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by Rudyard Kipling

ePub Rewards and Fairies download
Rudyard Kipling
Echo Library (May 1, 2007)
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Home Rudyard Kipling Rewards and Fairies. Produced by Jo Churcher. A Charm Introduction Cold Iron Cold Iron Gloriana The Two Cousins The Looking-Glass The Wrong Thing A Truthful Song King Henry VII and the Shipwrights Marklake Witches The Way through the Woods Brookland Road The Knife and the Naked Chalk The Run of the Downs Song of the Men's Side Brother Square-Toes Philadelphia If- Rs 'A Priest in.

Rewards and Fairies is a historical fantasy book by Rudyard Kipling published in 1910. The title comes from the poem "Farewell, Rewards and Fairies" by Richard Corbet. The poem is referred to by the children in the first story of the preceding book Puck of Pook's Hill. Rewards and Fairies is set one year later chronologically although published four years afterwards.

Редьярд Киплинг Rewards and Fairies. Take of English earth as much As either hand may rightly clutch. Only, the minute you went away, you made us forget everything,’ said Una. Puck laughed and shook his head. I shall this year, too. In the taking of it breathe Prayer for all who lie beneath - Not the great nor well bespoke, But the mere uncounted folk Of whose life and death is none Report or lamentation.

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An interesting collection of short stories and poems, this book offers both entertainment and an exploration of some darker, deeper themes.

Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936. Book digitized by Google from the library of University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. A charm. King Henry VII and the shipwrights. The way through the woods. The run of the downs. The knife and the naked chalk. Song of the men's side. A St. Helena lullaby. 'A priest in spite of himself

Kipling wrote two connected story and poetry collections. Puck on Poohs Hill was published in 1906 and four years later Rewards and fairies. Rewards and Fairies is the Sequel to Puck of Pooh s Hill.

Kipling wrote two connected story and poetry collections. One fee. Stacks of books.

This is a bibliography of works by Rudyard Kipling, including books, short stories, poems, and collections of his works. These are short story collections except as noted. Listed by year of publication. The City of Dreadful Night (1885), short story – later published as The City of the Dreadful Night in Little Blue Book No. 357. Departmental Ditties (1886), poetry. Plain Tales from the Hills (1888). Soldiers Three (1888). The Story of the Gadsbys (1888). In Black and White (1888).

Rewards and Fairies Текст. Автор: Редьярд Киплинг. Of course, after that we couldn’t let him lie among the common French prisoners at Rye, and so he stays with us. He’s of very old family – a Breton, which is nearly next door to being a true Briton, my father says – and he wears his hair clubbed – not powdered. Much more becoming, don’t you think?’

In this book, the children and their visitors range further afield, visiting the chalk downs and sheep country where their father grew up.

In this book, the children and their visitors range further afield, visiting the chalk downs and sheep country where their father grew up. There they meet an early man-god, who sacrificed his eye and his mortality to protect his people and the sheep from their enemy, the wolf. They meet a French and English smuggler who introduces them to American history. This book is just as entertaining and magical as "Puck of Pook's Hill".

11 tales and 22 poems, including the classic 'If-'
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    Is a TERRIBLE EDITION of this book!

    The typefont is so tiny it is UNREADABLE.
    Kipling's writing is brilliant.
    This editions was assembled by a villain!

  • I wish all books about British history (or any country's history for that matter) were as fun to read as "Puck of Pook's Hill" and "Rewards and Fairies".

    Gratefully, the oak, ash, and thorn that affected Dan's and Una's memory has not seemed to impair my memory of the stories.

  • ... not as readable as 'Puck of Pook's Hill'. It does include the poem 'If...' . If nothing else grab a copy to complete your Kipling collection.

  • This book is so slow. There is no character growth and no over-arching plot line.

  • Not quite as good as Puck of Pook's Hill by Rudyard Kipling, but still a lot of fun!

    Follow Una, Dan, and Puck through the History of their part of England (and beyond -- even to America), and meet the interesting people who were part of it!

  • Kipling's best

  • Cut off the bottom lines of every page

  • In childhood all things are possible. Belief and imagination are strong, so when presented with seemingly outlandish situations and stories, it's easy to accept them as truth. Rewards and Fairies by Rudyard Kipling offers numerous fantastic stories as told to two children.

    In their free time adventures, Dan and Una come across their old friend Puck, a fairy, and slowly remember the adventures they had the last time they met with Puck, who had removed that time from their memories to keep the fairy world safely secret. Encountering new stories as they come across people who all happen to know Puck, Dan and Una learn some new things to either accept as is or try to place in the context of their own lives.

    An interesting collection of short stories and poems, this book offers both entertainment and an exploration of some darker, deeper themes. The language was beautifully crafted -and I'd expect nothing less from Kipling - and the historical events and stories that these tales pulled from were familiar enough to provide context but unique enough to stand alone as something vaguely new. Having not read the predecessor to this book, I didn't feel as if I was missing any key aspects to understand (although the footnotes did suggest reading the other book for clarification of certain stories), but reading it might offer a better comprehension of if this volume offers growth upon what was previously presented.