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by John Dixon

ePub A Map of the Dark download
John Dixon
Verse Chorus Press; 1St Edition edition (February 15, 2006)
Genre Fiction
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A Map of the Dark - John Dixon. During recess on Thursday morning Chuck found Omsted smoking a cigarette with Carner and Rusch in the corner of the church doorway.

A Map of the Dark - John Dixon. Omsted was saying, -she’s giving him a note this morning saying to meet her in Legion Park tonight at nine. Rusch saw Chuck and said, This doorway’s only for sixth-graders. Omsted said, Leave him. He gives me the creeps hanging around all the time. Omsted took the cigarette out of Rusch’s hand, took a drag on it, and passed it to Carner. Carner stuck his head out of the doorway, looked around quickly, puffed on the cigarette, and passed it back to Rusch.

It's Halloween night, 1963, in De Pere, Wisconsin.

A Map of the Dark - ელწიგნი, რომლის ავტორ(ებ)ია: John Dixon. Novelist and playwright John Dixon was born in De Pere, Wisconsin, in 1952. He lived in San Francisco, California, for many years, where he worked at American Conservatory Theatre. აიკითხეთ წიგნი Google Play Books-ის აპის მეშვეობით თქვენს კომპიუტერსა და Android ან iOS მოწყობილობაზე. After being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's Disease, he moved back to his home town, where he began work on a series of novels set in De Pere. A Map of the Dark" was the first of a planned seven books and was published in 2005. John Dixon died in 2007.

John Dixon Hunt is emeritus professor of the history and theory of landscape at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of many books, including, The Afterlife of Gardens and Nature Over Again: The Garden Art of Ian Hamilton Finlay, both also published by Reaktion Books. Библиографические данные.

Город: West Chester, PAПодписчиков: 1 ты. себе: Husband, dad, Christian. Two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning Author of PHOENIX ISLAND, DEVIL'S POCKET, and THE POINT. Repped by lle at IGLA.

John Dickson Carr (November 30, 1906 – February 27, 1977) was an American author of detective stories, who also published using the pseudonyms Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson and Roger Fairbairn. Carr is generally regarded as one of the greatest writers of so-called "Golden Age" mysteries; complex, plot-driven stories in which the puzzle is paramount. He was influenced in this regard by the works of Gaston Leroux and by the Father Brown stories of G. K. Chesterton.

It's Halloween night, 1963, in De Pere, Wisconsin. Local children dressed as ghosts, vampires, and hoboes chase one another on and off porches and through the streets, hunting for Dum Dums, Slo Pokes, and thrills. Meanwhile their parents fill the local bars, joking and fighting, bobbing for apples, and dancing to the jukebox. But all is not well. Evelyn Schmidt's life is almost at an end; she's been diagnosed with cancer and given only days to live. She'll be damned if she'll go quietly, though, in the hospital or at home. She's heading for the Idle Hour to drink up a storm, whether her fellow drinkers want her there or not. Steve Omsted is only sixteen, but it seems to him his life might as well be over. He's on academic probation, he's been kicked off the football team, and now his girlfriend has dropped him. He's looking for an easy target for his rage and has set up a nighttime ambush for his victim. Chuck Williams feels like his life hasn't even started yet, but he can't wait any longer. He'll go trick-or-treating, but he doesn't want to end up waxing windows with the other fifth-graders; he's aiming to hang out with the older kids and cause some real trouble. As the evening unfolds, the paths of these and other characters converge in a series of shocking events that will change the lives of all involved. In stark language and with bold, cinematic vision, John Dixon delivers a stunning portrait of a small town at war with itself.