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by William Bernhardt

ePub Silent Justice download
William Bernhardt
Ballantine Books; 4th edition (2000)
Genre Fiction
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Ninth in Bernhardt's popular series (Primary Justice; Perfect Justice) starring crusading Tulsa attorney Ben Kincaid, this thriller mines the same territory covered by the film A Civil Action and Jonathan Harr's bestseller on which it was based.

William Bernhardt is an American pense fiction author best known for his "Ben Kincaid" series of books. Bernhardt has sold more than 10 million books in the US and other countries throughout the world. He has been nominated for the Oklahoma Book Award seventeen times in three different categories (Fiction, Poetry, and Young Adult) and has twice won, in 1995 and 1999. In 1998 he received the Southern Writers Guild's Gold Medal Award.

William Bernhardt is the author of thirteen books, including Primary Justice, Blind Justice, Deadly Justice, Perfect Justice, Double Jeopardy, Cruel Justice, and Naked Justice-which led Library Journal to dub the author "master of the courtroom drama. His newest novel is Murder One. He has twice won the Oklahoma Book Award for Best Fiction.

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Not that he would know personally

Not that he would know personally nt to have children again. Trying a case was mercilessly demanding, tiring, debilitating, and typically unrewarding.

Silent Justice - William Bernhardt. A Ben Kincaid Novel of Suspense (Book Nine). Open Road Integrated Media. Steve Stephenson, bookseller for more than fifty years, and a treasured friend to anyone who ever wrote a book.

William Bernhardt is the author of forty-seven books, including the bestselling Ben Kincaid series, the historical novels . Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of William Bernhardt's books.

William Bernhardt is the author of forty-seven books, including the bestselling Ben Kincaid series, the historical novels Challengers of the Dust and Ne. .

  • I had the privilege of knowing William Bernhardt many years ago. He was the attorney-advisor for the mock trial team at Jenks High School, back in the early 90's. The trial procedures he taught my students allowed them to win the Oklahoma Mock Trial competition in 1992. Reading his books brings that all back in a fresh new way. I can envision Bill Bernhardt in his character, Ben Kinkaid. I have read most of the Ben Kinkaid series and enjoyed them immensely. I especially enjoy the descriptions of Tulsa and Oklahoma landmarks. If you want to learn about courtroom procedures and how the legal system works, the Ben Kinkaid novels are awesome textbooks!

  • The story is about a powerful rich corporation accused of improper waste disposal, this fact causes the death of eleven children who live in a nearby neighborhood, there is also a subplot featuring a sadistic killer who makes the impossible to accomplish his goal. The author is a great storyteller, in this book he deflty manages two different parallel stories, and subtly intertwines them until they merge into the main plot, he knows how to handle ticking bomb suspense and exhibits a gripping writing style with an accurate character drawing. However, some flaws can be seen like the unveiling of the identity of the sadistic killer and the contrived ending which after long way originated in a terrific start, shows blunt childish surprises and a quick turning of key events just to end the book That left me unsatisfied.

  • I love Bernhardt's books. Ben Kincaid is probably the nicest lawyer in all fiction. I love him, and Christina. This book deals with a big company trying to cover up its sins. Highly recommended.

  • Love the entire Ben Kincaid series.

  • ...good book great author. May take one of his creative writing classes.

  • I have read many William Bernhardt novels and I would rank this one amongst his best. I would definitely recommend this one.

  • Well nine books in and these novels are still a joy to read. There really is not much to say. If you get to this book in the series you obviously enjoy the series and you are going to continue to read the books in this series as I have.

    This is one of the better installments in the series so by all means read this one!

    If you have stumbled across this review and you are not familiar with the series these are part court room dramas and part detective stories with the emphasis on the discovery and the detective parts more than the courtroom stuff. If that sounds good then you get the first book in the series and start reading.

  • In Blackwood, a small town near Tulsa, a stunned Cecily Elkins learns that her beloved little boy is dying from leukemia. Even more shocking, his doctor Harlan Freidrich gives her a list of other families with children who also suffered from the deadly disease. After her child dies, Cecily learns of the illegal dumping of toxins in the drinking water by the Blaylock Industrial Machinery Corporation.

    Cecily and the other parents turn to lawyer Ben Kincaid for help in filing a class action suit for wrongful death against the big corporation. Though civil law is not his strength and the odds against winning are astronomical, he accepts the case. However, his calculations fail to include the other side retaining a powerful attorney with questionable connections to the judge who is a friend to big business. Additionally, a serial killer surfaces whom murders Blaylock employees.

    SILENT JUSTICE is an exciting legal thriller from one of the sub-genre's best. However, the story line is very similar to A CIVIL ACTION though kept fresh by William Bernhardt's writing skills. The class action suit is extremely entertaining and will thrill the audience. The serial killer subplot is also well written and ties back to the main tale, but feels unnecessary as it diverts attention from the exhilarating prime plot. Kincaid continues to dream of being a superhero like Captain Marvel while his support crew adds vigor and wit as they struggle to right social injustice. Mr. Bernhardt remains one of the best authors of legal thrillers and anyone who has not tasted a Kincaid tale will want to try this novel and the previous works, which are all excellent stories.

    Harriet Klausner