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by Peter Straub

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Peter Straub
E. P. Dutton; 1st edition (September 6, 1988)
Genre Fiction
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A work that will stand as a milestone. Los Angeles Daily News. Masterful, compelling. The best of Peter Straub’s writing.

A work that will stand as a milestone. The characters are outstanding. They are the story, enshrouded by a nightmare that never lifts. Peter Straub takes bold risks and he succeeds. San Jose Mercury News. Enormously entertaining and scary.

Koko is an American horror-mystery novel written by Peter Straub and first published in the United States in 1988 by EP Dutton, and in Great Britain by Viking. It was the winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1989

Koko is an American horror-mystery novel written by Peter Straub and first published in the United States in 1988 by EP Dutton, and in Great Britain by Viking. It was the winner of the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1989.

A long, complex journey to the heart of darkness that is not really about who - it's about why. A rare gem, worth multiple readings. And I hate putting down a book before having turned the last page.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Peter Straub's most acclaimed and biggest-selling novel - a visceral thriller with its roots in Vietnam - now reissued in a new cover style and making its first appearance on the HarperCollins list. KOKO! ' Only four men knew what it meant. One was a working stiff. All were as different as men could be - yet all were bound eternally together by a single shattering secret.

Ознакомительный отрывок книги: Koko Peter Straub. This novel is entirely a work of fiction.

3 Reunion 1. A North Vietnamese soldier who looked like a twelve-year-old boy stood over Poole, prodding his neck with the barrel of a contraband Swedish machine gun he must have killed someone to get. Poole was pretending he was dead so that the NVA would not shoot him; his eyes were closed, but he had a vivid picture of the soldier’s face. Coarse black hair fell over a broad, unlined forehead. The black eyes and abrupt, almost lipless mouth seemed nearly serene in their lack of expression.

Bestselling author Peter Straub's Koko is a gripping psychological thriller in which horror and paranoia are indistinguishable from reality. Only four men knew what it meant. Now they must stop it. They were Vietnam vets-a doctor, a lawyer, a working stiff, and a writer. Bestselling author Peter Straub's Koko is a gripping psychological thriller in which horror and paranoia are indistinguishable from reality.

Author: Peter Straub. Complexly plotted, thickly layered evil. A gripping, enthralling, nonstop read. Now, they have been reunited and are about to embark on a quest that will take from Washington, .

Fifteen years after Vietnam combat, four veterans of the same platoon return to Asia to save another member of their platoon--a man they suspect has become a serial killer
  • I am almost finished with Peter Straub's KoKo and anxious to see how he writes the end. Some of the descriptions of events and the character's thinking are rather bizarre, leaving me thinking, "what did he mean by that?" It was often frustrating. In some cases, I came to realize that Straub was interpeting the thoughts and emotions of former soldiers who have been through some very traumatic events in Vietnam and other periods in their lives; but other times I think " I just don't get what he's trying to convey." The story of a unit of soldiers reconnecting to find a fellow soldier moves along pretty well; I was invested in the characters and there were some twists in the story.

  • Great read. I read all the positive reviews so I had high expectations. The beginning and setup is very slow, I seriously considered stopping and getting a different book. But I plowed on, just because of the positive reviews. It did take to page 134 for me need to realize I was reading a great book. Tons of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. I was disappointed when I finished the book that the Blue Rose trilogy wasn't a continuation of the characters in the first book. But an overall good book to read on it's own.

  • I'm frankly shocked this book doesn't have far more five star reviews. It's a book I've returned to over and over in the nearly 25 years since I first read it. Superb characterizations, and frightening set pieces. I can honestly say that when reading it that there were several times I was totally transported to scenes of unimaginable terror, and having been in many of the locales described, these moments were all the more authentic.

    This is an outstanding work of fiction in its genre. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Straub is not simply a writer of horror fiction, he is a masterful writer by any standard. He has an ability to call forth a sense of numinosity rare in any genre. Reminiscent more of Shirley Jackson than any current writer. Highly recommend Koko and the whole Blue Rose trilogy, as well as Straub's entire catalog.

  • Has a better fiction book about the impact of Nam on soldiers ever been written? Has a more enthralling psychological story ever been penned? Have the characters and situations of any Horror book ever been so real that the reader can feel the terror seeping from the page and into their lungs, freezing their chest, making taking another breath almost impossible?


    While this book is not always an easy read, it is a hypnotizing one that seduces people capable of abstract thought. In short, Straub's Koko is true genius, a modern-day masterpiece.

  • peter straub was not in Vietnam but his books take me back. The visit to the wall was very moving as I have been to see my friends many times and it is always moving. was also a homicide investigator and Straub would make a good one. Really hard to put his books down.

  • Koko is one of my favorite novels, period, not just my favorite Peter Straub novel (though it is that, too). It's a novel I keep coming back to every few years, and after multiple re-readings, it retains the power to move me. The characters are living human beings, full of contradictions and flaws, each trying to figure out who they are and what happened to them and what it all means. The story itself, a meditation on the insanity of violence and its impact on us all, is moving, scary, and pokes at the reader in some tender places. I have recommended Koko to friends as both a good read and a book that will make them think and, maybe, wonder how the world got this way. Highly recommended.

  • This is as much a war novel as a mystery, as many of the flashback scenes depict war at its worst. Harrowing scenes in some cases. Out of the war comes Koko, a serial killer who is unknown but who is suspected by Mike Poole and others in his 'Nam platoon to be Mr. Underhill. Prodded by Harry Beevers who thinks they can make money by solving the Koko mystery and then selling the story to a publisher a few ex-soldiers start seeking out Underhill. Lots of suspense and unlike "Ghost Story" which (in my opinion) did not succeed in holding a reader's interest throughout, this novel is a page-turner. OK, some scenes are a little forced and there are moments which stretch credulity, but overall a very good and intelligent read.