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by Mark R. Williams

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Mark R. Williams
Golden Era Books (April 1, 2001)
Mythology & Folk Tales
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- Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapy. Mark Williams’ new book may be the best of its kind so far published. MARK R. WILLIAMS is a freelance writer living near San Francisco.

The Power of Lemuria. com User, July 14, 2001. Lemuria may or may not have been a "real" place, although the author presents quite convincing arguments for its existence

About the Author: Mark. R.

About the Author: Mark. In Europe he was a regular contributor to the International Herald Tribune (Paris) and staff writer for Lookout Magazine (Spain). Williams' published books include Northern California: Off The Beaten Path and The Story of Spain.

Throughout history, various authors have attempted to uncover, unravel, understand and remember the civilization we know as Lemuria. This is no easy task.

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The idea was then adopted by the occultists of the time and consequently has been incorporated into pop culture. Some Tamil writers have associated it with Kumari Kandam, a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization located south of present-day India in the Indian Ocean.

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The lost continent of Lemuria, the land of Mu, is a place that history has nearly forgotten. Yet it lives on in the mythology of Hindus and Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and American Indians. Its place is likewise secure beside Atlantis in the metaphysical speculations of Occult pioneers Madame Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, as well as New Age channelers and soothsayers.

While Atlantis is well known, Lemuria has remained a subject only discussed in elite esoteric circles. But did Lemuria really exist? And if so when, and where was it located? Was it home to a gentle race of mystics and dreamers or an advanced society whose technology helped bring it down? And what happened to Lemuria in the end? Can an entire continent sink or vanish? The author's challenge is clear: to find if Lemuria and its lost civilization really existed. Yet during his search he embarks on a metaphysical journey as well, whose outcome is uncertain.

  • Trying to prove that Lemuria actually existed is a daunting task for any investigator. But if Mark Williams' readers give its former existence the benefit of a doubt, the wealth of descriptive material he presents is sure to make even the most skeptical among them pause for reconsideration. Having traveled to many of the same places throughout the world he researched, I know his interpretations of these locations in the context of the
    lost Pacific civilization are correct. His book is not an airy-fairy re-hash of everything re-stated from the 19th Century onward. Instead, he gives us fresh information and credible insights that serve as a modern up-date on this perennially fascinating subject. As such, it at once serves as a superb introduction for readers unfamiliar with Lemuria, and a rich sourcebook more seasoned investigators will find invaluable. While writing "Edgar Cayce's Atlantis and Lemuria" last year, I relied on some of his unique discoveries to support my own conclusions. Having read and re-read Mr. Williams' book, I felt closer to Lemuria than ever before. It should have the same effect on others.

  • As crazy as it sounds, there are many legends and myths in the world that actually talk about more than 1 sunken continent. The most famous one is Atlantis. Lemuria is another. The biblical version would be Noah. But then there are more than 100 legends around the world that talk about the Great Deluge. I think it is more than possible that this must has happened in our distant past. The Pacific region is probably one of the most unstable places in our planet. So yeah, I think there is a big chance that he is right that Lemuria was somewhere in the Pacific region.
    There are so many things that are simply unexplainable in our distant history. We should open our minds for all possibilities. This does not mean being gullible. So enjoy this book... :-)

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  • Which is the author's almost racist contempt for every people in the Pacific and India that he visits in the course of his research. I don't think there's a people Polynesia, besides maybe people from Hawaii, that aren't described as savages of one kind or another. The contempt for indigenous cultures oozes from the book, especially when he looks at cultures in places thought to be remnants of Lemuria, contrasting with contempt the ways of life that these present day people have with the supposed lives of the Lemurians.

    Hard not to exaggerate. I think he actually describes people in some of these islands as people who hunt with spears, in a derogatory way indicating their backwardness. This epithet is usually rendered in British English as "Spear Chucker", a term used to describe indigenous people in Africa.

  • When I received the book, I was very pleased with the quick delivery, how nicely packed it was, and the condition of the book. I found it to be in excellent condition.(good as new!) Thanks.