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ePub When Kambia Elaine Flew from Neptune download

by Lori Aurelia Williams

ePub When Kambia Elaine Flew from Neptune download
Lori Aurelia Williams
Macmillan Children's Books (March 7, 2003)
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When Kambia Elaine Flew . .has been added to your Cart. Rita Williams-Garcia author of "Like Sisters on the Homefront" Wrapped in secrecy and magic, "When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune" is one of those stories that shoots straight to the heart and hits dead-on.

When Kambia Elaine Flew . Shayla and Kambia are such compelling, unforgettable characters. Lori Aurelia Williams truly brought me back to Rosa Guy's "The Friends. I loved this novel and was very much captivated by the poetry and the bond between the two girls.

In her book titled "When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune" the main character Shayla lives in theĀ . Shayla meets and talks t This book so far is amazing I have not read any books by Lori Aurelia Williams but I might start.

In her book titled "When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune" the main character Shayla lives in the poorer low town party of Texas with her Mama and her older sister Tia. In the beginning there is a huge conflict between Mama and Tia about Tia and being sexually active. Shayla gets caught in the crossfire. Over the summer a girl moved in next door to them about Shayla's age.

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Book Cover Image (jpg): When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune. Trade Paperback 9780689845932. MB). When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune. By Lori Aurelia Williams. Price may vary by retailer.

By (author) Lori Aurelia Williams. Imprint MACMILLAN CHILDREN'S BOOKS. Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window). ISBN13 9780330401005. Categories: Children's Fiction. Society & Social Issues.

Items related to When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune. Told lyrically and gracefully by debut author Lori Aurelia Williams, this is a story that shows how complicated life can get when children are forced to grow up too quickly. Lori Aurelia Williams When Kambia Elaine Flew In From Neptune. ISBN 13: 9780786236572. Lori Aurelia Williams.

Title: When Kambia Elaine Flew Neptune Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Author: Lori Aurelia Williams ISBN 10: 0330415530. Read full description. See details and exclusions. When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune by Lori Aurelia Williams (Paperback, 2003). Pre-owned: lowest price.

However, it is scratchy-voiced Kambia who will chill listeners to the soul, her disassociation growing more acute as society repeatedly fails her, and she sinks into darkness. A masterful narration of a haunting story. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award. Trade Ed., Listening Library, 2001.

Lori Aurelia Williams. Kambia is not the main character, or even the main focus of the book, but is a key figure in the plot and the climax

Lori Aurelia Williams. Kambia is not the main character, or even the main focus of the book, but is a key figure in the plot and the climax. The subject of child molestation is treated in a circumspect and sensitve way that is very thought provoking. Perhaps we all have a Kambia in our own neighborhodd that we are failing to rescue.

  • I have this book and the sequal on cassete tapes, my least favorite way of reading. I would happily purchase both as kindle or audiobooks to read over and over. I don't understand why such highlyrated books aren'available in these formats

  • Bringing joy, complexity and a special voice, one that, predates the film Beasts of the Southern Wild, and as truly fantastic. Truth told, it's far from being only a children's book, regardless of the age of its protagonists.

  • This is a book I read in middle school. After I read it now I was wondering why would a child be reading a book like this, but it's a great novel. It's sad also

  • Shayla, a twelve-year-old girl living in a poor neighborhood with her mother and her older sister Tia, just wants everything in her life to be calm and normal. But then Tia is caught having sex with an older guy named Doo-witty, who everyone in their neighborhood thinks is stupid. Shayla doesn't know what Tia sees in him, but their relationship causes a fight between Tia and their mother, and Tia disappears for months.

    To make things even stranger in her life, Kambia and her mother move in next door. Kambia is Shayla's age but she acts really funny. She hums nursery rhymes to herself and plays what Shayla thinks of as babyish games, pretending she's a tree or a piece of driftwood or a crab. She also tells odd stories, about lizard people and memory beetles. Kambia sometimes makes Shayla nervous, but Shayla starts to like her more and more. Then Kambia's stories get scary, about wolves in her wallpaper who try to catch her and hurt her. Shayla has seen bruises on her legs and doesn't understand what could have caused them. And Kambia is losing a lot of weight, saying the wolves won't want her if she is too skinny.

    Shayla has promised Kambia that she won't talk to anyone else about Kambia's bruises or her wallpaper wolves stories, but Shayla starts to feel more and more like keeping that promise is the wrong thing to do.

    I liked that Shayla was open to a friendship with Kambia, even though Kambia was so strange. I liked the relationship between Shayla and Tia; they weren't always at odds like most sisters. I also liked that Shayla was true to her dream of becoming a writer.

    It was very sad, though, to read another depressing story about child abuse in a poor neighborhood. It was easy, reading this book, to see right away what the problem was with Kambia, and it was sad that nobody from the neighborhood realized what was going on.

  • In WHEN KAMBIA ELAINE FLEW IN FROM NEPTUNE, first-time novelist Lori Aurelia Williams fashions a contemporary, coming-of-age tale as beautiful as it is difficult. Her narrator, 12-year-old Shayla Dubois, an aspiring writer with a gift for language, fills her blue notebooks with the observations and emotions ("Tia's nature is boiling out of her like a hot soup out of a pot") she isn't allowed to express --- as children should be seen and not heard.

    In parallel plot-lines, Williams explores Shayla's sister Tia's blossoming sexuality and the tension it causes, as well as Shayla's budding friendship with Kambia --- a girl with a far-out imagination who moves in next door with her no-good mother. Hoping to prevent Tia from making the same mistake she did, Shayla's mama puts Tia out of the house when she discovers she is sexually involved with the town dumbbell, Doo-Witty.

    Meanwhile, Kambia is filling Shayla's head with stories of Wallpaper Wolves that come to her in the night, Memory Beetles that store good memories in their chubby bodies, and Lizard People that turn into purple chewing gum. At first, Kambia's strange tales and antics annoy the usually word-loving Shayla, but when she accidentally sees Kambia's bruised and bloodied thighs, it dawns on her that something dangerous is lurking in her tortured tales. But when Kambia begs Shayla not to tell anyone about her injuries, Shayla learns, with the help of her wise and opinionated Grandmother Augustine, that sometimes you have to break a promise to protect a friend.

    Williams's utterly original and metaphorical treatment of Kambia's sexual abuse, along with her tender handling of Tia's deepening relationship with herself and the seemingly dumb, yet gifted Doo-Witty, combine to create an engaging, original story too good to be missed.


  • Kambia begins telling bizarre stories almost as soon as shemoves into Shayla's neighborhood, and at first Shayla thinks hernew friend is just imaginative, like she is. Eventually, though, she begins to suspect Kambia is using her stories to hide something. First, there is her mother, who, according to neighborhood gossip, is entertaining men for money in her house; then there is Kambia's ever-worsening appearance: she is getting skinnier and skinnier, and Shayla notices bruises on her thighs. Kambia won't admit anything, though; all she does is tell Shayla a story about "Wallpaper Wolves" that can't get her if she's too skinny. But when Kambia collapses on the way to school one day, Shayla realizes she has to choose between protecting her friend's secrets and saving her life. In addition to Kambia's problems, Shayla's older sister, Tia, has been caught messing around with Doo-witty, an older neighborhood boy who is assumed by everyone to be a complete idiot, and she disappears after a fight with her mother, adding to Shayla's worries. On top of that, Shayla's family plagued by the reappearance of her father, Mr. Anderson Fox, who has a lot of other Shaylas running around the neighborhood. The climax arrives after Shayla is taken to a mother-daughter church revival by her mother and grandmother, where they find out a secret about Doo-witty and Shayla learns the truth about her sister's disappearance. Shayla's voice is reminicent of Scout Finch To Kill a Mockingbird: young, wise, funny, and sensitive; and her story is compelling and skillfully rendered. Readers will be easily drawn into her life and her story. A highly recommended, thoughtful read by a talented new young adult author.