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by Lois Battle

ePub War Brides download
Lois Battle
Penguin Books (December 1, 1998)
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The characters are memorable, the settings believable, and the reading effortless. War Brides is a book that will interest you up to the last page, the last paragraph, even the last line.

Only 5 left in stock (more on the way). The characters are memorable, the settings believable, and the reading effortless. A good, old-fashioned read.

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Пользовательский отзыв - Tracy O& - Goodreads. Lois Battle's seven novels include Bed and Breakfast, Storyville, War Brides, and A Habit of the Blood, (all Penguin). An interesting and often stark contrast between fantasy & reality. She lives in Beaufort, South Carolina. Библиографические данные.

From the author of the national bestseller The Kitchen Boy comes a gripping historical novel about imperial Russia’s most notorious figure. War Brides by Lois Battle PenguinRandomHouse.

From the author of the national bestseller The Kitchen Boy comes a gripping historical novel about imperial Russia’s most notorious figure. War Brides by Lois Battle: 9780143121435 PenguinRandomHouse. I Love Books Great Books Books To Read Book Lists Reading Lists Book Lovers Lovers Pics True Story Books True Stories.

Sep 27, 2019 - War Brides by Lois Battle PenguinRandomHouse. The powerful story of one woman's passion in a world at war. What To Read Book Authors Books And Tea Book Club Books Book Nerd I Love Books Book Lists Books To Read Great Books.

War Brides - Lois Battle.

A vibrant novel set in postwar America from the New York Times bestselling author of The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary and Sewing Circle. World War II is over, but for three young Australian women who meet on their way to new lives and new husbands in America, the adventure is just beginning. Sheila, Dawn, and Gaynor will need to reacquaint themselves with the military men they swore to love when peace seemed like a lifetime away. War Brides - Lois Battle.

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Books with the subject: War Brides. The Ship of Brides - Jojo Moyes. War Brides, Women, World war (1939-1945), Australia, man-Woman Relationships, Manners and Customs, Marriage, Military Spouses, Fiction in English American Writers 1945- Texts.

Brilliantly capturing an era that continues to enthrall, War Brides will be embraced by fans of historical fiction and the many readers who are rediscovering Lois Battle and her timeless brand of storytelling. 2143X/?tag prabook0b-20. The Past Is Another Country. Decades after their days as chums at St. Brigid's convent school, three women-Hollywood director Megan, married Aussie Greta, and Sister Joan, a nun-reunite and struggle to rediscover themselves.

War Brides : A Novel. Penguin Publishing Group. Only 1 left! Book Format: Paperback.

Three young Australian women--each in search of a personal vision of the American dream--follow their Yankee husbands home after World War II
  • I have been reading all of Lois Battle's books for the first time and find them to be excellent books for the the time period and very well written. However Penguin is doing a terrible rip off by charging almost a full Kindle price for these 20-30 year old books. I rebelled against the pricing by buying all her books for 5 bucks with almost all of that shipping. This way I can have 2 and a fraction for the price of one. I'm sure the author gets none of this but greedy publishers do cause damage all around"

  • This is a unique story of Australian women who by chance meeteligible and vulnerable American service men while the men arestationed in Australia during WWII. Each couple meet and hastily march to marriage encouraged and motivated by the events and times at the end of the war. Despite family members expressing objection, the story centers on 3 young women who take the plunge and board ship for America to start their lives with the husbands they only knew for the briefest time. Each of the women are different and what motivates their destiny becomes the essence of the story line. One must remember that during this time in women's history, a wife was expected to place their husband first, no matter the personal sacrifice. For all these women, the sacrifices are so costly, they are each pushed to the edge and are challenged in a foreign country to make the best of their situation. A somewhat slow novel in the beginning, the story developes and holds the reader to the end.

  • I really thought I would love this book. I love this time period, I love books that follow the lives of a group of women, and I loved another book by Lois Battle, ''Storyville'. Unfortunately, I did not love this book.

    Of the three lead characters, one is completely unlikable. Gaynor has had a tough childhood with an alcoholic mother. She lost her dearest friend once she found out which side of the tracks she hailed from, and was on a mission to escape her life and reinvent herself. Yes, it was clear she married Ricky for his money, but once she became a complete whore, I no longer cared for her story....which I guess was good since we NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO HER! Did Faustina tell what she knew? Did Ricky ever find out the truth about Joey? Did Gaynore move to New York, or Paris, or anywhere other than Kansas City? Who knows! Her story just stops dead

    As for the other two, Dawn and Shelia, Shelia was my favorite. This surprised me since in the beginning I thought she would be the shallow, immature one. Dawn is sweet, but while she proves to be incredibly capable and independent when it comes to her children and home, she's a total pushover when it comes to her husband. Shelia, who had the best marriage of the three, took the reins and made changes to better their situation, even when it cost her more then she ever could have imagined. Her husband had his faults, but was still a pretty likeable guy.

    Overall, I was disappointed in this book. The women were very one-dimensional, and the ending was non-existent. Only Shelia's story had any sort of conclusion. Dawn's kind of had an ending, but not really. What happened to Zac? How long was he gone? Did he survive? Did they divorce? Again...who knows! If you're interested in reading this, I say skip it. I DO suggest picking up 'Storyville' though...GREAT book.

  • Excellent book, good read, enjoyed it very much!

  • I'm really enjoying the story.

  • I really enjoyed this book. The characters were real. I appreciated looking at the world through their eyes at the time period after WW2. I also like the way the author "tied up all the loose ends" before ending the novel.

  • Really well written, growing up I knew a real war bride. My Aunt Joyce, she was a very sweet,and sad woman, I enjoyed listening to her speak. she was soft spoken, shy. But My Mom could get her going, she was very homesick, as a kid I felt sorry for her, so when I saw the book title War Brides, I wanted to read it I was not disappointed. I hated one of the woman,,but, I understood her.

  • An interesting look at a subject that is just now being talked about. The greatest generation again amazes us with their courage. These brides picked from men who all looked great in their uniforms and had a little money to throw around.. Some of the war brides had rude awakenings when they got to the USA.