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by Frank Lauria

ePub Raga Six download
Frank Lauria
Corgi Childrens (March 21, 1975)
Genre Fiction
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com's Frank Lauria Author Page. Raga Six (The Doctor Orient Novels Book 2) Apr 1, 2014.

Raga Six (A Doctor Orient Occult Novel). The novelization of the hit film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Raga Six (A Doctor Orient Occult Novel). The novelization of the hit film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Raga Six. (Doctor Orient by.

Published by E-Reads. Six months ago the doctor had looked like a boy of twenty-five. Tonight the lines stretched deep under his jutting cheekbones, pulling down at the upturned corners of his mouth. He looked burned out. But his hand was firm and, when he spoke, Sordi could hear something beyond the words of farewell. The sincere awareness of three years of friendship. Suddenly he wanted to take the doctor by the shoulders and shake him.

He ends up at a protest, where he meets a psychic child and a bookie. The bookie eventually hires him to deliver a package by steamship, and it is on this voyage that he meets Raga Six, a vampire who has been undead for hundreds of years.

Books by Frank Lauria: End of Days.

10 2. Books by Frank Lauria: End of Days. 10. Raga Six (A Doctor Orient Occult Novel).

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  • I read this when it first appeared int he early 70's and it literally changed my life. instantly, I became enthralled with all things mystical and supernatural and have been a serious student of the mystical arts ever since. This story gave birth to Dr. Orient, and believe me, the good Doctor is in!

  • If Marvel's Doctor Strange were written as a novel it would look a lot like the Doctor Orient series, but with less magic, more yoga, and occasional group sex. Not great literature but certainly fun.