by Edward Stewart

Edward Stewart
Delacorte Press; First Edition edition (April 1, 1988)
United States
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Privileged Lives book.

Privileged Lives book. They have been resurrected by Open Road Media, and I’m glad I found them. Stewart, who died at age 58, in 1996, had been a relatively unknown author, but this series promised to perhaps change that. It consists of four books, the last, Jury Double, having been published after his death.

A Vince Cardozo Mystery. Look, you’ve taken me to the potty and wiped the drool off my pillow-that qualifies us as intimates. I wish you’d call me Babe. stand for? Emmajean. Is Babe your real name?

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Propped on two pillows, Babe opened Mortal Splendor: Inside the Babe Vanderwalk Devens Affair. She read slowly, carefully. She read slowly, carefully hey begi. omewhere. Every comedy, every tragedy, every act of life-giving or life-taking, has its beginning in some other event. The Freudian tells us it all began in the unconscious where forgotten childhood trauma festers.

I recommend this book, very detailed, yet never boring. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 20 years ago. I have not read any other books by Edward Stewart, so I can't rate against his other works (are there any?) but I must say this was a fast-paced, thrilling book that I read in about two days.

In this classic thriller, bestselling author Edward Stewart weaves a complex tale of sex, money, and murder In a private suite at a New York hospital, Beatrice Babe Vanderwalk Devens awakens from a seven-year coma

In this classic thriller, bestselling author Edward Stewart weaves a complex tale of sex, money, and murder In a private suite at a New York hospital, Beatrice Babe Vanderwalk Devens awakens from a seven-year coma.

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Читать бесплатно Privileged Lives Edward Stewart. She found an ashtray. Claude has a private life, I don’t butt in. He never told you about the doorman at Beaux Arts Tower-the guy that wears the rug? I’m not feeling well and this conversation isn’t helping. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: headed, almost dizzy. He was finally beginning to see both sides of the coin. He phoned Jerzy Bronski’s garage and had them radio Jerzy. Twenty minutes later Jerzy was sitting on a bench on the esplan.

A dedicated detective traces the connections between a society queen's sudden awakening from a seven-year coma and the discovery of a hideously mutilated corpse in a luxurious high rise
  • Follows the footsteps of Vince Cardozo, NYPD Detective as he tracks down the killer of a young gay guy. Intrigue/background of gorgeous Babe Devins, rich fashion designer who comes out of coma after 7 years and tries to recover her life. Background of drugs S&M/Gay Sex Clubs in the NYC Meat District and high society bad actors. Of course, Babe and Vince become an unlikely item because of their very different social status . . . but they solve the case and all the bad guys get wacked, put in jail or exposed. Seemingly, we will see Cardozo and Babe Devins in more books. I look forward to it.

  • I love a street cop, even one who has moved on to to the Homicide Division.
    There are more bad guys in this story than you can shake a stick at,and before you get to the end you will be certain that each and every one of them is THE bad guy.

  • I wasn't sure who dunnit until the end. Good detailed police procedure for conflict to resolve. The transitions were rough in places so I was occasionally confused. Satisfying ending. Enjoy!

  • predictable and slow at times. Main character is likable. Story line side-tracked too often into places not as interesting.

  • Sex, drugs, and death among the rich and infamous. Very good story which kept me reading even through the gruesome parts.

  • As discribed

  • I did not expect the language , the sleazy content. The perverse sexual content.
    Not my kind of book.

  • Will really keep you on your toes. A real treat and a great beach read this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed it.