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by Robert L. Forward

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Robert L. Forward
New English Library Ltd (September 6, 1990)
Genre Fiction
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Robert Lull Forward (August 15, 1932 – September 21, 2002) was an American physicist and science fiction writer. His literary work was noted for its scientific credibility and use of ideas developed from his career as an aerospace engineer

Robert Lull Forward (August 15, 1932 – September 21, 2002) was an American physicist and science fiction writer. His literary work was noted for its scientific credibility and use of ideas developed from his career as an aerospace engineer.

Title The owl Author Robert L. Forward Publisher Pinnacle Books, 1984 ISBN 052342194x, 9780523421940 Length 247 pages Mystery/Suspense Suspense. The Owl by Robert L. Forward. Other Products from florida-house (View All). Dead Man on a Black Horse T5708 by Ray Hogan.

Robert Dodson "Bob" Forward (born March 5, 1958) is an American writer, director and producer. Forward is the production director and president of his independent company, Detonation Films. Forward has been the writer of many animated television series, as well as a film, The Owl, based on his novel of the same name, which has just been republished, along with the sequel "The Owl: Scarlet Serenade," by Brash Books.

Robert D. Forward (born 1958), commonly known as Bob Forward, is an American writer, director and producer. Forward is the son of the late Dr. Robert L. Forward, who was an American physicist and science fiction writer

Robert D. Forward, who was an American physicist and science fiction writer. Forward has been the writer of many television series. Robert D. Forward’s books. The Owl: Justice Never Sleeps.

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Robert L. Forward (ww. hidbey. com/forward) is a space scientist and businessman, lecturer, futurist and science fact and hard science fiction writer with eleven published books and over one hundred shorter pieces. Welcomed as a hero after he successfully defeats Mars's Russian invaders, General Alexander Armstrong lets the adoration turn him into a power-hungry demagogue, and it is up to his twin brother, Gus, now Governor of Mars, to stop him. Read online.

com's Robert L. Forward Author Page. The Owl: An Owl Thriller Sep 02, 2014.

The Owl: No. 2. Title : The Owl: No. Authors : Forward, Robert L. Product Category : Books. The Holcroft Covenant, Robert Ludlum, Very Good Book. Condition : Very Good.

Find owl l from a vast selection of Books. The Owl: No. 1 By Robert L. Ambassadeur des bêtes par Grey Owl. Bibliothèque de l'Amitié.

  • This story had much promise. Descriptions were good and the story line interesting. However, I found little reason to like the protagonist. That is one of the keys to a reader liking a book. I also found some of the situations he encountered a bit forced and unrealistic. I think the author overplayed the main character into a superman type of vigilante. I just couldn't buy into his logic. A bit of refinement to bring the storyline back down to earth with us mortals would do the book a world of good.

  • The Owl never sleeps, he never stops, he gives no quarter and offers no mercy. A truly terrifying vigilante to those unfortunate enough to be in his sights.

    I went into this expecting one thing but found something quite different. The Owl is an almost mythical legend that is the stuff of nightmares for some and fiction for others. While he is just a man, his reputation would indicate otherwise, and that's just the way he likes it.

    The writing is as good as any I have read and kept me turning page after page almost continuously until I'd finished. I couldn't think of a better compliment for an author than that. this wasn't one of those books that you start and then put down and come back to it sometime later when you're in the right mood. This book grabs you by the throat and practically dares you to put it down.

    It has all that you would expect from a vigilante book with some very new twists. Just one of those is that, The Owl is not prowling for his next target. His targets are handed to him by those that have no where else to turn, or for one reason or another, need the services only he can supply. The Owl doesn't do these things out the goodness of his heart, although it was a tragedy that brought him to this life, there is a price to be paid for his services and the price is steep. It's that price that guarantee that the need is justified.

    Just willingness to pay the price is not enough to guarantee that the job will be taken. The Owl never blindly walks into anything but once he does you can expect that it will be carried out. The only thing that can stop The Owl is death and I'm not convinced that death himself isn't afraid of the Owl.

    Taking for granted that he is a benevolent savior would be a mistake, while he is the arm of justice for those that cannot reach it, there were a few parts that had me cringing and asking "was that really necessary" to which I can imagine The Owl answering with a simple and succinct "Yes".

    If you're a thriller fan, vigilante fan, or a fan of good writing and not a wilting flower than this is a book you need to pick up and I am excited to find another series to enjoy.

  • I read both Owl books over 3 days...would have been less but I forced myself to put "Serenade" down for a day or so. About half way through I realized (as far as I know) that there is no Owl #3 waiting for me!! To quote the main character, using the most appropriate inappropriate word to mark the end of Book #2; "S***!" The Owl is a tortured Super Hero trapped in the persona of a never sleeping, never resting, never forgetting, and damn sure never forgiving tortured homeless vigilante. A heartless cold blooded killer with a heart and a twisted sense of humor. The reader has to be somewhat open minded, a little forgiving in terms of reality...The Owl serves up some wicked punishment, walking away from each fight, attack, and escape with damage to his own body that would typically be fatal, maybe in lesser predatory birds. Character development is not wasted on those The Owl pursues, bad folks of the worst kind that you don't want to get to know too well. They are garbage, disposable, and deserve what they get. Not much In terms of cons, maybe a couple of editing misses over two books. I hope Book #3 is out there and I missed it, otherwise it's back to the mundane. Great books!!

  • I stumbled onto this series and after reading the first book I was hooked.

    I love a good vigilante book. Don't we all?

    The Owl is the thing that gives the monsters of society nightmares.

    Afflicted with the inability to sleep, The Owl is understandably not really a people person but he is a force that helps those unable or too weak to help themselves.

    Sometimes he finds trouble and sometime it finds him as is the case in this book.

    As they say no good deed goes unpunished. Although I would think that those on the receiving end of The Owl's attention might disagree with who is being punished.

    A fantastic series of no holds barred adrenaline inducing death and destruction that I recommend whenever anyone asks for a good action/thriller book.

  • Once again, Brash Books has given new life to a book, two actually, with which I was entirely unfamiliar. Thank goodness.

    Alexander L'Hiboux is a most unusual man. He lives off the grid. No home. No car. Not even a driver's license. He's for hire if you can afford him. He goes after people the law can't touch. Tough, uncompromising, once he gets on your tail, it can only end one way. Someone dies.

    He's known only as The Owl, a man with a deadly reputation, one he works hard to maintain.

    The nickname comes from one thing: L'Hiboux suffers from insomnalence. He never sleeps. When he gets tired, he sits and rests. When he's refreshed, he moves on.

    Though he has an office, he never visits, speaking by phone to Danielle Santerre by phone, using a series of coded phrases to establish safety. He's only seen Danny in person a few times in four years.

    He's hired by a man whose twenty year old daughter, a beauty destined for modeling, had had a blow torch taken to her face and hands. Father wanted them dead.

    The Owl takes the job, even though someone is trying to kill him at the same time.

    Apparently the Owl's reputation needs a bit more toughening.

    Can't wait for the second Owl novel.