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by Richard Laymon

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Richard Laymon
Leisure Books (October 1, 2000)
Genre Fiction
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Among the Missing is a splatterpunk crime novel by American author Richard Laymon. It was first published in 1999 by Headline Publishing. The novel takes place in Sierra County, California, primarily around the Silver Lake area.

Among the Missing is a splatterpunk crime novel by American author Richard Laymon. The story begins with a man and woman visiting a section of the Silver River referred to as 'the Bend', apparently with the intention of engaging in a romantic tryst.

Among the Missing book. Unlike the splatterpunk horror that Richard Laymon is known and loved for, Among The Missing is an almost straightforward crime novel

Among the Missing book. Unlike the splatterpunk horror that Richard Laymon is known and loved for, Among The Missing is an almost straightforward crime novel. It lacks not only the violence, gore, and sex that I would typically associate with Laymon, but something else as well: that indefinable charm that makes other books that I have read by Laymon, so great. Among the Missing is ok, but not great. Jan 24, 2019 Dave Lewis rated it it was amazing. Among the missing, one of Laymon's best.

Richard Laymon is the prolific author of more than 30 novels and 65 short stories which have been published in Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock and Cavalier. Publisher: 47North (October 1, 2000). Publication Date: October 22, 2013.

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Among the Missing" is a horror novel by American author Richard . Like many of Laymon's other works, the book features strong adult content.

Among the Missing" is a horror novel by American author Richard Laymon. Themes of sex and rape are present, along with frank depictions of homosexuality. Laymon - Richard Carl Laymon ( 14.

Among the Missing is Laymon's first mainstream novel among the missing. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 18 years ago. Once again Laymon has shown us what a horror novel should be. He does not pull any punches.

Among the Missing is Laymon's first mainstream novel. It is more of a mystery or police procedual novel (similar to Ed McBain) than horror. Once released it quickly sold out and went into a second printing. This is a very good novel.

ISBN 10: 0747260729 ISBN 13: 9780747260721. Publisher: Headline Book Publishing, 2000.

If you’ve missed Laymon, you’ve missed a treat.

Laymon is incapable of writing a disappointing book. Laymon always takes it to the max. No one writes like him and you’re going to have a good time with anything he writes. If you’ve missed Laymon, you’ve missed a treat. I’ve read every book of Laymon’s I could get my hands on. I’m absolutely a longtime fan. -jack ketchum, author of off season.

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When a woman's headless body is found by the river and witnesses report having seen a man flee with the victim's head, Sheriff Hodges fears a serial killer has begun to kill again.
  • A rich, married woman in a see-through nightie takes her Jag out for a midnight spin and picks up her nameless lover on a dark, back road. The same woman is found the next day--without her head--and thus begins the mystery of Among the Missing. Rusty Hodges, the sheriff, takes on the headache of unraveling the mystery of this woman's death, and it seems as if no one goes unimplicated in this tale.

    The story has a lot of twists and turns, and it highlights some of Laymon's trademarks: wry humor, gore, people getting it on, surprises, people talking about getting it on, violence, people thinking about getting it on, quirky characters (wait till you meet Merton), and then, to be on the safe side, just a bit more sex. It's great! This is a quick read, and you can probably finish the entire thing in a few hours, which is good because you probably won't want to put it down anyway.

    Label this novel anything you want--mystery, suspense, thriller, horror--but do not doubt that it is one heck of a fine read. This may not be Laymon's greatest novel, but I've found that even Laymon on a mediocre day is still better than a lot of the stuff on the "best seller" lists. The horror genre lost a true master when Laymon died; it's wonderful that he left us so many novels. After this one, pick up THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW. You definitely won't be disappointed by it.

  • Richard Laymon, Among the Missing (Leisure, 1999)

    Richard Laymon has been churning out suspense and horror novels since what seems like the dawn of history now, and yet is just this side of unknown in his native land. Across the pond, they can't get enough of him; few Laymon novels don't get a first press in England that outstrips his total American sales. (This, thankfully, may be changing; his 1998 novel Bite hovered around the edges of a few bestseller lists before fading into American obscurity, at least.) Once again, the Americans are missing out. I've never read a Laymon novel that hasn't at least been a kick in the pants. The best of them are a right cross to the jaw (Tread Softly, the Beast House novels, etc.). Among the Missing, on the physicality scale, is probably an uppercut to the ribcage; it's pretty durned good, but straight suspense just isn't what I expect from a guy whose books tend to be populated with mutants, inbreds, vengeful ghosts, etc. Call it my unpreparedness rather than any defect on Laymon's part that this book didn't get a higher rating.

    Not to say it isn't good. Where the murder mystery is concerned, this one works just as well as anything you'll actually find in the mystery section. An engaged couple, on their way to a canoeing outing on Saturday morning, find a headless body by the river. They also find a guy sleeping next to it, who runs off when he notices them. Draw your own conclusions.

    Laymon strings the reader along very nicely, throwing in more than enough red herrings to keep both police and reader busy tracking down false avenues of inquiry. It should be noted, as an aside, that it's quite nice to read a murder mystery where the cops aren't dumber than the reader. But I digress. Clues come fast and furious, and the action goes just about as quickly. This is one of those four-hundred-page novels that, once you've started, you're either going to quit in fifty pages because you can't stand it or finish in one sitting. I went the latter route, with a little time off for such extraneous things as food and sleep.

    Fans of the mystery genre who haven't been introduced to the wild and wonderful world of Richard Laymon would definitely be well-served by this book. Horror fans looking for an inroad would probably do better tracking down the Beast House novels. One way or the other, if you haven't glommed on to Richard Laymon yet, go out of your way to give him a try. He's one of America's best-kept secrets. *** ½

  • A masterful page-turning, thrilling, suspenseful, horror novel. You won't want to put it down. I didn't. I read it in one night, all 393 pages, it was that good. And this does not happen often. Usually, it takes me AT LEAST two days to finish a book. Rarely is the case that I can finish a book in the same day I'd started it. The pages turn so quickly, the book is over before you know it and you're wondering where the time went.

    Laymon effectively and successfully combines so many elements here and most notably, he uses dark humor so well. I can't recommend his work enough. He is brilliant.

    The ending was the most satisfying ending to a book that I've read in a long time and the twist is like a delicious dessert.

    If you're a Laymon fan, don't miss it. If you haven't read Laymon before, you could start here and Laymon would quickly become one of your favorite authors by the time you've finished 'Among the Missing'.

    Dean Koontz loves Laymon, Stephen King loves Laymon. Why not love Laymon, too? Pick up one of his books today. Do it now. Don't wait.

  • If you are a fan of Richard Laymon then more often than not, you know what to expect when cracking open one of his novels....over-the-top gore, sex, violence and horror and the supernatural.

    Well that isn't really the case with "Among the Missing".

    "Among the Missing" plays out more or less like a straight thriller. Two people embarking on a canoe trip in the woods stumble across a grisly murder scene and watch as runs away leaving behind a headless corpse. The local police, who become the novel's focus, arrive on the scene to investigate. I don't want to throw out any spoilers so I won't go into more detail than that. There are some twists and turns, and it's a fun, quick read that you should be able to finish within a day or two. While are some Laymon trademarks sprinkled here and there, some sex scenes here and there, some gory moments, some dark humor, but he doesn't really linger on any of them as he usually does.

    The novel actually reminded me a good deal of early Dean Koontz novels like "Whispers", which can be a good thing...just not what I expected from Laymon.