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ePub Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross Novels) download

by Anthony Heald,Keith David,James Patterson

ePub Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross Novels) download
Anthony Heald,Keith David,James Patterson
Hachette Audio (December 1, 1997)
Genre Fiction
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Keith David and Anthony Heald combine their vocal talents to perform PattersonÕs thriller with powerful characterizations of forensic psychologist Alex Cross and FBI profiler Thomas Pierce

Keith David and Anthony Heald combine their vocal talents to perform PattersonÕs thriller with powerful characterizations of forensic psychologist Alex Cross and FBI profiler Thomas Pierce. David and HealdÕs depictions bring to life two serial killers, one who is unable to stop his killing spree and one who wants revenge. Along the Eastern Seaboard Gary Soneji carries out his macabre killings with medical precision while in Paris and London the elusive Mr. Smith, one of EuropeÕs legendary serial killers, practices his skills.

I usually find James Patterson a bit ho hum but there is nothing ho hum about Cat and Mouse

Alex Cross is back-and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji  . Alex Cross Why do I keep picking up Alex Cross novels when I am constantly dissapointed? Is it because I read Kiss the Girls when I was much younger and at that time found it enjoyable? Ah the blissful pleasures of ignorant youth. I usually find James Patterson a bit ho hum but there is nothing ho hum about Cat and Mouse. Alex is, once again, faced with two psychopaths but this time round they are both masters of the macabre. The violence held within is pretty graphic so let your watch word be "take care".

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Cat and Mouse is the fourth novel in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. It revolves around Cross dealing with Gary Soneji, the villain of Along Came a Spider, and a serial killer known only as Mr. Smith. The book begins with Gary Soneji breaking into Alex Cross' home in Washington DC and contemplating the murders of Cross and his family. In London the killer dubbed Mr. Smith by the press is conducting a live autopsy.

Part of Alex Cross series by James Patterson. Alex Cross is back - and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji. Out of prison and dying from the AIDS virus he contracted there, he will get revenge on Cross before he dies

Part of Alex Cross series by James Patterson. Out of prison and dying from the AIDS virus he contracted there, he will get revenge on Cross before he dies. In addition, we are introduced to a new pair of rivals whose paths cross that of Alex and Soneji. Thomas Augustine Pierce has been chasing his demon, Mr. Smith, since the savage murder of his fiancee. Mr. Smith is a unique monster, with actions toward his victims so insane - so unimaginable - that he is thought of as not of the earth.

Saying about the author of the book it is worth mentioning that he is largely known for his series about American psychologist Alex Cross. This book is one of these thriller novels about, probably kn. .wn to the reader by the earlier Cross novel, Jack, Jill, the principal at his children's school, and Cross in love with her. The plot is centered around the escape of a criminal, an old Alex’s enemy, whose target is Cross and his family, let alone a ruthless serial killer whose murders are monstrous. Running the danger, Cross is nearly murdered in his own home, through.

Alex Cross is back in a novel with a cast of characters more sinister and deadlier than ever. Gary Soneji, a dying prison escapee, is looking for revenge on Cross, while another insane killer is pursued by Thomas Augustine Pierce-a brilliant and relentless detective who may even be better than Cross. Alex Cross: Cat and Mouse No. 4 by James Patterson (1997, Hardcover). 18 оценок товара Об этом товаре.

Written by James Patterson, narrated by Anthony Heald, Keith David. Alex Cross, Book 4. By: James Patterson. Narrated by: Anthony Heald, Keith David. Length: 5 hrs and 49 mins.

In Cat & Mouse, things get too close to home. Two killers, one operating in America-one in Europe-believe Alex Cross is the only worthy opponent in the deadly game each has planned. Villian Gary Soneji is back. He vows his last act on earth will be taking the life of Alex Cross. But first he wants to have some fun. Union Station, Washington, and Penn Station in New York are scenes of chaos as Soneji creates a train ride to hell. With time running out, Cross must predict Soneji's next move: the lives of thousands of innocent commuters hang in the balance. Meanwhile, a second game of cat and mouse is being played. Thomas Augustine Pierce is referred to by the FBI and Interpol as "St. Augustine" for his uncanny ability to catch killers. He has been chasing his demon, Mr. Smith, since his fiancee was brutally murdered, her heart cut out. Panic spreads through Europe when Mr. Smith strikes in London...then Paris... But when the Soneji case takes a baffling new twist, Pierce must put the Mr. Smith case on hold to assist in a special investigation. Will Cross-or Pierce-figure out in time who is the cat, and who is the mouse?
  • Four down, twenty-one Alex Cross novels to go. Cat and Mouse is easily the best one of the series so far. A lot can happen in twenty-one books. See why.

    The Ugly: I have mentioned the fact that I don’t like the constant jumping between first and third person views. I like it even less when there are two characters who give first person views. That’s what happened here. Not only did we get the point of view of Cross, we also got the point of view of one Thomas Pierce. It was pointless. Sure, Alex needed to be taken out of the story for a bit, but we didn’t need the frontal view of Pierce.

    The Bad: I’m not one to frown upon a sex scene in a book or movie. I don’t mind them as much as other people, whether they are warranted or unwarranted doesn’t matter. But here, I don’t know what it was. I’m thinking it’s the fact that Christian’s husband just died six months before this book came out and Cross was indirectly involved in his death. It just seemed unethical on Cross’s part, and unrealistic on Christian’s part. I know if I lost someone it would definitely take me more than six months to get over that person. And the only reason this is in the bad is because I know that people are built differently. It just bothers me is all.

    The Good: One thing that hurt the other books was the case loads in the book for Cross. It was like he was working three to four different cases in one book. Here, he was working one case until it was time to move on to the next case. I don’t mind the multi-case aspect, but make it believable at least. This one was believable. And it made the book all that much better.

    Final Thoughts: I can’t say start with this book. I can’t even say don’t read the other books in the series. There are some that are standalone books like Jack and Jill, but this isn’t. It is part of the series that is a continuation to an end. But I would suggest reading it whether you read the other books or not.

  • Though I have enjoyed some parts of it, the overall plot is extremely poor; Mr Smith motivation shallow and his acts unnecessarily gruesome. If the woman name was Tess, there would not have been a such dangerous killer to chase...
    Every other page there is a quote, an old saying, a proverb; once noticed it is difficult to ignore and results quite annoying

  • I am in the process of sending my son James Patterson books in order and he just finish reading this one and he loves this one the best so far. Little do he know. There are more good books coming. I have read it myself in the past and would read this one again.

  • I love this series. Quick reads and very addicting books. Patterson has to be one of my favorite authors by far and Alex Cross has had me hooked since book 1.

  • Thank you James Patterson for the Alex Cross series and I wonder if you have any idea how much joy and love people feel about reading your books. great job sir as usual.

  • Too many situations that would, in real life, be impossible or improbable. And how many times can they call the bad guy an alien? Hundreds, it seems.

  • Can’t help but wonder, though, if a confident black man actually thinks like Alex! As a retired elementary teacher, I find the children’s characters a bit unlikely.

  • This is the fourth in a series with Alex Cross. Mr. Patterson is brilliant in his moving characters around, and keeping you reading. "Cat and Mouse" is a very appropriate title for this thriller. Reading his first book, I was a little squeamish with the gore. But, that has taken a back seat to the on-edge suspense in his writing. Read these books in sequence to give you a good overview and base to continue reading.