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by Robert R. McCammon

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Robert R. McCammon
Dark Harvest Books (June 1, 1991)
Genre Fiction
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THEY THIRST A novel by the bestselling author of Mine and Swan Song ROBERT R. McCAMMON Across the centuries, an evil returns to feast upon the City of Angels -and millions sway beneath their deadly spell.

THEY THIRST A novel by the bestselling author of Mine and Swan Song ROBERT R. On Sunset and Hollywood boulevards, unspeakable horrors lurk in the darkness. They are the undead, nightmares in human form, dark disciples of death who prey upon the living.

Books by Robert R. McCammon. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. POCKET BOOKS, a division of Simon & Schuster In. 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

Robert R. McCammon's THEY THIRST. First published as an Avon Books paperback original in 1981. Robert R. McCammon Tells How He Wrote They Thirst. With They Thirst, my fourth novel, I decided to kick out all the stops and go for the throat

Robert R. McCammon's fourth novel. Bibliographical information for They Thirst. View the Cover Gallery for They Thirst. With They Thirst, my fourth novel, I decided to kick out all the stops and go for the throat. They Thirst began, actually, as a novel called The Hungry.

They Thirst by Robert McCammon . Great book its like battle LA meets salems lot. U would love it thanks for uploading it!

They Thirst by Robert McCammon . U would love it thanks for uploading it! Нравится Показать список оценивших.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A pall of terror blankets Los Angeles

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A pall of terror blankets Los Angeles. Mutilated and marked by an insectoid calling card, the number of young women in the morgue is growing.

A CEMETERY RANSACKED  . those entwined, cocooned, hibernating beasts are still haunting my daymares and nightmares. teeth chattering shiver of impending doom.

Read They Thirst, by Robert . cCammon online on Bookmate – A vampire turns Los Angeles into a city of the dead in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author o. cCammon online on Bookmate – A vampire turns Los Angeles into a city of the dead in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author . A vampire turns Los Angeles into a city of the dead in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling and Bram Stoker Award–winning author of Swan Song.

A true vampire book where the vampires are evil creatures bent on taking over the world. They don't sparkle and they don't want to fall in love with you; you are their dinner.

They Thirst is a horror novel by American writer Robert R. McCammon, first published in 1981 and republished in 1991 in hardback. The book details the relentless possession of Los Angeles by vampires, who quickly transform the city into a necropolis with the intent to conquer the entire world. Plans to create a TV movie were announced in 1992, but attempts to make the film were unsuccessful.

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Prince Vulcan and an army of vampires invade the city of Los Angeles, the first step in a plan to conquer the world
  • They Thirst was the novel that marked the maturity of McCammon's scope as a novelist. With his three previous novels, he inched closer and closer to the greatness and national acclaim he would eventually achieve with Swan's Song. But with this novel, he finally made his mark as a horror novelist to be reckoned with.

    They thirst is a grand, apocalyptic novel of a vampire plague that threatens to decimate Los Angeles, and McCammon deftly handles multiple characters caught in the blood-sucking maelstrom. The early parts of the novel present a highly plausible version of how a vampire colony could begin in a city such as LA, the city of angels, the city of lights, the city of both reason and freakish insanity. The police are slow to believe that anything supernatural could be taking place as cemeteries are desecrated in the most startling way, bodies are found in a mysterious state of near-death, and an inner-city barrio is besieged. Plausible explanations such as a group of satanists, escalating Latino gang warfare, and just the every-day weirdness of LA life are offered.

    But one cop, an immigrant from Hungary who, as a child, experienced the horrors of a vampire attack on his small village, suspects something much darker in play. He, along with an investigative reporter for an exploitation newspaper, an up-and-coming comedian with a girlfriend who is a practitioner of vodun, and a young child schooled in the horror films Hollywood itself produced are all that stands between the survival of the human race and a dark new age of the vampire.

    McCammon's vampires are not the urbane figures from Stoker and Le Fanu; rather, they are savage, deviant, and oh so thirsty. Imagine Dawn of the Dead, but with Vampires, and you have an idea of what this novel holds in its pages. After a gradual build-up, LA finds itself buried in the most massive sandstorm ever to hit the modern world, a sandstorm brought about by the dark forces of the vampire master. McCammon presents a terrifying vision of LA as hit by an apocalypse of biblical proportions and only a brave few stand between humanity and its extinction.

    To say that this novel is gripping would be an understatement. This book demands to be read in one stay-up-all-night-and-call-in-sick-to-work session. Yes, it's that good.

  • I read this novel when it was first released as a young man enthralled with all things Stephen King. In between King books, I was looking for something else horror-related and stumbled across "They Thirst" in my local drugstore. I ravenously read the entire book over a 3 day weekend and liked, but didn't love it. I always felt like it was trying to one-up King's own vampire epic, "Salem's Lot," with a dose of "The Stand" thrown in for good measure. Years later I took advantage of a special sale on this title in Kindle format, primarily because in the intervening years my opinion of McCammon's work has risen to the point that I prefer him to King by a wide margin over the last 20+ years. Unfortunately, while it was a bit better in some ways than I remembered, it still felt half-baked and over-baked, all at the same time. Longer and more drawn out than necessary, there is the core of a great story here and there are some really inspired individual scenes scattered throughout. But all of it doesn't gel as effectively as almost everything after this book would for McCammon. Worth the time investment, but with the understanding that the author's best works were still ahead of him at this stage of his career.

  • McCammon presents a great old fashioned vampire story; a story that features vampires that are actually evil and terrifying. This fact alone elevates "They Thirst" well above most current vampire fiction. Readers will encounter malevolent, feral, fang wielding nightmares who constantly thirst for blood. Those hoping for moody, angst ridden, sparkly goth party boys will be tremendously disappointed!

    To battle the undead menace, a varied collection of heroes are assembled from different walks of life. Each character is fully developed, although some don't make an appearance until halfway through the book. Within this group there is a priest, a journalist, a school kid, a comedian and others; but, the stand out character is an aging police detective from Hungary. He is introduced immediately and serves as our focal protagonist. Luckily, he is an interesting character that is well developed and easy to empathize with.

    The plot itself deals with nothing less than global conquest. The immediate battlefield is Los Angeles and Hollywood, with the enemy appearing formidable enough to be a world ruining threat! The action is spaced out amongst solid character development, but once it begins, it seldom let's up.

    Overall, it's a great horror epic filled with blood and violence. The good guys are easy to root for and the baddies are truly heinous. It rates alongside "Salem's Lot" for vampiric entertainment in my humble opinion. A must read!

    Note: the audio version read by Ray Porter is outstanding. If you like audio books, this one is a great buy!

  • This is an early novel by Robert McCammon and it shows. Vampires take over LA. They are led by a vampire prince "The Master" who is about as scary and predictable as a comic book villain. We follow the events as they are experienced by numerous flat and disjointed characters. This book starts off strong but soon enough it is all over the place. Lots of bloat and wasted pages about characters I didn't really care about, this includes some of the main characters. Towards the end of the book after plowing through over 400 pages, I found myself confused as to why I am suddenly expected to be cheering for Palatazin (the main character), Tommy (a kid we meet halfway into the book) and a vietnam vet named "Ratty" who lives in the sewers and talks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I really don't think the author could have messed this book up more than he unfortunately did. If you want to go straight for his good stuff, I can recommend Boys Life, Swan Song and Stinger. 2/5