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by Mark Edwards Dr

ePub Killing Cupid download
Mark Edwards Dr
HarperCollins Publishers; UK ed. edition (August 1, 2012)
Genre Fiction
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Killing Cupid Paperback – August 1, 2012. by Edwards Dr, Mark (Author).

Killing Cupid Paperback – August 1, 2012. This is the second Mark Edwards book I have read and I really did enjoy it. It gives an insight in to how people, shallow albeit, have become in todays society where social media has fuelled our obsession with being liked and our need for instant gratification.

Mark Edwards and Louise Voss met after Louise saw Mark on a TV documentary about aspiring writers .

Mark Edwards and Louise Voss met after Louise saw Mark on a TV documentary about aspiring writers, and a writing partnership was born.

Louise voss and. Mark edwards.

The chillingly brilliant read from Mark Edwards and Louise Voss, the bestselling authors of Catch Your Death. Doesn’t love always feel this way? Alex Parkinson is in love with his writing tutor, Siobhan.

by Mark Edwards, Louise Voss. The chillingly brilliant read from Mark Edwards and Louise Voss, the bestselling authors of Catch Your Death.

Louise Voss, Mark Edwards. She said she couldn’t face seeing anyone after receiving ‘the parcel’, as it became known, euphemistically. A dead rat. Someone had sent her a dead rat. It was unbelievable. It was unbelievable t worse was that Emily had a terrible fear of those long-toothed, long-tailed rodents. She had told me about it one night, lying in bed, when we were talking about things that scared us. Emily had said, ‘When I read 1984 I didn’t need to imagine what would be in my Room 101, because it was right there in the book.

He is watching he. he chillingly brilliant read from Mark Edwards and Louise Voss, the bestselling authors of Catch Your Death. Doesn’t love always feel this way?Alex Parkinson is in love with his writing tutor, Siobhan.

Авторы: Mark Edward, Loui e Vo. Издательство: HarperCollins(2019). He is watching he.

Doesn't love always feel this way? Alex Parkinson is in love with his writing tutor, Siobhan. He has never loved anyone like this, but how can he convince Siobhan that they are meant to be together? Alex finds out where she lives and watches her. But pretty soon a rival appears on the scene, and a young woman lies dead.
  • Ok I just finished reading Killing Cupid and I honestly don't know what to say! Seriously....I can't think of anything to say without giving away to much of the story! Alex and Siobhan, WOW! Between these two main characters there is enough crazy happening to last several lifetimes! Is this a story about a stalker, an unsolved murder or is it actually a love story? Well whatever it is I'm not giving away the answer, I'll leave it up to you the next person reading this book to figure out that answer for yourself. One thing I can tell you though is it's definitely worth reading to find out! There's enough crazy in Killing Cupid to ensure you will not get bored while reading this one! Just when you think you have it all figured out you get smacked in the face with yet another WTF moment! Boring is one thing this book most definitely is not, it kept me entertained from the very beginning always wondering "what next" or yelling out loud "you have got to be kidding SERIOUSLY!" The antics of Alex and Siobhan will keep you wanting to read "just one more chapter" until suddenly you've read the entire book.
    I do wish the authors wouldn't have ended this book quite the way they did. I was left feeling like I needed just a little something more there at the very end. I've never been a huge fan of books with endings where the writer only "hints" at what really ended up happening but never actually explains it to us, leaving it up to us the reader to decide. I prefer my endings to be all there in full vivid and brutal details if that what's needed. It doesn't matter so much if it's a happy end or a sad one just as long as it's all there. Written out for me in all the colorful glorious details, wrapped up nice and tidy with a perfect little bow on top! The only exception to this is if I can look forward to a follow up novel or two or even one of those series that carries on through 20+ books.
    The lack of my desired fully detailed ending is the ONLY reason I knocked off a star, still I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great book to read with a few twist and turns to keep you on your toes and 100% entertained. It has a little bit of everything.... murder, romance, suspense, light sex and a whole lotta CRAZY!

  • I can't believe my LUCK to find four 5-star reads recently. I mostly limit my reviews to books that I enjoy - but out of every 6 or 7 that I start, I'm fortunate if ONE is a goodie. THIS ONE is a goodie, as was The Magpies (same authors), which I had read prior-to.

    The story begins with a student who believes he is in love with the teacher of his creative writing class. The young man starts to stalk her, and at this point, I think I have a fair idea of how the plot will go. But NO! - the story does a curious and unique U-turn, and I found myself quite fascinated. Yes, a psychological thriller - my favorite genre - but I've never read one even vaguely similar to this one. I wish I could say more, but I don't want to slip any spoilers into this review.

    The characters are wonderfully alive, interesting, and even likable. The first person narrative shifts between the journals of the stalker and the stalked, and it works well! I am not sure whether this book could be called "dark" or not -- I suppose that it is, to some extent, but not to the point of disturbing a reader's sleep.

    I'm so glad to discover this author, and I recommend this book enthusiastically!

  • I'm a Mark Edwards fan, so what can I say. I always enjoy his peculiar way of twisting things around, misleading the reader, making you finally say, "aha, I see what's going on," only to then end up saying, "oh, okay, not what I thought." Throughout Killing Cupid, you're thinking one thing about the two main characters, and you're pretty sure you know where it's going. But nope, think again. Edwards' characters and stories are never what they seem, and that's what makes them so much fun. As with most of Edwards' books, I'd like to give them a 4.5 instead of a 4, but that's not an option. Why not a 5? I save that for the absolute best literature out there, and while I think Mark Edwards is an excellent writer and does the genre great justice, I do have to remember that these are mostly fun, not literature, but rather genre books that are about as good as they get, but not on a par with great literature. So read Killing Cupid, enjoy your escapade through Edwards' dark and twisted mind. You won't be disappointed. Then pick up another of his stories. They're all different, and all highly entertaining.

  • I read a LOT. I tried this because the premise sounded interesting and I like psychological twists. And this book really has them! I'm not quite finished with it yet (about 78% of the way through) so I can't say how it will wind up, but the twists keep coming and it has me hooked. The authors deftly turn the characters on their heads, switching places so subtly you can almost really see it happening. More!

  • I really enjoy this author's writing style and characters, nutty as they are. I laughed out loud so many times in this book and was fascinated by Alex. Though I was glad he ended up where he did at the end of the book because a person with that many loose marbles shouldn't be allowed to freely walk the streets. At first I liked Siobhan and sympathized with her right up until she started doing and saying horrible things about Emily. Then I couldn't stand her and began to understand why she was 35 and still single with only a complete nutter to love her. Really, could do better.

    Nonetheless, a great read.

  • This book was one of the most interesting story lines and so intriquing. The main characters change from protaganist to victum and then switch from victum to protagonist. It is so convoluted and I could not even guess what was going to happen next, which is what makes a person not put the book down. It so accurately protrays what obsession can lead to and it is so fascinating to see how it switches from one character to the next. It left us hanging--I hope there is a sequel but perhaps it's best left to our imaginations. I have ordered two other books by these authors as I was so engaged and loved the story!