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by Margaret Mayhew

ePub The Boat Girls download
Margaret Mayhew
Magna Large Print Books (September 15, 2009)
Genre Fiction
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Also by Margaret Mayhew.

Also by Margaret Mayhew.

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It is 1943, and three very different girls are longing to do their bit for the war effort. The village of Frog End may be peaceful, but that doesn't mean that the Colonel's life there is quiet – not with his friendly but nosy neighbour Naomi, desperate to know what he's keeping in his new shed; the curious Miss Butler, who tracks his every move with her German U-boat captain's binoculars; and the attentions of the local. The free online library containing 450000+ books.

Pip swore that they could see in the dark, like cats, and they played all kinds of tricks to keep ahead. Time was money to them. Time was money to them oner they got paid and the sooner they could start the next trip. They’d make sure of getting away first by quietly loosing off the mooring ropes and then bow-hauling or shafting the boats along the bank before they started up the engine. And if they had the luck to meet another pair coming the other way, they’d be getting a good road with the locks ready for them.

Margaret Mayhew was born in London and her earliest childhood memories were of the London Blitz. She began writing in her mid-thirties and had her first novel published in 1976. Her previous novels, Bluebirds, The Crew, The Little Ship, Our Yanks, The Pathfinder, Those in Peril. For Frances, her life of seeming privilege has been a lonely one. It is 1943, and three very different girls are longing to do their bit for the war effort. Brave and strong, stifled by her traditional upbringing, she falls for a most unsuitable man.

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The three become friends when they join the band of women working the canal boats, delivering goods and doing a man's job while the men are away fighting. A tough, unglamorous task - but one which brings them all unexpected rewards. Books related to The Boat Girls.

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item 2 The Boat Girls by Mayhew, Margaret Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post -The Boat Girls . Margaret Mayhew was born in London and her earliest childhood memories were of the London Blitz.

item 2 The Boat Girls by Mayhew, Margaret Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post -The Boat Girls by Mayhew, Margaret Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. item 3 The Boat Girls By Margaret Mayhew -The Boat Girls By Margaret Mayhew.

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  • A predictable story but written in a different context and hence, worth reading. A war story of heroes and canals and the work women soon showed they could do as well as men with training and support.

  • Margaret Mayhew's war books are always an enjoyable read with her gentle but interesting writing style, light romances and period detail. This story is about women who worked on the Inland Waterways' narrowboats hauling coal, steel and other items to help with the war effort. The hard, back-breaking and uncomfortable work is excellently described, as are the three very different women involved in this story. Frances is daughter of a baron who wants to do her bit for the war but whose brother, Vere, is disapproving; Prudence is a timid and conventional woman working in the bank alongside her father who dreams of something more than her day-to-day life in Croydon and finds it on the narrowboats; and Rosalind is an actress whose down-to-earth nature means that she expects hard graft and knows how to make her way in the world. These three very different women meet and become a team on the narrowboats and we see their experiences of World War 2 on the narrowboats as a strange taste of freedom as they incorporate themselves into the different world of 'the cut' (canals) with the strange, nomadic people who live and work there.

    There's not very much about the actual war in this story, it is more a tale of how three women find different roles for themselves than those they had previously expected. There are some gentle romances, although the love stories all seemed rather truncated to me (in that people seemed to decide to get married after just a few hours' acquaintance). Still Frances' decision, about whether to continue her life on the cut with Jack the boatman was sensibly handled.

    This is always an interesting book with some great characters and a view of a part of the war effort that is probably unknown to most of us. Definitely worth a read!

  • As World War 2 rages on, Three women from different background decided that they must to there part for the war effort. Frances is the daughter of a baron, Prudence is the daughter of a banker and Rosalind is an actress. Each decide that they are going to work on the narrowboats of the cut. While working on the boats they will discover love and sadness.
    "The Boat Girls" is the lastest book by Margaret Mayhew. While I love war time books I have to say that for me this was a stuggle for me to finish. I did not find the characters very interesting and sometimes dull. If you are looking for a great book by Ms.Mayhew then you need to check out "Bluebirds"

  • I really enjoyed this story of four girls managing a narrowboat and its cargo during WWII. Coal and steel had to be shipped by any means possible and canals were used but the work was backbreaking at times. The lasses who volunteered to do this as war work did not know what they were getting into, between weather, canal gypsy families and sheer effort required.
    A good read for the times and the characters.