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by Daniel Grant

ePub Sex Lessons download
Daniel Grant
Youwriteon (February 14, 2015)
Humor & Satire
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'Just because you couldn't get it up once, doesn't mean we cancel the whole thing,' says Jenny. Now, in her defence, she did whisper that last line. However, the fact she's saying it at all, let alone in a public sandwich bar are grounds for a firing squad as far as I'm concerned.' 
  • This was written from a London, UK, perspective so Americans beware that there are some words with British spellings and also some slang terms but they are easy to understand and convert in your mind to something comparable. Some folks do not want to read a book with any cuss words in it, yet it was done in a way that is not unusual in the real world of young men. As a mother of a grown young man, believe me that when he and his friends are together and think mom is not around to hear, they act the way the young men did in this book. It is enlightening to see the angst that they go through during the dating process. We as women sometimes forget that they have their own concerns, even though they may not want to vocalize or share them with us. It was nice to see a character that was willing and able to try to work through difficulties and grow. Refreshing and fun read that was relatively tasteful in content.

  • Daniel Grant, you are the man... This is definitely great chick lit with balls. It's awesome and refreshing to read chick lit written from the other perspective. I just loved the flow of the book. You know how female authors often bother with details, long and unnecessary dialogues which have nothing to do with the heart of the story? I loved this book because this is a man who doesn't bother you with unnecessary parts and conversations. He is funny, he is direct, he is a guy.

    Loved the story cause I wasn't sure how it's going to end. Lauren or Sarah? I liked Sarah more because of her character, but Lauren is better "on paper". Here - I made a mistake or Daniel Grant made a mistake by putting this info on his website:) - I opened his web site before I finish the book to check on few details and by mistake I saw this one sentence that told me which girl is he going to end up with. Anyway, I enjoyed the book and read it till the end.

    Let me be honest, this book doesn't have some WOW story, some twists and turns, nothing special. The most special fact here is that the author is a guy with great sense of humor and that makes this book cool.

  • I liked the characters and it was a refreshing light read that made me laugh several times. The only thing I didn't like was the "breaking of the fourth wall" technique. Maybe if it was used more consistently throughout it wouldn't have detracted from the story, but to me, every time it happened it was like a light tap to the cheek reminding me, "Hey, you are reading right now."
    But I do like the way he writes!

  • Considering I bought this book for $2.99 from the Amazon Kindle book store, this book was amazing! It was hilariously funny and thoroughly entertaining. I usually am not a fan of novels told in 1st person narration but Daniel Grant created James Kennedy to be the type of character who makes everything seem interesting and funny. I especially liked the chapter where James and Lauren are in the closet at work and James feels the need to let out some gas. It made me chuckle and look like a mad woman. I absolutely loved it

  • I can relate to the little blue pill. How did this happen?
    I found the book very entertaining and uplifting(no pun intended)mentally I mean.
    Now the problem is, we all can't hire a stripper. ..The other problem is now how do you top a book like this? Where does the story line go? Can we get more details on James and Sara?
    Brilliant! Thank you..

  • I enjoyed reading the story of James and his daily struggles with women. The book is descriptive and allows the reader to get lost in the work. The characters contribute with their humor, quirks, and sexiness. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to follow James and his sex lessons.

  • This is an amazing book! There is nothing better than sitting down with this masterpiece after a long day at work. Mr. Grant somehow manages to be witty and deadpan at the same moment. The inner thoughts of James (the main character) is enough to make anyone smile. This book is a great read and is sure to cheer anyone up with all the wacky situations the main character gets himself into. Bravo! I love this book!

  • Written with the voice of a fourteen-year-old who now has a job in the big city and wants to score with women. He doesn't see women as people, only as potential sex partners. Truly offensive if you are an adult woman.