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by Jillian Hunter

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Jillian Hunter
Pocket Books (September 25, 2007)
United States
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Электронная книга "Abandon", Jillian Hunter

Электронная книга "Abandon", Jillian Hunter. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Abandon" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Determined to fight when Abandon is offered to the highest bidder, Morwenna confronts the enemy: the Earl of Pentargon, Anthony Hartstone - or "Lord Heart-of-Stone" as she indignantly calls him. Yet little does Morwenna realize she will soon be forced to marry the forbidding lord who holds her future in his strong hands.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. I have read a few books by Jillian Hunter this past year, "The Seduction of An English Scoundrel" (excellent) and "Abandon" (pretty good). I think I enjoyed this third book "Daring" the most so far. A defender of the innocent to some, a heartless scoundrel to others, Connor Buchanan, Lord Advocate of Scotland. This was such a basic novel of good versus bad, right from wrong, how the mighty fall like the rest of us, love always wins in the end and the crazy journey taken by all to figure out these things.

When Anthony Hartstone, third earl of Pentargon, attempts to sell Abandon, an island off the shores of Cornwall, he must face Morweena Halliwell, a sassy young woman who reportedly possesses mystical powers.

Abandon - Okay Hunter, Jullian. Jillian Hunter is the bestselling author of over twenty historical romances. She lives with her husband, three daughters, a pug and a poodle in Southern California. The English island of Abandon, enshrouded in ancient legend, is home to the headstrong Morwenna Halliwell. Determined to fight back when the island is offered to the highest bidder, Morwenna confronts the Earl of Pentargon, Anthony Hartstone. She loves anyone who can make her laugh, which means she is in love with Mike Myers and Tyler Perry. Books by Jillian Hunter. Mor. rivia About Abandon.

261 pages ; 17 cm. The English island called Abandon, enshrouded in ancient legend, has been home to warriors as well as enchanting women - and none more spellbinding than lovely Morwenna Halliwell.

2 5 Author: Jillian Hunter.

Jillian Hunter (born 1950) is an American author of historical romance novels. In 2015, Hunter's Forbidden to love the duke was featured in NPR's list of 'books to light your fire for Valentine's Day'. Hunter was born in Scotland to a Welsh mother and an American father. When her father became an intelligence and executive officer for the coastguard, they moved to London. She now lives in south California with her husband and three daughters. She has a bachelor of arts degree in French.

The English island called Abandon, enshrouded in ancient legend, has been home to warriors as well as enchanting women - and none more spellbinding than lovely Morwenna Halliwell.

In fact, your own dear brother said he was reading one of Papa’s books a fortnight before his tragic death.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. In fact, your own dear brother said he was reading one of Papa’s books a fortnight before his tragic death. Anthony swore softly, watching the bottle of ink she had knocked over saturate his letters.

When her island home, Abandon, off the coast of Cornwall is offered for sale to the highest bidder, Morwenna Halliwell sets out to stop the sale by confronting the enemy, Anthony Hartstone, Earl of Pentargon, but these two unlikely lovers soon find themselves drawn together by unexpected danger. Original.
  • I did not like this book. I did not like the characters dealing with magic. I was very dissapointed with this book. It is not jillian hunters best. I liked the bridgerton series, etc., but I just did not care for this one. To me it wasn't worth the $8.00 I spent.

  • I have liked all of her books. If you like her, I highly recommend to read any of her books.

  • Nice fairy tale story. Reading title does Not tell you what you may think the story is about at all.

  • This is the 2nd novel by Jillian Hunter I have read. I also read "The Seduction of an English Scoundrel" (excellent!) and have already bought a few others as I know she will continue to be interesting to me. I like this author and how descriptive she can be and her characters always seem to come alive off the page which is refreshing. They are not flat characters with little dimension. Her plot lines are always complete without becoming over whelming.

    This book had the charm of being set on an island called "Abandon" and it seemed to have touches of the supernatural - both in what people did and what happened to the land itself. Fortunately, any hokey pokey was for the good of man and not evil (except for the creepy little man called Pasco). The lead heroine Morwenna was beloved by the island people for all the good that she did for everyone and they were also a little mystified of the "magic" she could perform. Morwenna's magic was more what occurred around her versus what she could conjure up herself - that was the charming part of her mischief.

    Our hero Anthony Pentargon took over the island when his brother died. Anthony came to clean up his brother's estate and planned to sell the island and land to a high ranking English lord in parliament for the exchange of help in passing laws to help out the poor and indigent children of London. Morwenna and her fellow countryman would loose out if the land was sold off so, she attempted to intervene and stop the transaction. Needless to say, the hero and heroine become charmed with one another during their interactions of the sale and their relationship developed.

    The love scenes were few but detailed. I was a little disappointed that they fell so quickly for one another and their early intimate scenes were a bit "advanced" for the average virgin girl but, that's love story writing for you. The story was a bit short compared to most romance novels I have read so, it seemed things might have taken a quicker pace due to this. Regardless, the scenes were tasteful and pleasing to read.

    There are twists and turns in the book for the reader to find out who is sabotaging things, who is trying to hurt Morwenna and if the sale does occur. Although this book is not super heavy in terms of deep romance, lusty sex or advanced plot lines it is still interesting and fun to read. I liked all the illusions to Anthony getting to hear musical harp music, seeing white cats, talking to spirit ghosts that no one else seems to hear or see and flowers growing from stones in only hours! This look into the other world is only for him as he develops into a better man and falls for the magical siren called Morwenna. It's fun to watch a man so set I his modern ways fall prey to the magical side of life.

    This was a charming book and likeable in every way. It was smart, witty and fun to read. I got the book read in only a few hours - easy to follow. I say buy this and others from this author as I'm sure you'll be pleased. Judging by other feedback, I'm not alone in this praise! Enjoy!!

  • Once again Jillian Hunter has woven her own special blend of magic with her latest book, Abandon. Ms. Hunter is one of the few writers today that can weave a tale around romance, mystery, intrigue while lacing it with her own style of humor. When you read her books, you can't help but enjoy them!
    As is her usual style, Hunter pits the lead male and female characters against each other. Sparks, both romantic and other, fly. Morweena Halliwell has lived on the Island of Abandon for most of her life while her father researched the ties the island had to King Arthur. Anthony Hartstone recently inherited the island from his brother and uses it as a bargaining tool in getting a child labor bill passed through parliament.
    Since the new owner, the Marquess of Camelbourne, requires several major renovations before he takes possession of the island, Anthony is stuck on Abandon until all work is completed. In the meantime, Morweena is determined to change his mind about selling her homeland and uses all of the powers at her disposal.
    With the right combination of humor and romance the story flows along carrying the reader on a peaceful and relaxing journey. You can always count on Hunter's support characters to be interesting and colorful. I haven't read a book by Jillian Hunter in which I didn't laugh out loud at some point during the story. Abandon also holds true to this, with humor entwined throughout. The sight of Morweena being chased down a hill by the local warlock, who casts spells on villagers for a price, is so hilarious that the reader can't help but chuckle. Maybe I should tell you that the evil sorcerer is chasing Morweena because she threw rocks at him. She threw them trying to save he released a puppy that he was planning to use in a spell. A large rock hit him, allowing the puppy to escape his grasp. Having the puppy running around growling and nipping at the heels of the warlock only added comedic fodder to the entire scene. It was pure Jillian Hunter and a mental image that will remain with readers for a long time.
    Although I enjoyed Abandon and found it to be a quick read, I was more fond of Indiscretion the book published prior to this one. If you're in the mood for a few giggles, a heart-warming romance, and a mystery aspect that most people can figure out, then this is definitely the book for you to read, as are any of her previous novels.
    Rumor has it that Jillian Hunter's next book is due out in August. I can't wait!