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by David Rosenfelt

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David Rosenfelt
Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (February 14, 2012)
United States
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Also by David Rosenfelt.

Also by David Rosenfelt. Detective John Novack knew something was wrong even before he stepped in the blood. Though he was a fourteen-year veteran of the force, in this instance his sense of foreboding did not come from an instinct finely honed by experience, nor was it a result of piecing clues together. The voice on the 911 call, as played back to him while he drove to the scene, had said it all. I killed Charlie Harrison.

Heart of a Killer David Rosenfelt A CAREER CASE Jamie Wagner is a young lawyer who is happy to be flying under . Rosenfelt keeps the plot hopping and popping as he reveals a complex frame-up of major proportions with profound political ramifications both terrifying and enlightening.

Heart of a Killer David Rosenfelt A CAREER CASE Jamie Wagner is a young lawyer who is happy to be flying under the radar at a large firm. It's not that he isn't smart. He is. It's just that hard work. Don't Tell a Soul is a humdinger. St. Louis Post-Dispatch on DON'T TELL A SOUL.

David Rosenfelt is an author who has written nineteen novels and three TV movies. His main character in most of his mystery books is Andy Carpenter, attorney and dog lover. Rosenfelt graduated from New York University and then decided to work in the movie business. After being interviewed by his uncle, who was the President of United Artists, he was hired and worked his way up the corporate culture. Rosenfelt eventually became the marketing president for Tri-Star Pictures

David Rosenfelt htmare would give way to a normal life. But that’s not how it worked; that’s not how it ever worked. She was in fact getting worse, inexorably moving toward a time when her heart simply could not keep her body going. And anything different that Karen felt was an illusion

Heart of a Killer book. The first non-Andy Carpenter book I’ve read by author, David Rosenfelt.

Heart of a Killer book. The same style persists, with a lawyer as the protagonist, tightly interwoven story lines and misdirects and a suspenseful conclusion. Current topics of cyber-attacks lend it a contemporary feel.

Heart of a Killer--a gripping story of an ordinary man faced with an impossible situation--is the most powerful and shocking thriller yet from David Rosenfelt, a true master of the genre. Connect with the author.

Jamie Wagner must free a convicted murderer so that she can save her dying daughter by taking her own life in Rosenfelt’s latest thriller.

Слушайте аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. Jamie Wagner must free a convicted murderer so that she can save her dying daughter by taking her own life in Rosenfelt’s latest thriller. It’s not that he isn’t smart.

David Rosenfelt books, appearances and other life altering information. Most recent books listed first.

David Rosenfelt is the Edgar-nominated and Shamus Award-winning author of stand-alones and Andy Carpenter novels. Heart of a KillerDavid Rosenfelt A CAREER CASEJamie Wagner is a young lawyer who is happy to be flying under the radar at a large firm. He and his wife live in Maine with twenty-five of the four thousand dogs they have rescued.

Автор: Rosenfelt David Название: Heart of a Killer ISBN: 1250014204 ISBN-13(EAN) . Jamie Wagner is a young lawyer who is happy to be flying under the radar at a large firm.

Описание: Heart of a Killer.

Jamie Wagner is a young lawyer who is happy to be flying under the radar at a large firm. It’s not that he isn’t smart. He is. It’s just that hard work, not to mention the whole legal thing, isn’t exactly his passion. Underachiever? A little. Content? Right up until the firm puts him on a case that turns his whole world upside down.Sheryl Harrison has served four years of a thirty-year murder sentence for killing her husband, who she claims was abusive. The case is settled---there shouldn’t be anything for Jamie to do---except Sheryl’s fourteen-year-old daughter, Karen, is sick. She has a congenital heart defect and will die without a transplant. Her blood type is rare, making their chances of finding a matching donor remote at best. Sheryl wants to be that donor for her daughter, and Jamie is in way over his head. Suicide, no matter the motive, is illegal. So with Sheryl on suicide watch, Jamie’s only shot at helping her and saving Karen is to reopen the murder case, prove Sheryl’s innocence, and get her freed so that she can pursue her plan on her own.Heart of a Killer---a gripping story of an ordinary man faced with an impossible situation---is the most powerful and shocking thriller yet from David Rosenfelt, a true master of the genre.

  • I picked up the book and could not put it down until the last word. I, certainly, hope this will lead to a series. The characters were excellently fleshed out and so heart breaking real. I became so involved in the story with all its twists and turns, that I finished at a rapid pace. I was surprised at the conclusion because I had no idea of the final twist it took. For a hugely entertaining page turner, grab your copy today, it will shock you. I will continue to read this author's work, I have not been disappointed .

  • I have enjoyed all of Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series. Realizing 'Heart of a Killer' wasn't another Carpenter installment disappointed me. Combining that with the synopsis I wasn't sure it was a book I would enjoy - bought it because it was Rosenfelt. Certainly not disappointed.

    The book tells the story of Sheryl Harrison, in prison for the brutal murder of her husband Charlie six years previously. She has a daughter with a terminal heart condition and wants to donate her heart to her daughter. Enter Jaime Wagner - a young, Harvard educated attorney toiling as an associate at a big corporate firm. The firm has been assigned the Harrison case pro bono and it is eventually assigned to Wagner.

    John Novack is the detective who answered the call to the Harrison home the day of the murder. He has always questioned her guilt. Wagner asks for his help and his decision to reopen the case obviously doesn't sit well with someone.

    Wagner's attempt to honor Sheryl's wish to donate her heart to her daughter plays out against a national terrorist plot. John Novack's attempt to solve the Harrison murder runs headlong into the terrorist plot.

    Rosenfelt weaves the story expertly. You are torn between rooting for Harrison's right to save her daughter and the character you have come to like and admire. Novack is a gruff cop and Wagner is smart and vulnerable. As always, Rosenfelt's storytelling is superb.

    Highly recommend.

  • Somewhere, Dr. Kevorkian is grinning, I'm assuming because, like most everyone, he enjoys a good legal thriller. HEART OF A KILLER is a doozy of a legal thriller and an underdog story and it provokes thought. David Rosenfelt, one of my very favorite writers in the genre, introduces a protagonist in this supposedly stand-alone novel whom I hope to see more of in many sequels to come. Get on that, Rosenfelt.

    Jamie Wagner has always been top of his class everywhere that he's gone, and that includes Harvard Law School. But he's achieved that status by dint of sheer brains rather than sweat and ambition. Jamie Wagner today is an unmotivated 29-year-old, an anonymous sixth-year associate languishing in a prestigious corporate law firm in Jersey. He realizes his prospects are dim. The general workroom concensus is that if you haven't yet become partner after a certain number of years with the firm, then you're encouraged to not let the door hit you on the arse on your way out. Jamie knows he'll have to look for another job soon enough.

    One day he's assigned a pro-bono case or, as he'd refer to it in hindsight, the case of a lifetime. Convicted murderess Sheryl Harrison has already served four years of her thirty year sentence, having admitted to slitting her abusive husband's throat. Sheryl has a 14-year-old daughter, Karen, who is failing rapidly from a congenital heart defect. Sheryl is one of the very few who is a match for Karen's rare blood type. Sheryl has been a model prisoner, but now she's desperate to buck the system. She's looking to die so as to provide a heart for her declining daughter. And she requires an attorney to grease the wheels of the legal system, seeing as how the state of New Jersey actively frowns on the death penalty and assisted suicide. Jamie reluctantly takes her on as a client, dreading what's sure to be a hopeless battle. It gradually dawns on him that the only real chance to help Sheryl and Karen lies in reopening the murder case and disproving his client's assertion of guilt.

    I'm an avid reader of David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter courtroom thrillers, and HEART OF A KILLER checks all those same boxes for me. Jamie and Andy are similar sorts; both are self-deprecating dry wits who aren't exactly caught up in their lawyery lives. The only thing missing is a lovable dog. HEART OF A KILLER presents a farfetched plot. There are, in fact, two parallel story arcs that are almost too big and too much for one novel, with one arc impacting on a national scale. Thankfully, David Rosenfelt is a consummate storyteller, and he again demonstrates his deftness with developing story and pace and character. You end up buying into a narrative that, in other hands, may prove excessive and preposterous. Rosenfelt never fails to work in his trademark wry humor but, here, he balances that with an engrossing whodunit element. You think you've sussed out who the big bad is? Well, suss again. Or re-suss. I'd be surprised if you don't get emotionally invested in the core characters. Jamie Wagner is a really fun and engaging lead and, as mentioned, I hope to read more of him. And, as always, Rosenfelt makes the lawyer patter accessible. Nowadays, I don't even grouse too much when I get that jury duty summons.

  • Never read this author before. Will certainly be ordering more of his books in the future. This one turned out to be a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable read. At first, I was afraid the sarcasm would be too much and then when the protagonist decided to take on the case only because his uppity parents were against it, I thought, oh oh, this ain't gonna be a good book. But the author quickly deviated from too much overt sarcasm and it became a really great read. He could have stretched out the ending more, and I think a lot of authors would have been tempted, but it was succinct and final. Yeah, a few unknowns left dangling, but nothing that important.

    A few minor editing errors but I have grown used to them in this age of editorial employment cutbacks. I have quit grousing when "none" is used as a plural noun and when "try and ..." is used instead of "try to..."

    So buy the book, kick back and enjoy.

  • I've read all of the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. So what do you do then? Read whatever else he writes. Roeenfelt alway comes up with unique plots and Hear of a Killer is a genuinely unique story, well told. He's simply a very good storyteller always combining wit, humor and suspense and great dialog in his novels. And always good with relationships as well, he reaches a high with Heart of a Killer while bringing a seemingly hopeless situation to a heart-rendering conclusion. As per usual there's a legal aspect to his novel's, and nobody does courtroom maneuvers better than Rosenfelt.

  • Most enjoyable book with a lot of suspense, intrigue and an awakening of the potential power of the computer in the wrong hands.
    One of those books that you “can’t put down” and doesn’t disappoint.