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ePub Never Kissed Goodnight: A Leigh Koslow Mystery (Volume 4) download

by Edie Swihart

ePub Never Kissed Goodnight: A Leigh Koslow Mystery (Volume 4) download
Edie Swihart
iUniverse (October 28, 2008)
Women's Fiction
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Edie Claire is a writer of young adult mysteries

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. Edie Claire is a writer of young adult mysteries. She is known for her novels and plays and her series Leigh Koslow Mysteries. There are five things she includes in every book. They are - a happy ending, humor, romance, suspense, and characters the reader can relate to.

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Items related to Never Kissed Goodnight: A Leigh Koslow Mystery. Edie Claire Never Kissed Goodnight: A Leigh Koslow Mystery. ISBN 13: 9781477518847. Leigh doesn't think so, but when Cara shows up in the middle of the night with tears in her eyes, Leigh is determined to find out. Little does she know that what Gil is hiding is only the tip of an iceberg. USA-Today bestselling novelist and playwright Edie Claire is a veterinarian, a childbirth educator, and a mother of three who delights in writing six genres of fiction: cozy mysteries, romantic fiction, women's fiction, humor, YA romance, and comedic stage plays.

Never kissed goodnight. This book is a work of fiction

Never kissed goodnight. This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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Never Kissed Goodnight: Leigh Koslow Mystery Series, by Edie Claire. Never Kissed Goodnight - Edie Claire. For Laura Rose, who was born in the middle of Chapter 14. Acknowledgments. As always, thanks are gratefully extended to those who have answered my endless questions about police procedure and the law, including Siri and Joe Jeffrey and Scott Robinette.

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. In 2002 she began publishing award-winning contemporary romances with Warner Books, and in 2008 two of her comedies for the stage were published by Baker’s Plays (now Samuel French). In 2009 she began publishing independently, continuing her original Leigh Koslow Mystery series and adding new works of romantic women’s fiction, young adult fiction, and humor.

And yet here she was, driving herself and Allison straight back into the lion’s den so that Allison could give Bess the scoop on Gerardo. Maura had thought it best they do it promptly, and Leigh had. But they were not sticking around.

Leigh's cousin Cara was never told the real reason as to why her father abandoned her. But despite a lifetime wondering, she has no reason to connect with the father she never knew with the fact that her once-doting husband is suddenly lying to her-much less the lurking danger that threatens their own young son. But the connection is real, and Leigh is not about to be swept up in the middle of it... whether she wants to or not!"A nicely twisted tale.. light reading for a quiet evening."-I love a Mystery"A well-paced, solidly plotted mystery."--Mystery Reader
  • I suppose this form of cozy mystery has its roots in such adult books as The Gracie Allen Murder Mystery and the legendary young peoples series of a century or more years ago. Whatever may the source of the subgenre, in the hands of skilled writers like Edie Claire, they provide a good deal of entertainment. I like the books in the Leigh Koslow series and am tolerant of the incredible situations into which her eponymous heroine leads us. Common sense be 'darned", as Lou Costello would say in the bygone days of rigid Hollywood speech codes, I'll believe she will confront killers empty handed and violate every norm of sensible behavior and come through unscathed
    In this case the story revolves about the long lost father of Leigh's cousin, whom the cousin has never seen. Starting with an apparent threat to her cousin by unknown persons, our heroine encounters many threatening situations, into which she is plunged by her insistence on the validity of her 'feelings' as opposed to the sober common sense of others. There are shootings, attempted kidnappings and assorted examples of hugger mugger as she tries to protect her own family and her assorted in-laws while seeking to ameliorate her cousins stunted emotional development and sense of self through never having known her, father. There is some comedy and some melodrana, family scenes and encounters with the bad guys, frustrating scenes with her spic and span mother, as well as with her cousin and assorted family husbands. The family characters and husbands have been gaining substance ss the volumes in the series have come along.
    Over-all quite an enjoyable series, particularly for those who have been reading it as additions to the kindle library has made it possible. For those concerned with the matter, the language and behavior in sexual interactions of the the cast, are kept squeaky clean.
    Most cozy readers should find this an appealing read.

  • This series just keeps getting better! I really like the Leigh Koslow character! She's so down to earth and lovable, especially in her vulnerabilities. One reviewer mentioned that Leigh and Warren seemed to fall in love and get married too quickly! I felt just the opposite! I'd been rooting for them to get together for a couple of books prior. They finally realized they were more than just very good friends and got together in the last book, so I wasn't at all surprised to see this book start out with them married, just very pleased!
    Edie Claire was meant to be a writer, in my opinion. She seems to have an unlimited reserve of imagination for story telling, and she concisely adds the little details that make the characters and story seem real, and appealing without dwelling on boringly long descriptions.

  • Leigh Kowlow's cousin Cara is concerned that her husband Gil is up to nefarious deeds and solicits Leigh into looking into the situation. This novel was read on my Kindle by Amazon and is one of the best in the series . It is well done and you have no way to unravel the mystery as you will see in the ending. I recommend that you read this in the order of the series as written. You will be glad you did.

  • I have read almost all of her books, and have to say they always have a good story with some mystery and an ending you never expect.

  • I enjoyed reading Never Kissed Goodnight (Leigh Koslow Mystery Series). The main characters were diverse and well-drawn. Leigh herself is a Character worth knowing: enthusiastic, driven, and (generally) caring of those around her. The plot concept and pacing were very good. Action began early and there were enough surprises to pull me forward.

    It's a relief to find a book with restraint in cussing and sex. No reliance on "big gore" either.

    I highly recommend this one to fans of light mysteries.

  • I agree with the previous reviewer who said that Claire really hit her stride in this novel. This series has all the qualities I love about cozies with none of the cliches (except the crazy mother). This series has likeable characters, a good sense of place and skillful plotting. This book never lagged. (I must admit to laughing out loud at one point when everyone was sitting around nervous and tense but Frances was cleaning the baseboard.)

  • Edie Claire is a great writer. Her characters are real, her stories are original, fresh, and interesting. This book is an example of that. It's the fourth of the series. I enjoyed the story from page one. Fantastic. When I finished it I immediately started reading the next one. I didn't want to say goodbye to these great characters yet. I am enjoying the series very much. Thank you Ms. Claire for such wonderful books.

  • I enjoyed this story and this series. Leigh, our protagonist, seems to always fall into a question or mystery without really intending to do so! I love her and the off beat situations she finds herself in! Always by accident she is drawn into a situation that only she can solve - this one involving her cousin Cara and as always her friend Maura to help get her out of the trouble she is entangled in.