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by John A Dinan

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John A Dinan
BearManor Media (September 2, 2016)
History & Criticism
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John A. Dinan, Sports in the Pulp Magazines. McFarland, 1998, ISB0786404817 (pp. 130–32). Dinan, John A. (1983) The Pulp Western : A Popular History of the Western Fiction Magazine in America.

John A. Bleiler,Richard "Forgotten Giant: Hoffman’s Adventure". Purple Prose Magazine, November 1998, p. 3-12. 1991) Yesterday's Faces:Dangerous Horizons Popular Press, 1991, (. 7). Borgo Press, ISBN 0-89370-161-0.

When pulp magazines exploded in popularity in the 1920s, Western fiction greatly . (1983). The Pulp Western: A Popular History of the Western Fiction Magazine in America.

When pulp magazines exploded in popularity in the 1920s, Western fiction greatly benefited (as did the author Max Brand, who excelled at the western short story). Pulp magazines that specialised in Westerns include Cowboy Stories, Ranch Romances, Star Western, West, and Western Story Magazine. The simultaneous popularity of Western movies in the 1920s also helped the genre. What these books actually showed was that men and women really did have sex in the old west.

The Pulp Western is a seminal work in the field, filled with fascinating information about the magazines.

The Pulp Western book. - J. Randolph Cox for Dime Novel Round-Up.

In The Pulp Western, John Dinan has cataloged the fascinating three-decade pro-duction history of western pulps. However, Dinan is the first to document the western genre of the pulp magazine, its writers, and its importance in American popular culture. Called "pulps" by modern collectors, these magazines are actually novels of 10,000 to 15,000 words. Once known as "westerns" or "adventures," they descend from 19th century dime novels.

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The working cowboy would never be found in great abundance in the pulp magazines, or in the dime novels, in ha. ISBN10 : 1593930038, ISBN13 : 9781593930035. From the late 1800s through the first half of the 1900s, pulp magazines-costing a dime and filled with both. ISBN10 : 9781476607672, ISBN13 : 1476607672. 5.

Cover of the pulp magazine Dime Mystery Book Magazine, January 1933. Silver Spring, MD, Adventure House, 2000. John A.

"The Pulp Western is a seminal work in the field, filled with fascinating information about the magazines, their contents, their editors and the most popular writers and characters." - J. Randolph Cox for Dime Novel Round-Up
  • BearManor Media presents "THE PULP WESTERN" (Paperback), by John A. Dinan (Author).

    Some interesting comments in the afterword ~ "Have tried to produce some sense of continuity in the development of a genre by providing a short history of the origins of 'Western American Fiction', plus a brief commentary on the genre's evolution into the paperback era. Western fiction in general, and Western pulp fiction in particular, was and is today disdained by devotees of the early science-fiction pulps, the hero pulps, the detective pulps, and even horror pulp addicts. The Western pulp story was printed, distributed, and presumably read in greater numbers than any other popular literature. The Western pulp magazine clearly lies in the number of publications produced and the obvious size of the publics appetite for this material. it's evident popularity with generations of American readers must sorely represent a widespread belief in and hope for the myth of Western frontier America, where men and women could begin their lives anew, where "men were men" and "women were women," where individualist could operate free of restrictions from society, where no man need fear anything but his own fear. This was the vision of the pulp Western".

    Agree with the author Dinan ~ "The cowboy of the pulp magazine was a kind of cowboy we saw in the B-Westerns every Saturday ~ a hard riding, slap-leather western hero, a man's man. If you had just a dime to spend it was a tossup between a cowboy pulp and a B-Western movie featuring the likes of Bob Steel, Buck Jones, or Lash Larue. each, in its time, fulfilled the need"

    Dinan has captured the moments and memories of what it was like when I was growing up, so many things we took for granted ~ like Tom Mix premiums allowing us to share in Tom's real time adventures, "for a Ralston box top and a thin dime" you were transported into Tom's radio dramas, which I was glued to each and every time they came on .

    Very reasonable and a good value for the price --- For product description and editorial review check this out on the Amazon site above my review.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: (Chapter, Title and Page Numbers)

    The Cover --- inset
    Foreword --- i
    In The Beginning--The Dime Novels --- 1
    The Pulp Western --- 7
    The Romance Western --- 33
    The Hero Western --- 37
    Further Variations --- 51
    The Pulp Western Story --- 57
    Other Writing Techniques --- 69
    The Men Behind the Masks ~ The Editors --- 73
    Hacking Them Out By the Dozens ~ The Writers --- 81
    To "B" Or Not To "B" ~ the Pulps & the Movies --- 123
    Beneath a Pastel Sun ~ The Artists --- 129
    The End To the Trail ~ The Demise of the Pulp Fiction --- 135
    Aferword --- 143
    Bibliography --- 147
    Index --- 151

    Big thank you to Ben Ohmart and his staff at BearManor Media, a small press that publishes BIG books. They pride themselves on publishing quality entertainment biographies, so they often put out the first book on unique subjects -- plus specializing in books with nostalgic themes and keeping classic Hollywood alive not only thru his publishing house, but thru his own books.

    Highly recommend - a good read! Perfect coffee-table book.

    Total Page: 180 Pages ~ BearManor Media #ISBN-13: 978-1593930035 ~ (September 5, 2000)

  • The review that states Lamour wrote the pulp series is incorrect. He wrote the last 4 books, under a pen name, after the Bill Boyd TV series became popular. The original series character was nothing like the movie character.

  • Sorry, but this book was such a disappointment, the coverage of the different western pulps was too basic and there were several mistakes, the most blatant being the info about the Hopalong Cassidy pulps. Stating that they were written by Mulford using a pen name shows the author wrote without doing much research as everyone knows they were written by Lamour. He also states the pulp stories portrayed Hoppy as Mulford had created him and this is not right. In the stories he was the same type character as Boyd played him in the movies. Anyway, I do NOT recommend this book and my copy has gone into the garbage.