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by Karen Sealy

ePub The Eighth House download
Karen Sealy
Highbridge Pr (July 1, 2000)
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Four people. Four lives. Inexplicably connected.

New York City 1908

Margaret Hastings - an uneducated orphan who became a career prostitute at the age of 15.

Edward Hastings - Margaret's illegitimate son from her brief affair with a john. A victim of the crime-filled streets of the Lower East Side of New York City, his love/hate relationship with his mother causes him to make a deal with the devil.

New York City 2001

Tericita Ellis - a Caribbean-American professional astrologer. On the day she inherits her grandmother's successful astrology business, she is warned by Grandma Williams of a time in the future when she will come to hate her chosen profession.

Prof. Aaron Jacobs - Professor of Ancient Religions and Prophecies. His innocent gift of an antique astrology book to the love of his life and fiance, Teri, is the catalyst for a chain of events the couple can neither understand nor control.

Four people living nearly a century apart but still somehow connected. When the truth is finally revealed, their lives will never be the same.

  • I hesitated to pay so much for this book, but, I took a chance and I am so glad I did. It was so worth it. Part One was the beginning, Part Two was the middle, I am still waiting for Part Three, so I hope she had planned on writting a sequel. Although if she didn't........

    It played out like a movie, and my imagination was running wild with the depictions and catastrophe's that were going on. That is some good writing! I love Paranormal Fiction. Romance in it doesn't hurt, and lots of action. The characters were meant to be together and you will find out why!

  • I, um dont know where to start. The characters are well developed. The story started out good but it took a fantastic turn...a little too fantastic even for me. The book reminds me of CS Lewis' book - the one about the little apprentice demon. The book will probably be better enjoyed by a teenager. It is well written, however, I cannot appreciate it.

  • The Eighth House is not a mystery in the "whodunnit" sense, but more of a suspense story enhancing the classic theme of good versus evil. Here, in Sealy's debut, the stakes are higher and take on apocalyptic dimensions, mixing astrology with prophecy and turning upside-down the lives of a struggling new family.
    In the first third of the story, we are introduced to Edward Hastings, an enterprising lad in turn-of-the-century New York who founds a successful brothel before he is of legal age and gains a notarious reputation. His untimely death spirals him down to a pact with the Devil, which offers Edward an avenue to vent anger left over from his mortal days while aiding the Devil in bringing about the ruin of civilization. Sealy offers an imaginative view of Hell and its residents (including the Devil's wife, interestingly named Angelica), not to mention Edward's detailed demonic training.
    By the turn of the 21st century, Edward is enjoying his supernatural power and using and abusing it with relish. His one mistake comes from writing all of his plans down in a diary (coded with astrological charts and ancient languages), which is ultimately lost and bought at auction by a college professor. Aaron Jacobs presents said diary to his fiance, Terecita Ellis, as a gift. Guess what...she's an astrologer!
    The second two-thirds of The Eighth House concern Edward's hunt for the diary and consquently for Terecita, who turns out to be more than an innocent participant, as she slowly comes to realize her role in preventing future cataclysmic events. Terecita's knowledge of astrology is focal in explaining the novel's events and action; though I have not had interest in astrology or prophecy beyond select books of the Old Testament, I nonetheless found interesting and entertaining how Sealy wove these concepts into what could likely become a favored story in the growing genre of "end times" books.
    Ms. Sealy's debut is a compelling, suspenseful story that might even qualify as a romance (considering the great tension between Terecita and Aaron). She is also quite clever in setting up the story for a sequel, leaving the reader wanting more. Regardless of your views on astrology or any sort of divination, The Eighth House is good escapist fiction and a unique twist on a classic theme.

  • In the early 1900s, Edward Hastings grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City as the son of a career prostitute. One day, while Margaret, his mother, is being beaten up by Rick, the bordello owner, Hastings takes out a pistol and kills him. While still a teenager, Hastings takes over the bordello, and is siccessful for a while, until he is arrested and sent to juvenile prison, where he is killed in a fight with other inmates.
    Hastings finds himself in Hell, face to face with Satan. Edward learns many things, including how to manipulate electricity and change his appearance at will. Satan's intention is to send him back to earth on a mission to create as much pain, death and chaos as possible. He keeps a journal, written in a Latin dialect and filled with astrological charts, of his past and future activities.
    It falls into the hands of Tericita Ellis, a Caribbean-American professional astrologer in present-day New York City. Along with Aaron Jacobs, her new husband, Ellis deciphers the journal. They flee the city just before a Hastings-caused disaster hits the city when they realize that Hastings will stop at nothing to retrieve the journal. If Satan finds out that the journal is missing, he will be most displeased.
    For a first novel, this is sufficiently weird and creepy and very good. Some may question the prominent place given to astrology in this story, but that shouldn't take away from a novel that is very much worth reading.