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by Nancy Whitman Geary

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Nancy Whitman Geary
Warner Books; New Ed edition (2002)
Genre Fiction
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Returning to the Hamptons-a privileged community with dark secrets-star prosecutor Frances Pratt returns to a murder within her own family. As she begins a dangerous hunt for answers.

Sue muttered as Frances walked past the secretarial station toward her office at the end of the hall. Sue won the prize for worst secretary in the world. dn’t type, couldn’t articulate, and rarely transmitted a telephone message or number accurately. Given that Sue snacked without interruption, the few documents Frances did ask her to prepare were returned covered with fingerprints, food stains, or grease. Sue used her limited mental power to calculate and recalculate the number of vacation days she had accumulated.

After more than 10 years, Frances Pratt returns to a, where she spent her childhood summers in the home of an aunt and uncle.

A Cape Cod housewife deals secretly with an illness and confronts losing the home that has been the cornerstone of her family life. After more than 10 years, Frances Pratt returns to a, where she spent her childhood summers in the home of an aunt and uncle. As an Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County and an old-money native of the South Fork of Long Island, Francis Pratt has proved herself a skillful lawyer. But nothing she has ever done could prepare her for the intrigue she becomes embroiled in upon the murder of a close relative.

Hachette UK, 15 нояб. MISFORTUNE is a whirlwind tour of one of America's wealthiest communities that offers glimpses into the less than fairy-tale-like lives of its inhabitants. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus.

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Returning to the Hamptons-a privileged community with dark secrets-star prosecutor Frances Pratt returns to a murder within her own family

Set in Southampton, Long Island, Misfortune is a riveting debut novel of murder, manners and intrigue. Assistant District Attorney Francis Pratt investigates the murder of a close relative and is forced to confront a family history which has divided those she holds most dear.

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  • Nancy Geary has written a good first novel. The victim Clio does not seem to be the wicked stepmother and Frances has a difficult task establishing a motive for killing her in spite of the suggestion on the cover of the book that many people hated her. The novel takes a long time to get going and the encounter between Frances and Clio's psychiatrist Doctor Prescott results in the type of information which pushes the solution to the crime forward. Unfortunately Geary has had to deal with a present day society which wants fast action and this novel is too slow for my taste in coming to the conclusion. . .

  • I enjoyed Misfortune and thought it was so wonderfully written with a host of exciting characters.
    Cleo Pratt was an obnoxious woman who was not liked by many in South Hampton, Long Island. She did not hide her racial prejudice or the pride she seemed to exhibit to those not as wealthy as she was. She was selfish and thought only about her comforts and her husband's.
    It is no wonder when she is found dead in the powder room at the Fair Lawn Country Club, it becomes an extremely difficult task trying to seek out her murderer, for Cleo Pratt has made so many enemies for herself.
    You will meet Beverly Winters whom she gossiped about after her husband's suicide; Henry Lewis a surgeon whom she was instrumental in blocking from becoming a member of the Country Club because of his race ; her stepdaughters Blair and Frances whom she treated like second class citizens when they were in her habitation; a partner in their firm Pratt Capital who she wants to squeeze out, and many many more of the high society you will encounter.
    Be prepared to have at least a day to two for this page turner. When all is revealed you will see how well written and how cleverly concealed is the murderer ... Happy reading! I loved it!
    Reviewed by Heather Marshall Negahdar (SUGAR-CANE 30/05/02)

  • Clio Pratt made sure the membership committee of the Fair Lawn Country Club of Southampton, Long Island rejected the application of cardiologist Dr. Henry Lewis because he is black. She follows that friendly gesture by refusing to lend any money to her stepdaughter Suffolk County prosecutor Frances Pratt. Other individuals also suffer from Clio's cantankerous clout.
    Someone finally decides that they have suffered enough from this nasty person. That individual kills Clio. Though a potential conflict of interest, Frances leads the investigation into the murder of her stepmother starting at the country club where the body was found. Frances soon finds a plethora of suspects all with motives and opportunities as numerous people were negatively impacted by Clio's ugliness.

    MISFORTUNE is an entertaining who-done-it that cleverly sets up the reader with numerous suspects who fell victim to Clio's sting. When the story line follows Clio around and subsequently Frances making inquiries, the plot works like magic. When the tale focuses on life in Southampton it seems too shallow and out of focus. Nancy Geary's debut tale is fortunate for those readers who enjoy a pleasurable regional mystery.

    Harriet Klausner

  • I have almost two separate reviews of this book. The first is of interest to all the mystery readers...this is a good mystery, reads fast and almost any of the suspects could have been the murderer.The author did a good job of making the suspects the sympathetic characters.Although at the end, maybe some readers would have felt a little sympathy for the victim which leads me to my second review. I had a stepmother like Clio. Over the years, I have tried to explain this person to others, and no one could or would believe that this woman existed.They always assummed I was just the jealous stepdaughter. Well, Ms. Geary,(the author), must have been a fly on the wall during my life. My stepmother was like Clio except my story did not have such a satisfying ending. So Ms. Geary, wherever you are, I hope Clio is a figment of your imagination because I hate to think you experienced first hand what my sisters and I did, and of course are still dealing with everyday. People don't realize how damaging emotional abuse can be, and how alone children can feel when they can't reach out for help. Even though this is a mystery, I can see myself rereading this book, just for the emotional expressions of the grown stepchildren. So now you understand why I have given this two separate reviews, one that interests the regular readers, and another for those who have had a Clio in their lives.

  • Things have never gone well for Frances and Blair with their stepmother Clio. Their father seems happy, but they feel shut out. Many people had reasons to dislike Clio in the exclusive upscale Long Island town where the Fair Lawn Country Club is the mecca for the rich. When Clio dies during a tennis tournament there are many suspects. Frances puts her job as a lawyer on the line when she investigates Clio's murder over the wishes of her boss. The case develops into a voyage of personal discovery as she uncovers the true lives beneath the facades of the rich neighbors. Frances comes to a new understanding of the patterns of love in her family and in her own relationships. Uncovering the killer brings Frances even more revalations about her own character. The author shows how many faceted our motives and characters are. As Nancy Geary shows us, we rarely understand what drives other people fully, even our own families.

  • I really enjoyed this book. it has been on my TBR pile for so long and somehow got overlooked. I found the story about extremely wealthy people in The Hamptons to be fascinating. However, people are people and have problems in life no matter how rich they are. The harm that some can do to others is unforgivable. You will enjoy this one, too, I believe.