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by Max Allan Collins

ePub Binding Ties (CSI) download
Max Allan Collins
Pocket Star (April 1, 2005)
Genre Fiction
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Max Allan Collins (born March 3, 1948) is an American mystery writer. His work has been published in several formats and his Road to Perdition series was the basis for a film of the same name

Max Allan Collins (born March 3, 1948) is an American mystery writer. His work has been published in several formats and his Road to Perdition series was the basis for a film of the same name. He wrote the Dick Tracy newspaper strip for many years and has produced numerous novels featuring the character as well. Collins has written novels, screenplays, comic books, comic strips, trading cards, short stories, movie novelizations and historical fiction.

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Binding Ties ccsi-6 (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Max Allan Collins. Year Published: 1991. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

As in previous outings, Collins does a wonderful job in his characterizations. He adds depth to the characters we are familiar with from the TV series. The plots in this one keep the reader guessing and the pace never lets up.

New York London Toronto Sydney. Original novels by Max Allan Collins in the CSI series: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Like a cold harsh mountain wind wailing down across the Nevada desert, panic swept through Marvin Sandred.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Brass in Pocket. Binding Ties - Max Allan Collins. I would like to acknowledge my assistant on this.

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Ten years ago, Las Vegas was terrorized by CAST - a vicious serial. Start by marking Binding Ties (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Ten years ago, Las Vegas was terrorized by "CAST" -- a vicious serial killer responsible for nearly half a dozen brutal murders, and who tested the mettle of the LVPD's new Captain, Jim Brass. After a two-year spree, CASt suddenly disappeared and has not been heard from...until now. Gil Grissom and his CSI team are called in to investigate a homicide that perfectly fits the notorious criminal's modus operandi. But all hell breaks loose when a reporter made famous by the original cases receives a letter from someone claiming to be CAST -- and who says he has nothing to do with the latest slaying. Now the CSIs must stop someone who may be a copycat killer from striking again. ...even as a murderer from the past continues to evade capture, and isn't taking too kindly to rivals....
  • More than the stories, it is the characters that draw me to these books. It's different from other novels where my imagination is needed to bring the characters to life. I've seen and come to like these characters from watching them on TV. What is even better, in these stories the team is still working together and not split up like they are now in the TV series. In this outing Gil Grissom arrives at a crime scene with his team to find a murder victim that looks very similar to several murders from 10 years ago that were never solved. Is the killer back or is this a copycat? The resolution is more procedural than suspenseful, but satisfying nevertheless. If you enjoy the TV series CSI, you should really treat yourself to these books. The stories are all original and not copied from the shows on TV. Now if someone would do for ER (my other favorite TV show) what Max Collins has done for CSI, I would be a very happy camper.

  • As far as TV tie-in novels go, this stacks up fairly well. I'm different than most people that I don't WANT a tie-in novel to go where the TV show hasn't gone. What I mean is, don't create a backstory or personality traits of characters that hasn't been established already by the show's writers. If an author doesn't stay with the 'canon' it becomes an alternate universe.

    Collins does well with staying true to the world & characters that have been established. Dialogue sounds authentic for each; and it's quite easy to picture & hear William Peterson, George Eads, Marg Helgenberger, etc. saying the lines.

    The story deviates slightly from the traditional form of the early CSI shows, in that instead of 2 cases, the entire team is working on one. Recent murders resemble decade old murders from an uncaught serial killer. In typical CSI fashion, evidence is collected, analyzed & investigations begin. The evidence appears to lead to one suspect then another & eventually it all falls into place & the killer is caught. I liked having Brass more in the forefront & the serial killer & MO were well crafted. Not that the CSI's never pull their guns in the show, but there was a little too much of that in the book that it felt out of place.

    The show always has portrayed CSI's interrogating suspects/witnesses....This DOES NOT HAPPEN...that's the police's job; but the author stays true to the established universe, so it is like reading an episode. That's what I look for in a tie-in novel, good plot, characters that feel & sound like the ones already known & in the end, could I see this played out on screen. The answer is yes. The book hits on most marks. I loved the early years with Grissom & if you liked the show when it first began, would recommend this entertaining, quick read.

  • The CSI novels have quickly became a must read for me. Max Allan Collins does a wonderful feel of capturing the feel of the show and these novels are entertaining to CSI freaks like me or casual viewers alike. This novel deals with a serial killer known as CASt who apparently renews his murder spree after a ten year hiatus. The CSI television show could not go into the kind of detail the novel does or allow some of the characters to use the kind of language they do and that's why, in some ways, the novels are more realistic. The use of language or descriptions isn't overdone, but, instead, is done for impact.

    This novel has all five CSIs working on the same case and trying to hunt down CASt. This is a personal case for Brass because the book tells us this was his first huge case after coming to LVPD. Will he finally catch CASt? Is a clever copycat trying to lure the people who tried to CASt originally into a deadly game? What piece of evidence will blow the case wide open?

    If you're a fan of the show, then definitely check Binding Ties out because it does an excellent job of capturing the feel of the show for long time viewers and newbies alike.

  • *Binding Ties* is slightly different than the other books and episodes in the series. This particular book only deals with one case, instead of the usual 2 or 3 at a time.

    After a 10-year hiatus, a serial killer is back in action. Or is he? Is there a copycat out there? The CSI team and Captain Brass are determined to find the truth by following the evidence. For Brass, this is personal because this was one of his first cases and it went unsolved.

    The whole plot reminded me of the Zodiac Killer, a Californian serial killer in the 60's, whom the police were never able to capture. Then, one day, the Zodiac Killer just simply disappeared.

    I found this story plot to be predictable, especially when you only have a small group of people who knew the real contents of the serial killer's killing signature. Just round them up and play the "20 Questions" game. But no, you'll be taken on the long-winded investigation. In fact, don't be surprised if you figured out who's the killer by the half-way mark.

  • This was a fantastic and fast-paced thriller. This particular volume focused a bit more on Jim Brass and his relationship with a serial killer from an unsolved set of cases. While there is a lot of the usual detailed work that the CSI characters do so well, this time Brass and Grissom are racing against a true psychotic killer who has been goaded to re-emerge into the light in order to defend his own specific killing technique and "genius." For those readers who have liked other CSI novels by Max Allan Collins, they are sure to like this excellent addition.