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by Sheri Reynolds

ePub The Sweet In-Between: A Novel download
Sheri Reynolds
Three Rivers Press (October 27, 2009)
Genre Fiction
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The Sweet In-Between book.

The Sweet In-Between: A Novel Hardcover – November 25, 2008. Reynolds moves so smoothly back and forth between the past and the present that her novel feels like a keg of dynamite sitting on a slow-burning fus. s riveting as a fast-paced thriller. by. Sheri Reynolds (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Simple prose rich with subtext, convincing dialogue and a fascinating protagonist combine to produce a heartstring-plucker that's explicit, tender, sad and hopeful.

The sweet in-between : a novel. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Desperate for a place to belong with her father in prison and her mother dead, teenager Kenny Lugo finds a less-than-idyllic home with her Aunt Glo, her father's struggling girlfriend, and her children, until she finds redemption from an unexpected source following the killing of a college girl in the house next door.

bestseller Reynolds delivers again. Simple prose rich with subtext, convincing dialogue, and a fascinating protagonist combine to produce a heartstring-plucker that’s explicit, tender, sad, and hopeful. Kendra, or Kenny, has grown up in a family that’s not really hers. Her momma died of cancer when Kenny was very young, and Aunt Glo is, in fact, her daddy’s girlfriend, who took her in when her father was sent to jail for drug trafficking. Nearing eighteen years old and facing confusion over her sexuality, Kenny binds.

In the end, hers is a story of an unforgettable young woman whose redemption comes from a source she never would have imagined. Reynolds, Sheri, "The Sweet In-Between: A Novel" (2008). MFA Creative Writing Faculty Bookshelf.

The Sweet In Between. With her father in prison, her mother dead, and her eighteenth birthday on the horizon, Kenny Lugo is desperate to belong to someone, something - anything. Sheri Reynolds allows the motivations of her characters to unfurl, crafting a complex story about three-dimensional people, all completely and devastatingly human. It is a story about family, about acceptance, about safety. It is a story that haunts long after the book is closed. I still want to go back and save Kenny. Janine Latus author of If I Am Missing or Dead: A Sister's Story of Love, Murder, and Liberation.

Sheri Reynolds is a professor of writing and literature at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. She is the author of five novels, including the Oprah Book Club selection The Rapture of Canaan, which was a New York Times bestseller. She lives in Cape Charles, Virginia. Read it Forward: Always Directing You To Your Next Great Read. At Read It Forward, we have a healthy obsession with authors, stories, and the readers who love them.

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"Tender . . . [a] sweet coming-of-age story, thanks to its young, wise-beyond-her-years, Scout Finch—esque heroine."–Entertainment WeeklyKenny Lugo has grown up in a family that’s not really hers. Her mother died of cancer when Kenny was very young, and Aunt Glo–who is, in fact, her daddy’s girlfriend–took her in when her father was sent to jail for drug trafficking. Now, as Kenny approaches her eighteenth birthday and the end of the government checks Glo has been receiving looms, she is desperate to prove that this house and these people really do belong to her. But when a senseless murder occurs next door in their small coastal town, Kenny can’t get it out of her mind. She has always been consumed by the ways in which she is different–and inherently unworthy–so the unjust death of a young woman with everything to live for becomes an obsession. In the end, hers is a story of an unforgettable young woman whose redemption comes from a source she never would have imagined.
  • I read this for a creative writing poetry class at Georgia Perimeter College since it was the semesters GPC Reads book, and it was great! I was a bit unnerved in the beginning of the book with one of the characters having the same name as I, but it was great seeing my name in a written publication. This was a great read for a young girl coping with identity, sexuality and trust issues in her young life. At that time our work was given to the author for her to read on her plane ride home so unfortunately I didn't get to meet her.

  • Bought for a Class, dropped the class, never got to read the book

  • Thanks

  • Sheri Reynolds has a true gift for pulling you into her characters and never letting go. If you can read this book and not ache to hug "Kenny" and tell her everything will be all right, not brace to fight anyone who does her wrong, not yearn to know how she's doing now, then fine character-driven tales are wasted on you.

  • I had to read this for one of my college courses. The story will definitely keep you entertained. The writer was able to give the characters depth. It was a good read, however, I won't be reading this more than once.

  • I read Rapture of Caanan and was completely enthralled. This book went nowhere and had a nowhere ending. I wasn't sure I was reading the same author. I will not try any of her other books.

  • This book was recommended to me & I can't say I'll be passing that recommendation on. The characters were well-drawn but utterly depressing. A sad life, a sad story, & very little hope for their future. Skip it.

  • The Sweet In-Between

    I LOVE Sheri Reynolds books. This woman can write a story, spin a yarn, tell you like it is. She is entertaining and down to earth, she knows the human heart, she can make you laugh and make you cry.

    We meet Kendra - "Kenny" - who is living with her "Aunt" Glo, who is actually her dad's girlfriend. Her dad is in prison and her mom is dead. Among the starring cast of characters are the children of Aunt Glo -- her sons, Quincy and Tim-Tim and her grandaughter, seven year old Daphne. Daphne's mom, Constance, Aunt Glo's daughter, has taken off and is on the road to destruction. Constance is into heavy drug use so Daphne is being raised by her grandmother. And let's not forget Tim-Tim's girl, Sneaky. She is also a great character and quite an addition to the family. And little Daphne? That girl can cuss like a trucker, all the while playing with her dolls.

    Kenny loves her family. She misses her mom and her dad. She hates visiting her dad in prison and tries to get out of going every time they are allowed to visit. She worries about everything, but mostly she worries about Aunt Glo kicking her out when she turns 18. So, she decides to make herself the best person she can be and to always be there for Aunt Glo. She helps around the house, works hard, does whatever Aunt Glo asks/needs her to do, babysits Daphne, trying so hard to prove herself a necessary part of the family.

    Kenny also has mixed up feelings regarding her sexuality. She hates her body and binds her chest up daily with Ace bandages, along with wearing her hair super short. She is the target of much bullying and is picked on at school constantly. She refuses to use the ladies room while at school. There is one teacher at her school who sees Kenny for the kind, sweet person she really is and this teacher reaches out to Kenny via a camera and having her assist in working on the yearbook.

    The book opens with a murder taking place right next door to Aunt Glo's. Two college-aged girls mistake the other half of the duplex for a home they rented and tragedy strikes. This deeply affects Kenny and everyone else at Aunt Glo's home.

    This is a WONDERFUL book. Kenny is one of the best characters I have met in a long time. Kenny is such a caring, loving, giving girl, just trying to do the right thing and love her 'family'. She is so confused and really has no one to turn to and talk with to help her through her many questions about her body and her life. This family is poor and struggling and almost trashy, but they all love and care for each other.

    Miss Reynolds writes with such genuis that you can see the mildew and mold growing around the bathtub. You can see the smoothness of the water where the family is fishing. You can see poor Kenny struggling with the Ace bandage that she binds herself with. Such talent! Such a great author! Such a good book!

    Miss Reynolds has written other books and they are:

    Firefly Cloak
    A Gracious Plenty
    The Rapture of Canaan
    Bitterroot Landing

    I have read and enjoyed every single one of her books and that now includes this one. Check out these books and read them all. You will not be sorry!

    Thank you!