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by Mary Stewart

ePub Touch Not the Cat download
Mary Stewart
Fawcett (August 12, 1984)
Genre Fiction
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Home Mary Stewart Touch Not the Cat. Home. Touch not the cat, . 4. He told Mr Emerson about his plans for emigration, discussed some of the details, touched on the trust and the future of the Court, arranged another appointment in a few days’ time, and got himself and me out of the office and back into the sunny street with a minimum of fuss. He slid a hand under my arm.

Touch Not the Cat book. Mary Stewart herself described Touch Not the Cat as a modern adventure story spiced with romance (or romance spiced with adventure; it depends whether you are advertising it for men or for women). Some have also called her books adventure thrillers, but to me, with their strong female leads and attractive hunky young men, most seem firmly set in the women’s fiction genre.

Touch Not the Cat is a novel by Mary Stewart; it was first published in 1976 and is one of her best-known works. In the United States, Touch Not the Cat was the 9th highest selling book of 1976. Like many of Stewart's novels, the story has a supernatural element. The title of the book refers to the motto of the clan chief of Clan Chattan, a community of twelve clans including Clan Mackintosh, Clan Macpherson and Clan MacBean. In full this motto is 'Touch not the cat bot (without) a glove'

I ADORE this book! And I really enjoyed listening to my Kindle read it to me aloud! Mary Stewart sets the scene with such wonderful details of the English countryside in 1976 that the book comes alive on the page, with all its charm, mystery, and romance.

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Romeo and Juliet, I, v "Hullo, Bryony. Why, Emory, how lovely!" lunch to. . Why, Emory, how lovely!" lunch today! And to meet you here, of all places, just like this, out of the blue. Doesn't it seem ages?". If you knew how guilty we all feel about 'here,"' said my cousin. He smiled at me. "You're looking wonderful. I was talking to Bill Emerson, and he said you'd taken it all marvellously

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Touch Not The Cat. After the death of her father, Bryony returned from abroad to find that his estate would become the responsiblity of her cousin Emory. Ashley Court with its load of debt was no longer her worry. But there was something odd about her father's sudden death.

A comfortable chair and a Mary Stewart: total heaven. I'd rather read her than most other authors. Harriet EvansAshley Court: the tumbledown ancestral home of the Ashley family, all blessed with 'the gift' of being able to speak to each other without words. When Bryony Ashley's father dies under mysterious circumstances, his final words a cryptic warning to her, Bryony returns from abroad to uncover Ashley Court's secrets.

Touch Not the Cat (Coronet Books). Like the recent movie/book sensation 'Possession' by . Byatt,'Touch Not the Cat'(written in 1975) combines a literary mystery with excerpts from the past, poetry, Shakespeare, history and the gift of mind transferrence to deliver a wonderfully fulfilling tale that is a joy to read. Stewart employs her usual fantastic sense of place in describing Ashley estate and its environs down to the last daffodil.

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  • Enjoyable story..... but this writing style from years ago it very different from today's novels. The pacing, flash back excerpts and point of view characters can jog and slow the flow if you're expecting a modern storyline. However.... a Mary Stewart novel always has a gutsy, strong heroine which proves Mary was definitely ahead of her time. Her stories gave birth to today's world class romantic suspense writer's. Many...many thanks, Mary... you were my inspiration to write.

  • I discovered Mary Stewart nearly 55 years ago, and this novel was one I had not read . I could blather on as most reviewers are won't to do...comparing scenes and themes, but that will not suffice. Mrs. Stewart is eloquant. She is horticulturally descriptive. Her novels fed my young teenage mind vivid imagery that taught me elements of creativity in writing that my teachers could not emulate.

    Then she has her plot and subplots and intricate character developments, and the reading goes on until the last punctuation mark. That is Mrs. Stewart at her only level-excellence. It did not take eight hours to read, but my four hours were well-spent.

  • Mary Stuart is a totally engaging mystery writer. Her plots are varied and always have different settings where the reader is being exposed to new things beyond our everyday life. The descriptions of scenery and nature are full and rich, as well as the development of characterization. These are for readers who appreciate good writing with thoughtful introspection as a break from action and suspense. I highly recommend this author. I was delighted to find her work again after decades to download on my kindle. I've bought every mystery available, and they are great price for the kindle version. She also writes great mysteries for children which I still enjoy as an adult, they are so well written.

  • Revisited an old friend.It's as good today as it was 30 years ago. Mary Stewart never disappointed. You younger readers would do well to check out all her books. You'll find a couple of movies there.

  • I remember reading Mary Stewart when I was younger and I still like her novels. She spins a good yarn and she uses language deftly. This novel utilizes some ESP but I would not categorize it as a paranormal book. Of course, it is dated. So much has changed in our culture since she wrote this book. Still, as another reviewer noted, the heroine is not helpless and she is fairly clever. In this book, as in others I have read, Stewart serves up a healthy dose of romance.

  • I first read this when I was about 12 yrs old and reread it multiple times after. The book eventually fell apart and I hadn't replaced it - until last week. I ordered it and am rereading it again after about 20 years. It is still excellent, fast moving and fun. The ending is my favorite and the lover's identity an excellent surprise.

  • Although Mary Stewart is best known for her Arthurian series (The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, and The Last Enchantment, aka The Merlin Trilogy), she was also a prolific producer of extremely popular suspense and historical novels throughout the 1970's. Out of print for years and therefore treasured by those lucky enough to have original copies, most were suddenly re-issued as mass market paperbacks in the late 90's by an imprint of Harper Collins. Imagine my delight! Stewart has a particular talent for structuring a modern story in an historical framework, usually set in her native England or Scotland, and the curiously English knack for creating realistic, likable characters that neither over- or underwhelm the reader.

    This oddly-named (and the name is part of the mystery) novel is told almost exclusively by Bryony Ashley, a young woman mourning the sudden death of her father and returning to the crumbling family estate to untangle the complicated legal mess with her cousins. Bryony also has a secret she's kept for years, which is that she somehow communicates telepathically with a presence she thinks of only as `Lover'. This telepathy is an Ashley trait that pops up every so often in the line and is shared only by other Ashleys, which can only mean that her mysterious mental companion is someone she knows from the family, but who? One of her cousins, the mischievous twins? Or someone else entirely? As this mystery Bryony has lived with all of her life seems to be coming to light, the strange and unexpected death of her father leaves Ashley with a riddle to solve as she tries to understand a final, ominous warning he leaves her from his deathbed. It begins trivially, with small but valuable items missing from the old house, and a glimpse of a cloaked man lurking in the overgrown maze and around the family chapel.

    The atmosphere is enchanting, a perfect blending of the encroaching modern world upon a life and time that has faded into memory - a time of rambling, pre-war estates in the green English hills, with histories that go even further back to an era of crests and swords and family honor. It bears Stewart's singular, indelible stamp of originality and subtle suspense, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to get to the other re-releases.

  • I ADORE this book! And I really enjoyed listening to my Kindle read it to me aloud! Mary Stewart sets the scene with such wonderful details of the English countryside in 1976 that the book comes alive on the page, with all its charm, mystery, and romance. What a book, and I am so happy to have enjoyed it on my Kindle!!!!!!