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by Roger Stern

ePub Smallville (Strange Visitors) download
Roger Stern
Warner Books; Warner Books edition (2002)
Genre Fiction
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Stranger Visitors is the first volume in a series of novels about Smallville. The novel was written by Roger Stern and printed on October, 2002. Provided on page 37 of Smallville #9).

Stranger Visitors is the first volume in a series of novels about Smallville. Provided on page 37 of Smallville Spiritual guru Donald Jacobi uses Kryptonite meteorites to initially convince people that he will lead them to enternal health and happiness, before he starts taking over their minds. Clark must stop Jacobi before this mind-control spreads across the globe.

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Roger Stern (born September 17, 1950 in Noblesville, Indiana) is an American comic book author and novelist

Roger Stern (born September 17, 1950 in Noblesville, Indiana) is an American comic book author and novelist. In the early 1970s, Stern and Bob Layton published the fanzine CPL (Contemporary Pictorial Literature), one of the first platforms for the work of John Byrne.

2002) (The first book in the Smallville series) A novel by Roger Stern. Spiritual guru Donald Jacobi announces that fragments from Smallville's famed glowing meteorites are the key to eternal health and cosmic strength. and a startling control over his desperate followers. Genre: Young Adult Fantasy. Similar books by other authors.

I picked this book up on a whim. I thought I love Smallville so much how can this novel compare ? WOW Must I say: It was awesome!

Strange Visitors (Smallville, by Roger Stern.

Strange Visitors (Smallville, by Roger Stern. But ever since the deadly meteor shower that rained down on Smallville and brou. Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment. by Roger Stern · Mike Mignola · Mark Badger.

Roger Stern has written for radio, television, the stage, and the Internet, creating scripts for everything from sketch comedy to flash-animation. For ten years, he was the senior writer of the Superman series for DC Comics. Stern has written hundredsMore about Roger Stern. by Roger Stern and Marv Wolfman.

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En plus de ses scénarios de comics, Stern a écrit quelques romans sur le même sujet : Smallville : Le gourou, Strange Visitors (Warner Books, 2002), et Superman: The Never-Ending Battle (Pocket Books, 2005).

17 septembre 1950 (68 ans) Noblesville. En plus de ses scénarios de comics, Stern a écrit quelques romans sur le même sujet : Smallville : Le gourou, Strange Visitors (Warner Books, 2002), et Superman: The Never-Ending Battle (Pocket Books, 2005). The Death and Life of Superman (Bantam Books, 1993). Smallville: Strange Visitors (Warner Books, 2002). Superman: The Never-Ending Battle (Pocket Books, 2005). Superman Annual Vol 2. 2.

Hardcover book following the series
  • After watching all 10 seasons of Smallville this summer from DVD, I did a search for books, hoping to find more to extend my enjoyment and I did find more. I have ordered 10 books and will probably get the rest of them as well. This book is the 3rd one I have read in the series. These books are by multiple authors, so they are all written a little differently. The first two I read were quick reads but this one is a little more detailed and drawn out.

    There was a little bit of an inconsistency in this book compared to the TV series. In this book, Clark is able to pick up a meteor rock that is on him and toss it far enough away to regain some of his strength. In the other stories, even the tiny meteor rock on Lana's necklace makes him too weak to do something like that.

    There were a few "reruns" in this book, where we get to hear the same story again that we have heard in other stories, but if this was the first or only Smallville book someone ever read, they would be important.

    I like being able to hear the thoughts in Clark's head which we can't do when we watch the TV show but we can when reading a book. It makes his character easier to understand.

    I am a huge fan of Smallville and will take it any way I can get it.

  • "Smallville," in the course of its first season, became one of my favorite shows on TV. In part, this is because I've been a Superman fan as long as I can remember, but that wasn't enough to keep me around for "Lois and Clark." No, this is a series that does Clark Kent RIGHT -- this is a series that really has the FEEL of Superman, and that's why it's a tad disappointing that this first novel in the inevitable spin-off series is just okay.
    "Strange Visitors," by longtime Superman scribe Roger Stern, is about a couple of 21st century snake oil salesmen who come to Smallville pitching the green meteorites that torment Clark as a potential magical cure-all. Clark and his friends, of course, investigate, and the situation gets worse when one of their classmates, a cancer sufferer, gets mixed up in the con men's schemes.
    Stern is one of the best Superman writers the comic books ever saw and his novel "The Death and Life of Superman" is a great adaptation of nearly a year of comic book continuity, so the problem with this book isn't in the writing or the story, but in an inherent problem with the medium. Everything from Star Trek to Buffy to the X-Files suffers when people try to translate it to other medium because -- as the television series is still the primary medium -- the creators simply aren't allowed to make many changes to the status quo or develop the characters. The most you can hope for is a little undisclosed backstory, which this book does provide. (For instance, did you know that Pete's mother is a judge?)
    It's an okay book by a great writer and worth it for "Smallville" fans... just don't expect anything mindblowing.

  • The reason why I wanted to read this book and why I bought it was because of the author, Roger Stern. Now, if you're not familiar with Roger Stern, he is primarily a comic book writer and one of the better comic writers from the 80s and 90s. I believe one of his seminal works was the prestige graphic novel Triumph of Torment where Dr. Doom barely loses out on being the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel universe to Dr. Strange. From that point onward, everybody took Doom much more seriously in his skill in the magical and dark arts. Sterns also had a fair run on The Avengers before anybody began to hop on that bandwagon. I have that full run on that or close to it.

    I'd like to let readers know what they can look forward to in picking up this book. I'm not gonna give any spoilers. This review is going to be a summary where you can make an informed decision.

    Strange Visitors has all of the characters on the television show that was prominent during the early years: Clark Kent, Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang, and John and Martha Kent. There are others but those would be the bread-and-butter characters of the show that make an appearance in the book.

    If you read the back blurb on the book you'll find that it is a little misleading once you read the book. The story focuses on Donald Jacobi which the blurb calls a spiritual guru but he really isn't in the book. He is more like a self-help guru who swoops into Smallville with his partner and sets up shop with their Ascendance Foundation after looking at Chloe's website and deciding that something is going on there with all of these meteors. They decide to run their snake oil salesman gig there but something unexpected happens. What starts out as a con ends up turning part of the two-man team into a true believer. In the interim, people have their suspicions, Clark being one of them who has a personal interest because the meteors are kryptonite. The question is, will he be able to put a halt to the spread of his greatest weakness which is at the heart of Jacobi's organization?

    The book starts off well and then it just levels off and just really goes nowhere. The climax of the book leading up to the end leaves you with a certain sense of "that's it?" If you're a fan of the television show then you might be curious as to what happens exactly but if not then you probably get a be tempted to put it down and move on to something else. Myself, I just like to finish what I start. I did finish this and the best that I can give it is a C (my grading scale is A+ to F. The stars don't quite cut it fully for me). I feel a little sad in saying that because I really like Roger Stern but the book is mediocre at best. The writing is what actually carries it so if he had a better plot line, it probably would've been much better.

  • The Smallville companion novels are quite good. They maintain the characters and there interrelationships faithfully. It was good fun to read. I highly recommend all the books in this series.

  • For a t.v. tie-in novel, it really feels like you're reading an episode of Smallville and moved along at a good clip that didn't feel stilted, forced or an author throwing words on the pages with a hack story.

    As a t.v. tie-in novel, there's a certain amount of expectations, so it does good to pass those, but not much else. Unlike other genres, there's no expectation to try and make this the next big seller novel that everyone's talking about. It's mediocre and just good enough to make this a read it once novel.

  • This was an awesome buy and is making my son and I collection bigger and bigger! Great read so far thanx.