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by Heathcote Williams

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Heathcote Williams
Harmony (July 27, 1988)
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John Henley Heathcote-Williams (15 November 1941 – 1 July 2017), known as Heathcote Williams, was an English poet, actor, political activist and dramatist.

John Henley Heathcote-Williams (15 November 1941 – 1 July 2017), known as Heathcote Williams, was an English poet, actor, political activist and dramatist. He wrote a number of book-length polemical poems including Autogeddon, Falling for a Dolphin and Whale Nation, which in 1988 became, according to Philip Hoare, "the most powerful argument for the newly instigated worldwide ban on whaling.

Heathcote Williams (Author). It is a work of art, both simple and grand.

Heathcote Williams’s most popular book is Dracula. Whale Nation by. Heathcote Williams.

Poet Maureen Duffy celebrates the incredible impact of Whale Nation, which inspired an international campaign to ban hunting these mighty sea mammals. I think neither of us knew then that we would become ‘animal nuts’

21 November at 12:32. in 1988 Heathcote Williams wrote Whale Nation. g directed it In 2019 Casa Labia Cultural Centre is staging it Hope to see you there.

21 November at 12:32. In 1996 Claire Watling directed it In 2019 Casa Labia Cultural Centre is staging it Hope to see you there. Sat, 7 dec at 10:45 utc+02. Casa Labia Cultural Centre · Cape Town, South Africa.

by. Williams, Heathcote. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

He illustrated them all himself and the book, like Beale's, became a key source for Moby-Dick. 4. Whale Nation by Heathcote Williams. Williams' long poem, published 20 years ago, defined the age of anti-whaling. The televised version drew the biggest audience to date for any BBC arts programme. 5. The Year of the Whale by Victor B Scheffer.

Author: Heathcote Williams ISBN 10: 0224025554. Title: Whale Nation Item Condition: used item in a good condition. In this book Heathcote Williams celebrates whales in verse and photographs, and in an anthology of prose writings from the worlds of science and literature. All used books sold by Book Fountain. See all 2 pre-owned listings. He encompasses the ancient origins of the leviathan, its biology, mating, songs and play, its capacity to communicate cogently across vast distances, its healing powers and its depredation at the hands of mankind. The author aims to reveal in this work what an ermous loss it would be if whales were to disappear from the planet. Hancock's Last Half Hour, 1976. Television: Channel 4: What the Dickens, 1983. Whale Nation, Jonathan Cape, 1988. Sacred Elephant, Jonathan Cape, 1989, Falling for a Dolphin, Jonathan Cape, 1991.

Prose and poetry relating to the whale--by authors ranging from Aristotle to Carl Sagan--celebrate the magnificent sea mammal--its origins, songs, playfullness, mating rituals, and care of the young--and reinforce the crucial need for respect and protection of this gentle creature
  • A beautiful book, with amazing pictures, it tells the story of whales - not the science but the magic, the poetry, the history - in words and pictures. Sadly out of print now, it can still be found on used book sites. If you've ever had that breath-stopping experience of seeing your first humpback whale breaching, you'll appreciate this book.

  • Insight into the fantastic lives of whales. A mixture of science and poetry, There are many sad parts of
    human thoughtlessness. Saving whales should be a priority for all nations.

  • Fabulous-- a great brilliant book. A breakthrough.

  • A wonderful homage and sobering story. I highly recommend it.

  • Thank You!!

  • Older book but fine.

  • This is a big, beautiful, lavishly illustrated love tribute to the whale species. About half the pages are for Williams' grand, celebratory poem--a poem of beauty and stark fact-- about whales, that includes history, biology, all the ways whales have enriched our society, both living and as a product, the tragic aspects regarding the thoughtless, non-sacred killing of the great beasts and details of hunting and processing, etc. Indeed, Williams' epic seems to include all aspects of the culture of the whale. The second half of the book contains hundreds of fascinating quotes about whales, culled from nearly every epoch of written human history, and serves the reader as a virtual encyclopedia about whales. The book is illustrated throughout with fine photographs, including beautiful full color photos of whales alive and well in their natural habitat, to photos depicting the myriad ways humans have exploited and profited from the whale. This is a good book, a song celebrating the sacredness of whales and lamenting our human society that has for the most part taken them for granted. This book is both a prayer and a textbook, celebrating whales with compassion and passion, and educating about whales with fascinating facts, history and photos. It is a work of art, both simple and grand.

  • Whether influenced by the birth of a child, the death of a loved one or even a nature programme, all of us at some stage contemplates the miracle of life.
    We each have our perspective on the the who, the what and the why of it all.
    But I'll bet that nothing has prepared you for the revelation of the granduer of the largest creature that has ever lived.
    Heathcote Williams epic poem graphically describes, in everyday terms, the living colossus that is the whale.
    As you ponder that incredible, intelligent, sentient, hulk and marvel at the amazing statistics Heatcote introduces the barbaric creulty and slaughter humankind imposes upon it - and you wonder why.
    Listen to this and you will understand why people venture in front of the harpooners.
    Listen to this and be a changed person.