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by Brian Harper

ePub Mortal Pursuit download
Brian Harper
Signet (December 1, 1997)
Genre Fiction
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Mortal Pursuit (Michal Prescott writing as Brian Harper). Its just another night of routine patrol in Californias Santa Barbara hills for a female rookie police officer.

Author: Brian Harper. Mortal Pursuit (Michal Prescott writing as Brian Harper). But an investigation of a reported burglary has her stumble upon a wealthy family held captive in their mansion by a team of vicious killers.

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Mortal Pursuit Brian Harper Mortal Pursuit (Michal Prescott writing as Brian Harper) Its just another night of routine patrol in Californias Santa Barbara hills for a female rookie police. without becoming a hostage herself.

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Rookie cop Trish Robinson matches wits with a psychopathic killer named Cain as he holds a wealthy family hostage in their Santa Barbara estate--a man who harbors a deadly secret that may cost them all their lives. Original.
  • The Kent estate includes a large mansion filled with numerous valuables but it lies isolated from the rest of the Santa Monica area by land reserves and woods. On the night of the Kent dinner party with the Danforths, five armed assailants burst into the house. The pre-planned assault goes off without a hitch except that Mrs. Kent, thinking she saw an intruder in the shadows, dialed 911. When rookie police officer Trisha Robinson and her partner arrive, they find four adults calmly eating dinner. Tell tale signs flashed between the guests and the officers alerting the police that all is not well inside the home.
    As the cops try to leave, the terrorists, realizing that they've been spotted, kill Trisha's partner and lock her in the trunk of a car that they intend to drive into a nearby lake. Trisha manages to escape and returns to the estate, intent on rescuing the Kent's teenage daughter. The Commando leader spots Trisha and the fifteen year old leaving. He and his team follow in an intrigue filled cat and mouse game with life being the ultimate prize of the game.
    MORTAL PURSUIT is an intellectual version of DIE HARD, complete with the same frantic pace and action. The heroine symbolizes the essence that everyone wants to see in a law enforcement official as she overcomes her fears and performs with great honor and courage. Brian Harper delivers a dynamic suspense filled thriller as all his fans have come to expect.
    Harriet Klausner

  • I rarely read books in a single day. I just don't have the attention span for it and there's always some chore I'm neglecting when I kick back to read. But occassionally I pick up a book and absolutely cannot tear myself away from it. Harper's MORTAL PURSUIT is one of those books. I was familiar with this author's work already and had enjoyed everyone I'd read. This book, however, blew me away. It follows a female cop through a harrowing night of terror as she stumbles across a hostage situation at a remote mansion and things go horribly wrong. One of the most relentless and entertaining thrillers I've read in a great while. If you're looking for crisp, fast paced writing, do yourself a favor and pick this book up. Harper knows what he's doing and he does it better than the majority of writers out there.

  • Exciting! Brian Harper writes the best 221thriller/murder22books. Period. I222ve read all of Brian Harper222s books and I222rate this one second only to the great book 221Shiver222. 221Mortal Pursuit' is fast paced and exciting. When I read 221thriller222 books, I expect excitement and heart-pounding action - this book has it and more ! Nobody creates quality excitement like Brian Harper. I read lot222s of thriller books by many authors and I222ve settled on Brian Harper as being my favorite because he excels in so many areas building tension, getting into the head of the killer, choosing the right words for describing what a person is feeling when the action is hot and heavy, and making every paragraph count. Many authors are able to get a few of these elements right and sometimes only for short spurts of time. Brian Harper maintains the quality throughout the book and I appreciate the effort. (who says nobody will notice ? ) I carefully critique the books that I read and for me to give it a positive review, it has to do well in all categories that make a solid novel : pace, building tension, plot, character depth, quality, well-constructed paragraphs and phrases, using the right word, style, use of point-of-view, etc. I222m not easily fooled by lazy writers who use gimmicks. Brian Harper cares about his work and you can feel the high quality from page one until the end. Read this book if you want your heart to race and your palms to sweat. You222ll love the main character - she has depth, believability, and you222ll care about her to the end.

  • In the first few pages of the book you are introdduced to Trish Robinson, a young cop trying to be excepted to the police academe. From the very begining it is brought to your attention how the male cops treat Trish. You are than introduced to the killer and his plot to terminate a family. The last thing Cain, the killer, expected was a cop to get between him and his plot. Greed, hate and revenge takes Cain and Sergeant Robinson down memory lane. Mr. Harper does a great job in letting you know what it going through Cain's and Robinson's mind. Some of the violence may be a little to strong for some girls, but if you enjoy reading about cops you will love this book. As a reader, I enjoy reading about girls 'saving the day' and this novel shows what Sergeant Robinson goes through to stop Cain. I don't feel anyone under 14 and maybe 15 years old should read this book. It has mature plot. Some sections may be a little to descriptive and violent.

  • Another great book by Brian Harper - hope to see more of his special brand of suspense in the future!

  • This is simply the most suspensful book ever written, period. Fantastic character development, plenty of twists and turns...Mortal Pursuit is just amazing. I am glad that there aren't many books this good; because if there were, I could never get anything productive done. I actually called off work to stay home and finish this was that good. Wow!

  • Mortal Pursuit is the sixth book written by Douglas Borton using the pseudonym Brian Harper. All of his books have been superb. Trish, haunted by demons in her own past, confronts a group of killers who leave her for dead in the trunk of her patrol car, after killing her partner. Her escape is harrowing as is her resolve to rescue the hostages, especially their teen-aged daughter, who is reminiscent of a friend from her childhood who met with tragedy in her young life. Check out all of Brian Harper's books. They are all winners which rank up there with Thomas Harris.