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by Ian Fleming

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Ian Fleming
Macmillan; Book Club (BCE/BOMC) edition (1953)
Genre Fiction
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Casino Royale is the first novel by the British author Ian Fleming

Casino Royale is the first novel by the British author Ian Fleming. Published in 1953, it is the first James Bond book, and it paved the way for a further eleven novels and two short story collections by Fleming, followed by numerous continuation Bond novels by other authors. The story concerns the British secret agent James Bond, gambling at the casino in Royale-les-Eaux to bankrupt Le Chiffre, the treasurer of a French union and a member of the Russian secret service

Home Ian Fleming Casino Royale. Part of James Bond series by Ian Fleming.

Home Ian Fleming Casino Royale. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. Page 1. Chapter 1 - the secret agent. The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. Then the soul-erosion produced by high gambling - a compost of greed and fear and nervous tension - becomes unbearable and the senses awake and revolt from it. James Bond suddenly knew that he was tired.

It claims to be just "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming. The 63 page version is also a bad scan job riddled with typos.

Casino Royale read online free from your Pc or Mobile. In the first of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, 007 declares war on Le Chiffre, French communist and paymaster of the Soviet murder organization SMERSH. Casino Royale (James Bond is a Thriller novel by Ian Fleming. The battle begins with a fifty-million-franc game of baccarat, gains momentum during Bond's fiery love affair with a sensuous lady spy, and reaches a chilling climax with fiendish torture at the hands of a master sadist.

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Written by Ian Fleming. Publisher - Vintage Classics. In Casino Royale, the first of Fleming’s 007 adventures, a game of cards is James Bond’s only chance to bring down the desperate SMERSH agent Le Chiffre

Written by Ian Fleming. In Casino Royale, the first of Fleming’s 007 adventures, a game of cards is James Bond’s only chance to bring down the desperate SMERSH agent Le Chiffre. But Bond soon discovers that there is far more at stake than money.

Casino Royale is the first novel by the British author Ian Fleming

Casino Royale is the first novel by the British author Ian Fleming. The Bond books really became successful in the US when John F. Kennedy declared himself a fan.

See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. more photos (1). Casino Royale. James Bond (Original Series) by. Ian Fleming.

Casino Royale - bezeichnet: Casino Royale (Roman), das erste Buch des englischen Schriftstellers Ian Fleming, in dem James Bond auftritt das namensgebende fiktive Casino Royale, siehe Royale les Eaux das Casino Royale (Monterrey), ein Bingoclub, in dem 2011 ei.

Casino Royale - Comédie de John Huston, Ken Hughes, Val Guest, Robert Parrish, Joe McGrath, Richard Talmadge, avec David Niven, Deborah Kerr, Orson Welles, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen, William Holden, Charles Boyer, John Huston, Daliah Lavi

In "Casino Royale", the first of Fleming's 007 adventures, a game of cards is James Bond's only chance to bring down the desperate SMERSH agent Le Chiffre.

In "Casino Royale", the first of Fleming's 007 adventures, a game of cards is James Bond's only chance to bring down the desperate SMERSH agent Le Chiffre.

Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 - 12 August 1964) was a British author, journalist and Naval Intelligence Officer. Fleming is best known for creating the fictional spy James Bond and the series of twelve novels and nine short stories about the character. Fleming was from a wealthy family, connected to the merchant bank Robert Fleming & Co. and his father was MP for Henley from 1910 until his death on the Western Front in 1917. Educated at Eton, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and the universities of Munich and Geneva, Fleming moved through a number of jobs before he started writing. The Bond books are amongst the biggest-selling series of fictional books of all-time, having sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Fleming also wrote the children's story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two works of non-fiction.
  • Most of the the one and two star reviewers of this book were sadly disappointed, expecting that the glitzy movie version of Bond would be found in Fleming's actual books. But, with the exception of Sean Connery's Bond in the first three movies, and Daniel Craig's back-to-basics interpretation in the first three of the current series, the movie Bond character for the most part has been nothing more than escapist fantasy. The literary Bond isn't the superhero of the movies. He's a flawed, cold killer in the service of his country in a dangerous time.

    Written during the height of the Cold War, Fleming's Bond novels were based on actual people and operations that Fleming had first hand knowledge of because of his highly placed role in British Naval Intelligence during WW II.

    Rather than judge Casino Royale, or any of Fleming's Bond novels, by what you've seen in the movies, instead first learn about the real Operation Goldeneye; the real Operation Tracer; the real Operation Ruthless; the real No. 30 Commando Unit; the real Special Operations Executive; the real 10th Light Flotilla; the real "Smyert Shpionam"; the real Dusko Popov. The tradecraft, operations, units, events, and involved individuals were the very real WW II sources that Ian Fleming used in creating Bond and the world in which he moved. In chapter four of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", John Le Carre also alludes to a small group similar to Fleming's 00s as: "...about a dozen men, they worked solo, there to handle the hit-and-run jobs that were too risky" for Secret Intelligence Service agents stationed abroad.

    Fleming's romanticized works have a ring of authenticity recognizable to anyone familiar with or who may have participated in events that occurred during those times. Read Casino Royale; travel back to a time when French was the only international language; a time when Joseph Stalin and the Soviet NKVD represented a very real threat; a time when people feared that threat; and a time when the governments of the Free World had very real people on the payroll like Fleming's fictional James Bond to counter that threat. Perhaps you'll see the same things in it that caused the first three printings to sell out quickly in the U.K., and that later made it a favorite of a Harvard graduate who happened also to be President of the United States.
    At the time of Casino Royale (1951), Bond is about 30 years old and has held the 00 number for about six months. He earns the U.S. equivalent of about $5,600 annually (or about $50,000 in 2016 value), and drives a supercharged 1930 Bentley coupe that can reach 100 mph on a good day.

    He spends what he earns. He knows that statistically he will have at least 10, probably 20, and as many as 30 very tough assignments before the mandatory 00 retirement age of 45. Too many. He knows the odds of his surviving the coming ten years are slim to none. And that depresses him. How do I know? Ian Fleming tells us so in Chapter One of "Moonraker" (third book in the series).

    That's the Bond that Ian Fleming created. Much more interesting and gritty and real and human. That's the Bond Sean Connery portrayed until the Hollywood idiots ran amok after Goldfinger. It's the Bond Daniel Craig resurrected until the new crop of Hollywood fools screwed it up again with November 2015's Spectre.

    I'll stick with the books, thank you very much!

    Fleming's writing style, while perhaps not rising to the expectations of modern pedantic poseur literary critics, is easy to read and follow. As would be expected from a successful journalist writing for educated U.K. citizens of the 1950s, his audience would have been quite comfortable with his style; his adding color by use of some French terms and phrases in a novel that, after all, takes place in France; and whom would not have needed sub-titles to understand their context. I didn't find that aspect disruptive at all to the flow of the narrative.

    If you want entertaining glitz, stick with the movies; if want something more, read the books! I've enjoyed them all immensely in the context of the time period in which they take place.

    Bond fans may want to check out, a treasure trove of factual information upon which Fleming relied in writing the Bond novels, and "Ian Fleming's James Bond: Annotations and Chronologies" by John Griswald.

  • Possible spoilers below-
    This kickstarter to the James Bond novels is written very well. From the start, Fleming creates a bond (no pun intended) between the reader and the cold, calculating spy that is James Bond. The atmosphere of the novel is indeed tense, and the expressions on the characters' faces are easily imagined. I was particularly impressed with the Le Chiffre character, who is written in a clear and convincing way. Fleming describes his facial expressions and mannerisms in a way that you feel almost familiar with him, and it's somewhat terrifying.
    There is a torture scene that is quite difficult to read, but its aftermath is what makes the novel. Despite all his coldness, James Bond's humanity is revealed in his romance with Vesper Lynd. You can feel his happiness at possibly having found a soul mate, his frustration when the relationship sours, and most of all, his bitterness and deep hurt when Vesper denies both of them happiness by committing suicide and revealing herself to him in a suicide note.
    In the end this is an enjoyable novel, though it feels a tad rushed, and is not really a "spy novel" per se. Only about half the book contains the "meat"- the poker battle with Le Chiffre and the later confrontation that sees Bond brutally tortured. The rest is more of a love story, but still provides valuable insight into the Bond character.
    The physical book is well put together, I might add. I prefer the modernized look and design to the rather suggestive covers normally used on Bond novels in the past.

  • The burgeoning legend of James Bond begins here. From such humble origins...

    With all the feel of a pulp novel you might find on the shelf of a bookseller and then tell your friends about for decades with no expectation they will have heard of the work, some secret gem you cherish nonetheless, that draws you back time and again, Ian Fleming's premiere James Bond novel sneaks up on you. Like Marlowe and Chandler, Fleming and Bond remind you that SOMEtimes the masses get it right. ONCE IN A BLUE MOON the novels and authors and characters they choose to bestow popular status upon actually deserve it.

    Fleming allows you to feel without forcing. Inviting you into Bond's world, and Bond's life, Bond's mind and most secret heart.

    James Bond is a flawed man. A very real man. He has one superpower - that he has never had to admit the possibility of failure.

    Boy, if that doesn't sum up the man we've seen embodied by Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, and (more closely) by George Lazenby and Daniel Craig.

    Fleming provides texture to the world. Rapacity. But writes with a sparsity that focuses the reader to follow the threads of plot through the characters. It's modern noir. His work can be taken together as one whole, or Casino Royale may be taken alone as one singly important work perfectly capable of standing on its own. Either way, it's easy to envision Fleming's work uncovered in some future circumstance to stand as our generation's Gilgamesh or Beowulf. The work is fulfilling. The feeling at conclusion that this was a ride worth taking.

    It is.

  • I was very disappointed to discover that this is not what Ian Fleming wrote, but instead some sort of dumbed down condensed version. That should have been mentioned somewhere in the description. I feel rather cheated as I wanted to read the real book.

  • There are two versions of this book for kindle, a 63 page version and a 189 page version. The 63 page version does not say that it is abridged. It claims to be just "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming.

    The 63 page version is also a bad scan job riddled with typos.