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by Joan Smith

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Joan Smith
Robert Hale Ltd (July 31, 2000)
Genre Fiction
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Winter Wedding - Joan Smith. I have been planning this wedding for three years, she said with a sigh. Ever since I fell into the expensive folly of giving my elder daughter a London wedding. You wouldn’t believe what the hotel charged me for the dinners! Of course I nabbed an earl for Emily, and that was worth any price.

She is so full of life she wants to be out and doing. And in any case, she will want to be with me, as we are-that is, as I am the only friend she has in town. oating houseguest, Clara had encountered many unintended slurs, but never one that stung so sharply as Allingcote’s. For a fleeting moment she had thought it was her ennui he was worried about. But no, she could stay locked up in an inn forever; it was Miss Muldoon, bursting with life, who must have livelier entertainment.

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Cressida Charmsworth inherited the title of Baroness deCourcy from her father. Abbie Fairchild, an art teacher and would-be artist, was to escort three young ladies to Penfel Hall

Cressida Charmsworth inherited the title of Baroness deCourcy from her father. A country girl (of twenty-three), she also inherited alarming wealth and gave herself two London seasons. Abbie Fairchild, an art teacher and would-be artist, was to escort three young ladies to Penfel Hall. Lord Penfel was supposed to be away, but his eccentric mother, the dowager, seemed delighted to have a circus set up on the estate. As Lady Penfel encouraged flirtation, the roguish circus master would make Abbie's job of chaperon more difficult Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett Crest.

Used availability for Joan Smith's Winter Wedding. August 2001 : UK Hardback. May 2002 : UK Paperback.

Feeling Allingcote's deliciously attentive gaze, Clara flet sure he had thought of her often. Yet it was clear he was mixed up in some close manner with the darling Nel Muldoon. The answer, Clara soon discovered, was more surprising than she could have imagined.
  • Very cute story about a nipfarthing matron who’s arranging the marriage of her lackluster daughter with the help of her future son-in-law’s cousin, Clara, a proverbial poor relation who must depend on others’ benevolence for her bed and board.

    In her travels, Clara meets Ben. He shows a marked interest in Clara, but he’s called away to tend to his dying father.

    Suddenly, he turns up for the wedding with a ravishing blonde on his arm who proceeds to disrupt everything, including the chance for a rekindling of that long-ago friendship.

    There’s humor and, as one expects from Joan Smith, deft writing.

  • I have read almost all of Joan Smith's delightful regencies and I must say this is one of my favorites. The main character, Clara, is very likeable, a modest girl who is helping her relative prepare for her daughter's wedding. The relative is wealthy but a terrible (secret) skinflint, whereas Clara has few resources and in fact travels from relative to relative staying as a house guest here & there because her parents have died. Much of the novel deals with Clara & her aunt's attempts to produce a wedding with the least expense and is entertaining, especially because many regencies focus on the upper class, heiresses, etc. You end up admiring the main character's good nature and willingness to do all sorts of silly things to please her aunt's penny pinching ways. Yet Clara is not a goody-goody or a door mat...she has many very funny (silent) side comments or joking commentary made in a discreet manner, so you cannot help but wish you had someone like this helping you out as you prepared for a giant home wedding or similar event.

    In the midst of this comes a very spoiled, immature young woman as a guest to the wedding---escorted by a very attractive, good hearted wedding guest who Clara met 2 years previously. Clara is inviegled to assist in monitoring this very aggravating, unwelcome guest. She manages to keep her temper, her sense of humor...while helping her aunt in her frugal production of a winter wedding. Very entertaining and a heroine to cheer for!

  • So cute! I have to concur with the other reviewers - Winter Wedding is one of my favorite Joan Smith regencies and I say that after reading about fifteen of them in the same number of days!

    Clara Christopher, the heroine, is a very likable character. Despite her somewhat straightened circumstances (she is orphan who lives off her relatives by "visiting") she has a wonderful demeanor and is always helpful to her hosts. She is not a "poor me" heroine, but rather one who enjoys her existence as "an eternal wandering guest."

    At the beginning of the novel she is residing with the family of her cousin's fiance Prisse and helping the girl's "nipcheese" mother, Lady Lucker, plan the wedding. She learns that Lord Allingcote, whom she quite liked when she met him at house party two years ago is actually Lady Lucker's nephew and may be coming to the wedding. He does arrive, albeit with the uninvited and incredibly obnoxious, but stunningly beautiful neighbor Nell. Nell sets out to aggravate Prissie and Clara steps in several times to ensure that the wedding occurs without a hitch as she is quite fond of Lady Lucker.

    In the midst of the approaching wedding and Nell's increasingly aggravating antics, Clara and Allingcote spend quite some time together and while there are plenty of clues from the start that Allingcote is seriously enamored of Clara. Clara has some very good reasons for believing he is just a flirt and subsequently doesn't pay him the same attention he gives to her.
    Thankfully, there is isn't some contrived misunderstanding, just a gradual development of a relationship between two nice and funny people who like one another very much and who have a big obstacle in the form of Nell to overcome. Nell didn't bother me because she provides a good foil for Clara and because Clara has some pretty funny conversations with Allingcote about his tolerance for the Nell's behavior and his typically male reasons for believing Nell is not such a bad egg.

    Altogether, a funny and clean romance with very likeable main characters, as well as a treasure in the nipcheese in money, but generous of heart Lady Lucker.

  • This is my first book by this author although I had seen other reviewers mentioning her from time to time. What a delight. I must admit that I'm a reader that loves a good story. I think reading is about imagination and I don't need sex scenes on every other page. I cannot reconcile myself to all the 'modern' historicals out there and books that are true to the time period. Ms Smith is my kind of author and I could literally picture some of the scenes she set. I loved the romance, I loved the characters and I loved the story. She's a great writer who doesn't rely on sex to sell her books.

    This book is about an H who meets the h 2 years before at a house party and they'd definitely made a connection. He has to unexpectedly leave due to the death of his father and it takes him 2 years to finally track the h down. The h is a poor relation who moves from one relative to the next, helping out in exchange for a place to stay. The H is an Earl, whose name has been linked to at least 2 other ladies in the past 2 years. He arrives at the house where the h is staying for a wedding and he brings a beautiful, spoilt young lady with him. Very entertaining story.