out. There is an almost unpleasant vividness to the characters which makes each twist all the more horrifying. This isn't about Freddie or Jason or any boogeyman, this is about what happens inside our heads when reality slips. And it's about the things that are, perhaps, just waiting on the sidelines for that moment. It's a well-balanced story about a man who has never forgotten or ceased to love his first wife, a selfish woman who married, had a child and then deserted her family. Even if the horror were only in Marshall Emig's mind, there is a terrible inevitability to the truths that are coming to the surface now that his defenses are being destroyed by age. Rebecca does not know that Billie, her father's second wife, is not her biological mother. She doesn't know that Marshall was ever married to a woman named Faye, and she certainly doesn't know the story behind that marriage. This would be horror enough for some people, and when Tem offers this plot as a layer in the larger story, the effect is both sad and shocking.
    As with most horror novels, telling too much spoils the suspense, so let me just say that if you like good, tight horror, rising tension and some good, old-fashioned creepiness in what is to my way of thinking one of the most humane narratives I've ever encountered in this genre, then "The Tides" is a book you will want to read.

  • The cover of this book is a marketing mistake - the eerie yellowish green with the foreboding building in the foggy background (which, by the way is not even close to the description of the building in the novel) denotes a cheesy horror treat, the kind that are great for summers in a rented beach cottage or passing along to your teenage kids. This one came to me used and I opened it to realize it actually had a plot and storyline which was not pockmarked every ten pages by a gruesome murder. It had real promise. It's a shame it was so difficult to get through. However it was also not marketed as a ghost story and a rather intellectual one at that which may be the problem with the book. Even the author can't figure out which audience to target. The story of a nursing home administrator, her hospitalized father, and her (perhaps, perhaps not) long dead mother returning to claim her baby had the beginnings of a solid story but the writing is abrupt and sometimes without segue, leaving the reader lost and requiring a recap. The character of the heroine - Rebecca - seems as if she needs a good slap to wake her up from her disorganization and lack of any personal life. It was hard for me to actually like her and root for her as she seemed insipid and boring. The more interesting characters are the patients and residents of The Tides and I wish the author would have given us more backstory on them - in fact they would have made a wonderfully creepy book. The ending fell completely flat and left me wanting more. The plot is resolved yet we never figure oout what happenes to the characters. The Tides started coming in strong and never quite made the grade for me.

  • Rebecca is the new administrator at The Tides nursing home. She is in way over her head (no pun intended) as she is too young and inexperienced to run the home. Also, her father Marshall is a patient there and he is being haunted by his ex-wife, Faye, who cases massive mayhem among the patients at the home resulting in deaths, etc., etc. If Faye a ghost? A demon? A powerful manifestation of Marshall's memory? Actually, I am not completely sure. That is never really explained. Also never really explained is what the drained lake behind the nursing home has to do with Faye, or anything else for that matter. I could be suddenly stupid or something, but I am not totally sure exactly what happened in this book, even after I read it. Don't get me wrong. The book was fairly entertaining and a fast read, but afterwards I was thinking, "huh?" Not up to Melanie Tem's usual standards.

  • This is much more than a simple ghost story... Is Faye a woman or a demon? Why is she coming back to destroy everyone at the secluded Tides? You'll have to find for yourself, but be warned, this little book won't let you go till the nerve-shattering climax, and then it'll come back in your dreams, again and again and again...

  • I read the introduction to the story and became intrigued when I heard the Narrator's voice, so I purchased the download. I was not disappointed.
    I never read ghost stories or for that matter, horror stories but for what it's worth, the narrator kept my interest as it flowed me
    through the story. Listening to a book being read for you is quite compelling as it works its magic on you. I would give this book 5 stars for Narration and 4 stars for the book itself

  • A well-crafted most suspenseful tale. Tem has us given us complex characters and
    keeps us an active participant in her unsettling narrative. High praise for the writing and
    for Joyce Feurring's elegant, yet haunting narration. BRAVO!