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by Dennis Etchison

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Dennis Etchison
Macdonald; First UK Edition edition (1989)
Short Stories & Anthologies
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Etchison referred to his own work as "rather dark, depressing, almost pathologically inward fiction about the individual in relation to the world". Stephen King has called Dennis Etchison "one hell of a fiction writer" and he has been called "the most original living horror writer in America" (The Viking-Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural).

Dennis Etchison is a three-time winner of both the British Fantasy and World Fantasy Awards

Dennis Etchison is a three-time winner of both the British Fantasy and World Fantasy Awards. His collections include The Dark Country, Red Dreams, The Blood Kiss, The Death Artist, Talking in the Dark, Fine Cuts, Got To Kill Them All & Other Stories, A Little Black Book of Horror Tales and It Only Comes Out At Night & Other Stories

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Red Dreams - Dennis Etchison. But consider: if Red Dreams is an example of what Etchison has accomplished in his first twenty years of writing, what does he intend to do to us during the next two decade. -Karl Edward Wagner. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1984. A Macabre Ink Production.

Featuring an Introduction by Karl Edward Wagner, Red Dreams is "A stunning collection of thirteen macabre stories by America's premier writer of horror" (Fantasy Newsletter). Included here: TALKING IN THE DARK, WET SEASON, I CAN HEAR THE DARK, THE GRAVEYARD BLUES, ON THE PIKE, KEEPER OF THE LIGHT, BLACK SUN, WHITE MOON RISING, THE CHILL, THE SMELL OF DEATH, DROP CITY, THE CHAIR, NOT FROM AROUND HERE.

Crossroad Press, 2013. Featuring an Introduction by Karl Edward Wagner, Red Dreams is "A stunning collection of thirteen macabre stories by America’s premier writer of horror (Fantasy Newsletter). Included in this collection: Talking in the dark.

One hell of a fiction writer. Etchison is that rarest of genre writers: an original visionary.

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Author:Etchison, Dennis. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Read full description. Red Dreams Good Book Etchison Dennis ISBN 0708837255. Pre-owned: lowest price.

  • If you want refined horror, sometimes colored with sci-fi, that is also substantive on a deeply psychological and philosophical level, this collection of short stories is the bargain of your life. This is important stuff, writing I would call "literature" as well as "horror." It's difficult to pick favorites when every story is a gem, but I particularly recommend "Talking In the Dark," a masterpiece of middle-aged desperation, "I Can Hear the Dark," a free-fall into a loss of innocence, "Drop City," which is distinctly creepy and gorgeously written, and, for something mind-blowingly different and poignant, "Not From Around Here."

    Etchison intimately knows and can exploit horror tropes, but the stories in this collection contain relatively little gore or gratuitous obscenities, relying more on mental anguish, emotional turmoil, and (mostly) implied violence. Sometimes, "The horror lies in that there is no horror." ("Black Sun"). Yet each story is uniquely, deeply disturbing, probing the origins of individual and collective guilt.

    These stories are easy to read. They contain beautiful descriptions and clear, crisp prose. There is a message here, which is what makes each story so great. But Etchison's style is so subtle that you really need to be paying close attention to catch what he's trying to tell you. When you do, you are richly rewarded. These are stories to read over and over, each time finding a new shade of meaning, a new nugget to ponder.

    Reading this collection made me realize that Etchison is so much more than a horror writer—which I think is almost a misnomer in his case. Though his stories have a timeless, contemporary quality, I really think Etchison is a voice of his Baby Boomer generation. The person you see as your savior isn't. The past seems so much more significant than the present. When the invincibility of youth proves to be a sham, and all your illusions go up in smoke, where do you go from there? Is redemption possible? All these themes and more are explored in ways that reflect these questions right back at the reader. Etchison speaks in the soft voice of the murderer in the confessional, fingers smeared with blood, yet outstretched for the blessing. Get a little closer—hear his revelations in "Red Dreams."

  • These stories are methodically put together for a horror you can réalité to, a psychological horror that you' always think something similar could happen to you or already does or has.

  • Etchison's immersive tales sneak up on you like a killer in the night. A must read for those who want art in their horror. Not only does he provide chills; he gives it to you in the form of true literature.

  • Mr. Etchison, whose work I have only recently had the pleasure of perusing, takes the reader down, down, down the rabbit hole to a whole new level of psychological discomfort, torment and pain, in these stories of pitiful, depressed and lost souls in the sea of humanity. Though I would not necessarily recommend this as the first book a novice purveyor of his works should read, I will say that it appears to be the most personally revealing of the author’s philosophical bent that I have thus far read. These stories are fascinating studies of disconnection between body, mind and soul, so disconcerting at times that I could only digest one or two per day to keep my own balance - tough matter to chew on, but in the end a satisfying meal, as has been the case with every Etchison tome I have explored.

  • This collection of short stories, which are horror with a dash of sci-fi, have a common theme of isolation. The subjects of the stories feel alone even when surrounded by people. Things feel off. Things feel alien. The air doesn't seem quite right. Few writers can pull that off as often or as well as Etchison. My guess is that he is writing from experience. He puts you in the minds of his characters. He makes you feel that awkward moment when you realize the world isn't quite how you remember it.

    There is no one story that makes or breaks this collection. From the first one, with its sinister ending, to the last one with its realistic look at the future, horror fans will be left feeling as uneasy as the author's protagonists.

  • Contains some of my favorite Etchison stories, including "Talking in the Dark," "The Chill," "The Chair," and "Drop City," plus my absolute favorite, the very strange and not really horror but just plain great "Keeper of the Light," which I think about pretty much all the time. You just can see it all so clearly.

  • Etchinson's second short story collection. I only list the contents here since Amazon doesn't.

    Introduction by Karl Edward Wagner
    Talking in the dark
    Wet season
    I can hear the dark
    The graveyard blues
    On the pike
    Keeper of the light
    Black sun
    White moon rising
    The chill
    The smell of death
    Drop city
    The chair
    Not from around here

  • I have been searching for over 20 years to find this book again. I have been haunted by the stories I first read as a young man, and cannot wait for the mailman to deliver it to my mailbox so I can enjoy the stories again. While I'm at it, I'll order another of Etchison's collections - if they're half as creepy and unnerving as I recall, I'll be hours and hours reading from cover to cover... Cannot recommend this collection highly enough!