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ePub Notes on Blood Meridian: Revised and Expanded Edition (Southwestern Writers Collection) download

by Edwin T. Arnold,John Sepich

ePub Notes on Blood Meridian: Revised and Expanded Edition (Southwestern Writers Collection) download
Edwin T. Arnold,John Sepich
University of Texas Press; Revised & enlarged edition (September 1, 2008)
History & Criticism
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John Sepich is an artist living a few miles west of road signs in rural central Illinois, doing different things to make ends meet

John Sepich is an artist living a few miles west of road signs in rural central Illinois, doing different things to make ends meet. Series: Southwestern Writers Collection. Paperback: 240 pages.

Foreword by Edwin T. Arnold. Now back in print with a new preface and two new essays-the essential guide and companion to

'Sepich lets us see how Cormac McCarthy went about crafting what he built, with the result that Blood Meridian . becomes more a wonderment than ever. This is constructive scholarship at its best. Скачать (pdf, . 7 Mb) Читать. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF.

Notes on Blood Meridian book.

item 3 Sepich John-Notes On Blood Meridian Revise (US IMPORT) BOOK NEW -Sepich John-Notes On Blood Meridian . Southwestern Writers Collection Series, Wittliff Collections at Texas State University. Foreword by. Edwin T.

item 3 Sepich John-Notes On Blood Meridian Revise (US IMPORT) BOOK NEW -Sepich John-Notes On Blood Meridian Revise (US IMPORT) BOOK NEW. £1. 7.

The Southwestern Writers Collection/Wittliff Collections holds several Cormac . Sepich published Notes on Blood Meridian in October, 1993

The Southwestern Writers Collection/Wittliff Collections holds several Cormac McCarthy-related collections: The Cormac McCarthy Papers - The comprehensive archive of Cormac McCarthy's personal papers. Sepich published Notes on Blood Meridian in October, 1993. The Peter Greenleaf Papers include eight handwritten letters from Cormac McCarthy sent to Peter Greenleaf between 1981-1988.

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John Sepich, Edwin T. Arnold - Notes on Blood Meridian. John Sepich, Edwin T.

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Blood Meridian (1985), Cormac McCarthy's epic tale of an otherwise nameless "kid" who in his teens joins a gang of licensed scalp hunters whose marauding adventures take place across Texas, Chihuahua, Sonora, Arizona, and California during 1849 and 1850, is widely considered to be one of the finest novels of the Old West, as well as McCarthy's greatest work. The New York Times Book Review ranked it third in a 2006 survey of the "best work of American fiction published in the last twenty-five years," and in 2005 Time chose it as one of the 100 best novels published since 1923. Yet Blood Meridian's complexity, as well as its sheer bloodiness, makes it difficult for some readers. To guide all its readers and help them appreciate the novel's wealth of historically verifiable characters, places, and events, John Sepich compiled what has become the classic reference work, Notes on Blood Meridian.

Tracing many of the nineteenth-century primary sources that McCarthy used, Notes uncovers the historical roots of Blood Meridian. Originally published in 1993, Notes remained in print for only a few years and has become highly sought-after in the rare book market, with used copies selling for hundreds of dollars. In bringing the book back into print to make it more widely available, Sepich has revised and expanded Notes with a new preface and two new essays that explore key themes and issues in the work. This amplified edition of Notes on Blood Meridian is the essential guide for all who seek a fuller understanding and appreciation of McCarthy's finest work.

  • For those who have been entranced by the language of Cormac McCarthy's masterpiece, but are left wondering where the line between reality and fiction is demarcated in Blood Meridian, this volume is a fine piece of scholarship that explains page-by-page the historical sources of the novel. In essay format, this book also has the merit of adding a few new pieces of scholarship since its original publication in 1993.

    Although anyone who has even casual background knowledge of the novel's origins can tell you of the influence Samuel Chamberlain's My Confession and its depiction of Judge Holden had on the novel's growth, this book limns a number of other interesting historical events and personages that appear throughout the novel. I was surprised while reading to find that the Yuma Indian raid on the ferry station actually occurred, along with numerous other small details such as the actual existence of Prussian Jewish arms dealer well-known in Mexico.

    As for the text itself, it seems to be free of any significant typographical errors, although the font is comparatively small. Unsurprisingly, many of the resources Mr. Sepich cites are difficult to come by unless you have unlimited financial resources or are willing to travel. Fortunately, however, even since this new edition was published, Google Books and other resources have made electronically available many useful pieces of scholarship. While there have been a few other commentaries on Blood Meridian published in book form (and I have read many of them), I still believe this is the first, best, and longest-lasting resource available.

    This new edition is available only in paperback, but fortunately as a counterbalance is reasonably priced and makes again widely available a volume that had become hard to find. The author, John Sepich, fortunately also maintains a website that contains short essays from him and others on a wide selection of Cormac McCarthy's works. If you enjoy the book, I would recommend searching for his name and the website should appear quickly. On the whole, an excellent work that is well-worth the short time it takes to read.

  • In 2006 the New York Times Book Review ranked Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian 3rd in a 2006 survey of the most important American fiction for the previous 25 years. But the book's vernacular, complexity, and gory subject matter make it a daunting task for most readers (unless you're a masochist like me). Enter John Sepich's Notes On...Blood Meridian, a vital tool to understanding some of the book's arcane symbolism, historical context, and it's most difficult passages.

    Complete with biographies of all the real players, including The Judge and John Glanton, Notes On also has every translation from Spanish to English, essays on themes, and speculation on meanings. I learned so much more about Blood Meridian and the wealth of its rich details, it's a testament to McCarthy's power that it was one of my favorite novels already. If you've been mystified by this masterwork and want to know more about, well, all things Blood Meridian, you must beg borrow or steal this book.

  • I'd be cautious about recommending Blood Meridian to innocent readers, doing so only with some important caveats, but if you've read McCarthy's masterpiece and, like me, were blown away by it, getting a sense of why it rates comparison with The Iliad and Moby Dick but not quite comprehending why, then this book is a very useful companion. The first part, where the author cites books McCarthy may have read as research material, and points out how much of his over-the-top tale is in fact based on solid fact, I found interesting (particularly some of the quotes from other books, such as the eyewitness account of the devil-may-care wit of a man being hanged without good reason) but what was really compelling for me were the later essays which invoke a range of references including Jung, the Tarot and religious symbolism to help give insight into what McCarthy may have been trying to do. It also helps explain that ending!

  • I don't write many reviews, but I feel compelled to write a brief one for this book. I'll keep it simple. If you're a fan of Blood Meridian buy this book. There're a few other literary books out there that cover Blood Meridian, but these almost read like in-depth reviews and summaries of the book. Sepich actually does real research to enhance your understanding of the book and its major themes. He corresponded with McCarthy while writing this book, so I think his credibility speaks for itself.

    There's a reason why this books was selling for hundreds of dollars before it was re-printed with this edition: it's that good. So if you're reading this review, do yourself a favor and buy the book. I promise you won't be upset with your purchase.