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by Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson
Pocket Books (November 29, 2005)
United States
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Beautiful, uninhibited, yet innocent Star Wood Leigh is trying to earn enough money for cosmetology school when favors for some friends bring her a modeling offer that leads her to Hollywood and new opportunities.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to read Star: it offers a gossipy glimpse into the extravagant lives of the rich and shameless; it's funny-filled with Who knew?

Star Wood Leigh is star struck in life and love. A hasty secret marriage to rock 'n' roll bad boy Jimi Deed triggers a chain of events that changes both of their lives. Together they soar to the heights of stardom and explore the dark side of celebrity.

by. Anderson, Pamela, 1967-. First Atria Books trade paperback ed. Celebrities, Actors and actresses. New York : Atria Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. External-identifier. urn:acs6:starnovel00ande:pdf:5aa-a864a560e065 urn:acs6:starnovel00ande:epub:ec5-aaa5fe5dd1f0 urn:oclc:record:1036953960.

Very enjoyable page-turner. Lots of bang for your entertainment buck. I don't expect Star to win any awards for classic lit. But, this book is 5-star fun in the sun. 0. Report.

James Franco, Pamela Anderson and Sylvester Stallone. Crimes committed against publishing: This book was written and illustrated by Travolta, who has no real aptitude for either. Tom Hanks has written a book. Also contains a stretch where Star hits puberty and mistakes her breasts for cancer. In this stretch, her breasts are referred to as poisonous nodes. He originally wrote it as a gift to 75 friends. It’s called A Fable for All Ages even though it’s just a gussied-up kids’ book. And it’s about airplanes.

Star by Pamela Anderson - There was just something about he. .Pamela Anderson is one of the most recognizable women in the world and the mother of two. She lives in a small town on the California coast. Ghostwriter" Eric Shaw Quinn lives and works in Los Angeles. She's from Ladysmith, British Columbia, he's from Natchitoches, Louisiana - just two small-town kids trying to make it in the big city.

Pamela, novel in epistolary style by Samuel Richardson, published in 1740 and based on a.

Pamela, novel in epistolary style by Samuel Richardson, published in 1740 and based on a story about a servant and the man who, failing to seduce her, marries her. Pamela Andrews is a 15-year-old servant. On the death of her mistress, her mistress’s son, Mr. B, begins a series of stratagems. Although the validity of this claim depends on the definition of the term novel, Richardson was clearly innovative in his concentration on a single action. This article was most recently revised and updated by .

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Pamela Anderson's life is the stuff of fairy tales and centerfolds. A champagne blonde who was discovered by a beer company, she moved from model to Playmate, from actress to star...and now, along with "ghostwriter" Eric Shaw Quinn, she can add bestselling author to her resumé.





Star is a breathless romp through tinseltown and tabloids. An insider's look at the world of inflated egos and inflated bodies, Ms. Anderson's novel goes beyond the air kisses and velvet ropes to show what really happens when A-list meets D-cup, when small-town girl gets all glittered up and becomes a star.

  • I purchased this book after seeing Ms. Anderson's interview about it on NBC's Today Show. I have had a bit of a fascination with Pamela since she first hit the celeb circuit because though she is pretty, she has a certain "something" other than her looks that is hard to ignore. Sort of like a train wreck.

    I was ready to put this book down and walk away after reading the first chapter. Even though Pamela had a ghost writer help her, the story read like a 12 year old's diary. Then, after the second chapter, it started to get funny. By the third chapter there were some pretty profound things coming out of the character's mouth that made me wonder if there was indeed more depth to Pamela Anderson than we have been privy to all these years.

    Star Wood Leigh is a sweet, naïve girl from a small town. She happens upon fame through a series of lucky breaks and coincidences. The story takes us through her learning the ropes of Hollywood including many, many sexual escapades. Some of it is quite graphic. I found myself bored with a lot of the mundane details of her daily life which seemed to be included only as filler between the hot, racy parts. The most fun I think I had reading this book though was figuring out the "real" names of the people and places Star was encountering. Some funny ones are "Mann Magazine", the fictitious adult magazine started by "Marsten Mann" for the real magazine, Playboy and the famous rock star named "Jimi Deed".

    I agree with some of the other reviewers here that mention that the book has inconsistencies. One example would be how she was talking about one of her sexual conquests and she said he really cared enough for her to make sure she had an "O" too. But then on the very next line she described his lovemaking as selfish. Too many contradictions throughout the story. Also, the story didn't really have an ending. It just seemed like everyone simply got tired of writing and just quit.

    I really don't know why Pamela didn't just write an actual autobiography instead of this "fictitious" novel. Her life was all played out in the tabloids anyway; so much of what we read about this character Star didn't surprise me.

    Maybe now that the drivel is out of her system, Pamela will write a real book about her struggles as a mom and her health concerns and where she is going to go from here. In the meantime, read this book for some fun and escapism.

  • This is the story of Star Wood Leigh, a naïve, small-town girl who finds fame and fortune through a series of purely coincidental, unplanned events. Chapter one is interesting enough - a fairly cute intro with a gratuitous lesbian encounter thrown in as a hook. But unfortunately for Star, the line between being naïve and being too-dumb-to-live gets crossed too many times, and her story quickly turns from cute to just plain stupid. After the first few chapters I put this book down several times and walked away for days on end as it became increasingly (for lack of a better word) lame.

    The story takes a major downhill slide when Star arrives in Hollywood, at which time wealthy men throw themselves at her, she lands television roles without even trying, and has sex with every guy in town. In short, we have a hollow character who is ridiculously beautiful, with ridiculous good fortune, who ends up ridiculously rich and famous. Nothing bad ever happens to her, unless you want to count her disappointment in the outcome of her breast augmentation surgery (I'm not kidding here).

    This novel has been described as semi-autobiographical, which translates to an autobiography in which the famous names and television shows have been changed to laughable substitutes, like her becoming the "Hammer Time Girl" and the star of "Lifeguards, Inc." Really, if she wanted to write a memoir, she should have just done it, and spared us this silliness.

    I might have been willing to say "nice attempt by a celebrity author," if not for the fact that a ghostwriter put this mess together. Knowing that a presumed professional was responsible for the prose makes it all the more embarrassing. There were times when I wanted to rip my hair out from the bad grammar and painfully redundant use of certain words and phrases. I actually bought this book based on some positive reviews I had seen in respected publications. Now I have to wonder if those reviewers actually read the book, or were simply giving two thumbs up to the naked photo of Pam on the inside of the dust cover, which is probably the single best reason for buying the thing.

  • This was a great book. It was what I expected it to be, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I am a fan of Pam (especially when she is on Howard Stern) so I would like her book. People who don't know who the heck she is might still like it. It's loosely based on her life, although I would like to think it's all true :-)WOW. Some life. It was a rather short novel. This would be a great beach, or vacation read. It did lure me in to buying the second book 'Star Struck' here on Amazon as well... Great deal too I think I payed 1 penny for the book and $3.99 for shipping!! Overall interesting, and exciting.

  • The mental equivalent of eating a bag of candy -- not the top of the literary ladder, but very sweet and fun nonetheless!