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by Rene Gutteridge

ePub Boo Hiss (The Boo Series #3) download
Rene Gutteridge
WaterBrook; First Edition edition (September 20, 2005)
Women's Fiction
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Through its quirky characters and winsome humor, Boo Hiss offers unexpected insights into the various .

Through its quirky characters and winsome humor, Boo Hiss offers unexpected insights into the various ways people respond to change and demonstrates that growth often occurs amid the most difficult-and ces. Author Bio. ▼▲. Rene Gutteridge is the award-winning, best-selling author of twenty-four novels, including the Boo series, the Storm series, and the novelization for The Ultimate Gift, as well as Scoop and Snitch, the first two Occupational Hazard novels. She lives with her husband, Sean, and their two children in Oklahoma City.

I just finished Boo and can’t wait to read Boo Who. What a refreshing read! The character development is wonderful. I am so glad to see another book coming in the Boo serie. .I have really enjoyed the first two. I manage a Christian bookstore, and I have recommended Boo and Boo Who to many of the book clubs that come in. -KAT . from California. I love the Boo series! I just finished Boo Who, so please tell me the author plans on writing another and another and another in the series. The characters are just grand. KIM . from Oklahoma.

After being left at the altar, comically creative Hope Landon goes missing, is presumed dead, and later lands a job with an inspirational greeting card company in New York City. or does she? Read online. Rene Gutteridge is the author of nineteen novels including Listen, Possession, the Storm series, the Boo series, the Occupational Hazards series, and the novelization of the movie The Ultimate Gift. Rene and her husband have two children and live in Oklahoma. 131. Published: 2013. Boo Who. Rene Gutteridge.

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A great, if not spectacular, penultimate entry in Rene Gutteridge's Boo series. If you liked Boo and Boo Who, there's little chance you won't feel the same way about Boo Hiss. Jan 26, 2015 Ellen Gray rated it it was amazing.

The "Boo" series by Rene Gutteridge ("Boo", "Boo Who", "Boo Hiss", and "Boo Humbug") is hilarious. I also adore the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

In Boo Humbug, Rene Gutteridge and her lovable cast of characters present a story of Christmas unlike any . Novels by rene gutteridge. My Life as a Doormat. The occupational hazards series.

In Boo Humbug, Rene Gutteridge and her lovable cast of characters present a story of Christmas unlike any other. Charming, witty, and fun, this tale promises to delight readers for years to come. DIANN HUNT, author of fourteen novels, including Be Sweet. Boo. Boo Hiss.

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For the past sixteen years, the reclusive writer has been the town’s greatest attraction, having unintentionally turned the once-struggling Skary into a thriving tourist-trap for the dark side: from the Haunted Mansion restaurant, famous for its bloody fingers (fries splattered with ketchup) to Spooky’s Bookstore (where employees dress like the walking dead).

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Boo Hiss (The Boo Series, Book Audiobook Download. Boo Hiss (The Boo Series, Book Book 3. Series. You may also be interested in the following product(s). Boo Who (The Boo Series, Book Rene Gutteridge.

When a soccer field complex springs to life seemingly overnight in the sleepy community of Skary, Indiana, and the local coffee shop begins offering computer access along with its suddenly overpriced beverages, goosebumps start popping up all over town. Has soccer mom Katelyn Downey hatched a diabolic plot to turn their slow-paced town into a den of hip suburban iniquity–or is this the perfect solution to the community’s financial woes?Even as concerned residents take sides over their town’s future, many are dealing with changes of a more personal nature. Novelist Wolfe Boone can’t seem to find the right niche for his post­—horror writing efforts, and his new bride Ainsley–known for executing complicated events with penache and perfection–is bewildered by her inability to control something as seemingly simple as scheduling a pregnancy. Frustration turns to envy when her wacky friend Melb discovers, to her utter terror, that she and husband Oliver are expecting a baby. Through its quirky characters and winsome humor, Boo Hiss offers unexpected insights into the various ways people respond to change and demonstrates that growth often occurs amid the most difficult–and hilarious–circumstances.
  • In desperate need of a proofreader for starters. Too many characters being referred to in different ways, so that it was difficult to figure out who was who for a good part of the book.

    Fairly interesting storyline, but not always realistic behavior. Snake was an interesting addition.

    Fairly predictable conclusion except for final scene of play.

  • This author has spoiled me! I can't read anybody else. This book is sweet, funny, encouraging just like all her other books.

  • Lots of laughs! I love this series! # 3 is the best!!!

  • Get ready to chuckle --- a lot --- as Rene Gutteridge spins her tongue-firmly-in-cheek, humorous tale of small town life in BOO HISS, her third book in an informal series.

    In BOO, Gutteridge introduced us to the quirky town of Skary, Indiana. The small town's economic life revolves around famous bestselling horror novelist Wolfe Boone --- or "Boo" --- from the Haunted Mansion restaurant to Spooky's Bookstore. When Wolfe becomes a Christian and chooses to quit writing horror novels, his decision turns the town upside down. In BOO HOO, the little town of Skary is on the edge of bankruptcy, Wolfe has become a car salesman, and his fiancée, Ainsley Parker, is on track to become the next Martha Stewart.

    If you haven't read Gutteridge's earlier works, put this book down and read them in order. Although it's not impossible to read this as a stand-alone novel, you'll enjoy it more with some background.

    Now, the town has gone "from famous to obscure to a magnet for all things suburban." BOO HISS picks up the story as a two-headed rosy boa named Bob and Fred is on the loose in Skary. (Just for you skeptics, two-headed snakes are possible, though a rarity). The characters juggle other problems. Wolfe is struggling with writer's block. Ainsley longs to have a baby but nothing is happening, and her carefully ordered life is thrown out of kilter when Melb gets pregnant, and Melb and Oliver (improbably) take up temporary residence with Wolfe and Ainsley.

    Just-arrived suburban soccer mom extraordinaire Katelyn Downey (mother of the devilish imp, five-year-old Willem) are determined to turn the little town of Skary into the Next Big Thing. A new cell phone tower, soccer field, coffeehouse complete with lattes and frou frou drinks, and some major changes at the church are only a few of the items on her agenda. The gentle Reverend Peck is spinning over all the changes Katelyn brings to his church, and wonders if the new cappuccino bar will be more of an attraction than his sermons. Will Skary lose its small-town values?

    Romance is also in the air in the most unlikely places. Martin Blarty (short and contemplating hair implants) and Ainsley's dad, Sheriff Bart Parker (tall and clueless about women), are both attracted to Lois, The Queen of Menopause ("Eccentricity can be attractive, especially when it comes with hot flashes"). Lois has launched a town play and, in the process of casting, finds herself dating both men. As she ponders their flaws, she muses, "As a mature woman, your standards haven't slipped, they've just deepened to include Volvos instead of Covettes." Lois's sleepwalking leads to an unexpected engagement --- and more trouble --- and the play turns into a reality show.

    When the strangely named Leonard Tarffeski, a charming snake hunter from New Zealand (where there are no snakes) appears to save the day --- or capture and sell the unusual snake for financial gain --- things quickly disintegrate.

    Writers will enjoy some of the lines tossed at Wolfe (his father-in-law says in one aside, "It's not like you work or anything..."). Christian publishing industry folks will also snicker at the subplot involving Wolfe's editor/agent Alfred Tennison's discovery of the "Christian fiction" and his attempts to blend in --- and cash in.

    If you're looking for a serious literary read to analyze for character development and plot treatment, look elsewhere. To enjoy this book, you'll have to suspend your disbelief from the earliest pages. However, if you want a book that's pure fun, BOO HISS is it. Relax and enjoy the pure whimsicalness of Gutteridge's imagination.


  • What could be worse than a two headed huge snake loose in a small town? Try overzealous publicists, pregnant women who don't want to be pregnant, two men in love with the same women, a sleepwalker, a town play in shambles...and that's just the beginning! Wolf wants to start writing again but is looking to show his faith in his books while his publicists gets a little crazy trying to figure out what exactly Christian fiction is. Ainsley wishes she was pregnant but instead has to put up with reluctantly clueless pregnant Melb. Did I also mention there's a huge two headed snake loose in town?

    This is one of the few books where I have laughed, cringed, shrieked, gagged, got disgusted, frustrated and thoroughly enjoyed while reading. Yes it is possible to have every single one of these emotions while reading this book. After all this series has been called "Mitford on steroids." I was again worried that since I hadn't read the second book in the series I'd be lost. But not to fear, the story is crazy and funny that you don't feel like you missed out on anything at all. The story is all over the place with many different characters but don't worry everything is connected. While I love most of the characters especially Wolf and Ainsley, I cannot stand Melb. I feel really sorry for Ainsley because of what she has to put up with. I'm sorry, but if I was in her position, I would have lost it. Melb's character just drove me up the wall. Other than that, I really enjoyed the story. If you have a snake phobia, I would suggest not reading this book. The description of a two headed snake make me feel icky all over. I grimace to this day. I also like how the portrayal of the outside world's image of Christian fiction is. Very funny and somewhat sad at the same time. The way this book is written, it's definately not your grandmother's Christian fiction. Highly recommended for hard to put down reading.

  • Though everyone relishes the sudden appearance of a gourmet coffee shop, the residents of Skary, Illinois are in an uproar when they wake up to find a brand new soccer complex constructed overnight in a vacant lot. However, the townsfolk go berserker when teenager Dustin tells everyone at a meeting that his two headed Boa has escaped. He insists that they are harmless if fed right, but be careful especially with the assertive Bob; Fred is a pacificist in comparison.

    As the locals panic seeing snakes everywhere, a pet shop owner explains that Boas eat once a week not everyday although Dustin fed his two snakes with one stomach daily. In other words the serpent is a feeding machine that will soon run out of rodents to dine on even as the people have personal problems to contend with that has nothing to do with sharing a meal with a snake.

    The latest Boo tale will thrill readers of the series as everything seems out of control except that the aide of Mayor Wallisworth Martin Blarney knows what is going on. He nervously asks community theater advocate Lois on a date while the sheriff turns jealous. Though the story line seems too serpentine at times, fans will appreciate the eccentric often screwball antics of the residents.

    Harriet Klausner