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ePub Cold Streets (Vampire Files, No. 10) download

by P. N. Elrod

ePub Cold Streets (Vampire Files, No. 10) download
P. N. Elrod
Ace; Reissue edition (December 30, 2003)
Genre Fiction
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Elrod take The Vampire Files beyond the repetitive plot lines of the first six novels.

Elrod take The Vampire Files beyond the repetitive plot lines of the first six novels.

Cold Streets read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Cold Streets (Vampire Files is a Fantasy novel by .

Part of Vampire Files series by P. N. Elrod. The white and colored gangs had no love for one another, even against their common enemy, the law, but too bad, this was an emergency. I got Gordy under the arms and dragged him from the car, Strome caught his feet, and we lugged him up the steps with Adelle anxiously following. We got through Clarson's tiny reception area; he directed us to an equally tiny examination room smelling of carbolic and alcohol.

Genres : Fantasy, Mystery.

An Ace Book Published by The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Putnam In. 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014. ISBN 0-441-01009-1 (alk. paper). Printed in the united states of america. 1. Chicago, January 1938 I REMAINED invisible during the ride to the ransom drop, with no idea where we were beyond the few verbal cues passed to my partner, who was playing chauffeur.

Cold Streets is the 10th book in the Vampire Files series by . The story was so intense that by the time the end came around, I honestly had no idea what he was going to do that hadn't already been done. Elrod and the 4th that I've read so far. The series focuses on vampire, night club owner, private detective Jack Fleming who lives in Chicago in the '30s. He works with partner, Charles Escott, helping him with cases and also runs a night club with girl friend, singer Bobbi. Cold Streets did not fail to deliver another tense ending, with serious repercussions that aren't so easily dismissed. Very excited to see what this means for the next book!

Book in the Vampire Files Series). P. Elrod's novels of The Vampire Files turn the seductive shadows of the noir novel into sanctuary for fiction's most unusual private Jack Fleming

Book in the Vampire Files Series). Elrod's novels of The Vampire Files turn the seductive shadows of the noir novel into sanctuary for fiction's most unusual private Jack Fleming.

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Free Vampire Books online read. I should mention that I'm a vampire. I drink blood and can hypnotize most people into doing what I want, but vanishing's one of the best aspects of the condition. I REMAINED invisible during the ride to the ransom drop, with no idea where we were beyond the few verbal cues passed to my partner, who was playing chauffeur. Our cue-giver and client, Mrs Vivian Gladwell, didn't know I was floating next to her in the rear seat of her Cadillac. No turning into mist or fog, but absolute invisibility, more presence than person, very handy in tight spots.

Bloodcircle (Vampire Files P. Year Published: 1990. Cold Streets (Vampire Files

Bloodcircle (Vampire Files P. Year Published: 1991. Year Published: 1992. Year Published: 1998. Cold Streets (Vampire Files Year Published: 2003.

Vampire detective Jack Fleming's latest venture-the Lady Crymsyn nightclub-has become the favorite haunt for Chicago's elite. But amongst his patrons lurk a smarmy blackmailer and a dangerous up-and-coming mobster from New York-both unaware how deadly Jack can be when blood is spilled...
  • Pat Elrod has been writing about vampire Jack Flemings adventures for longer than most vampires survive. Killed, thrown in Lake Michigan, and resurrected - we have followed Jack from helpless fledgling to assistant to a detective and nocturnal owner of the Lady Crymsyn nightclub. Jack has a knack of making shady friends (and girlfriends) from Chicago's underworld, a penchant for heroism, and, unfortunately, is non-living proof that becoming a vampire does not increase one's intelligence.
    In this episode Jack starts out by breaking up a kidnapping for his friend Escott. One of the kidnappers turns out to be both psychotic and resistance to Jack's trips. The worst happens, Jack is spotted sipping his favorite cow, and now faces blackmail and exposure at the hands of a ne'er-do-well society member will the morals of a snail.
    The counterplot involves Jack's old friend Gordy - crime boss and fellow nightclub owner. A New York gangster shows up wanting to take over the territory. Yes another psychotic, with a tendency to get drunk and nasty. The ensuing crisis catapults Jack into temporary leadership of the local crime ring with results that would be comic if they weren't so horrific.
    Elrod isn't one to deviate from a hitherto successful formula, so Jack does what he does best - make a mess of things. One would think that, after eight novels in which he is perpetually being shot up, knocked unconscious by wooden chairs, and otherwise embarrassed in the pursuit of goodness , that Jack would have figured out that vampires should also stay away from places where angels fear to tread. But such is not to be the case.
    Hapless vampires to not necessarily make great protagonists. What is cute, or funny loses interest when the same thing happens time after time. If I was a vampire with Jack's luck, I would willingly ride off into the sunrise - and kiss my horse every night. What saves the book is what always does - Elrod's writing ability, which makes a mundane plot sparkle enough to keep up one's interest. But even that time is coming to an end. This will probably be the last in this series for me - while it remains an enjoyable confection.

  • It's good to see P.N. Elrod take The Vampire Files beyond the repetitive plot lines of the first six novels. The last three editions to this series (including Cold Sleep) have been excellent mystery novels that reveal something new about these now familiar and comfortable characters.
    Here Jack, our vampire hero, and his partner, Charles Escott, find themselves entangled in not one, but two difficult situations that intersect with explosive results. It also leaves room for Jack to continue to learn grow into his vampiric state. This was a very entertaining and enjoyable novel. I look forward to next installment.

  • I don't know how I missed this series, but I'm so glad I found it, recently.

    This book is a perfect blend of detective, vampire, and noir. With only two of those, it would still be a great read. Elrod offers well-developed plots, humor, fresh descriptions, and comparisons that transport you into Jack Fleming's world of vampire survival. He's tough and smart but gets into trouble because he tries to give humans a break. You'll love the dry wit of his dignified, British, business partner, Escott and Jack's main squeeze, Bobbi an independent, talented woman who cares for Jack but also wants a career.

    The mob-ridden Chicago of the 1930's is the perfect setting to tie all this together, and Elrod did her homework. The language, clothing styles, locations, and weapons are accurate and appropriate.

    Others have already given wonderful details about the plot of this book, so I'll just add: Buy it. You won't be disappointed. The entire series is fantastic and could be adapted for movies or weekly TV shows!

    I didn't want it to end, but I couldn't stop reading!

  • The vampire is in his usual predicament, caught between trying to run his business and keep his unwanted relationship with the mob from blowing up into a disaster. Set in Chicago in the time of prohibition, this series works well as a series, and each book works well as a standalone. Strong plot, colorful background, unusual characters.

  • love Patricia

  • good condition book but wish library stickers removed from the cover.seemed almost new no damage and excellent posting
    from the seller

  • great author. hav collected all her books. would recomend these to other vamp readers. cant wait till more come out.

  • Jack Fleming is back in this the ninth book in Pat Elrod's Vampire Files series. In case you haven't met Jack yet, he's a former newspaper reporter who now owns and runs a swank late 1930's nightclub (Lady Crymsyn) in Chicago. Oh, and he's also a vampire - but one to the good guys as opposed to a bloodsucker. (And though each book in the series can stand alone, if you really want to discover the where, why, how and when of the whole story, you'll have to go back and read the previous eight books. You'll enjoy them, too!)
    When not acting as gracious host at Lady Crymsyn, Jack spends his evenings work with private agent (detective) Charles Escott and mixing it up with various Chicago mob bosses both friendly and un. This book opens with the solving of a kidnapping masterminded by character destined to become Jack's nemesis. Then it mixes in a pending mob war that could eliminate not just some of Jack's friends, but Jack himself.
    Elrod is great with seeding her plot with twists, turns and all out action. And in addition to bringing Jack back to life, she also brings reality back to Chicago and the 1930's. Jack might be a vampire, but you're sure to love him by the time you finish this book. I'm addicted to the series, and I can hardly wait for each new book's arrival. (And I would love to get hold of the one book I missed that is currently out of print.) As always I give COLD STREETS my ***** rating, and I can't wait for her next one.