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ePub Julie Mini Doll (American Girl) download

by American Girl Editors

ePub Julie Mini Doll (American Girl) download
American Girl Editors
American Girl; Min Toy/Ha edition (August 30, 2013)
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This adorable 6.5 inch mini-doll comes with a mini 3 inch abridged version of the Meet Julie book. Mini book is enclosed in the doll box.
  • When the full size are out of reach, these mini doll are just as detailed and beautiful. There are added advantages to starting a collection of mini figures: 1) Being smaller the actually fit in doll houses. A Barbie house becomes a mansion. 2) They are more portable, A small suircase will fit them all, so theres no argument about which ones can go. 3) They fit the smaller Breyer horses. 4) Clothing is cheaper to make. 6) If your child is hard on toys. Invest in a second set and put it away for her when shes grown. It will bring back a flood of memories or give it to her daughter and Mom will play right along with her. These like the 18 inch dolls won't be around forever at least not to buy at these prices, because like the $4.00 Barbies way back in my day, you can't find them.

  • This is the second year we've given a "mini" AG doll to our daughter for Christmas. She has one other full size AG doll (handed down from her cousin) and an Our Generation doll from Target. Both of these dolls have extra clothes sewn by Grandma, etc. and other fun accessories. But my daughter actually plays with this mini Julie doll (and her mini Kaya) more than the full sized dolls. I think she enjoys creating plots and stories with these little ones, and can move them about the house while they walk, fly, or ride a horse - easier than the larger dolls. It seems she's less interested in changing doll clothes and "being mommy" with a doll and more interested in creating dramas and scenarios between the little ones. These mini dolls provide a great alternative play experience. The price is still outrageous considering the doll's size (I laughed out loud the first time I received one) but they're worth it to me considering how my daughter plays with them.

  • I got this doll as a present. My daughter's friend loved it! There are so many details - the clothes. hair, accessories etc..And everything looks really good. It is the exact replica of the bigger American doll. And it has a great price. The book with the story about the doll is very small and the text is really tiny, it's not easy to read it (I have 20/20 vision)..But still I give this doll 5 stars :-)

  • I recieved American Girl Mini Doll, Julie in a fast and timley manner. When the doll arrived the packaging was in excellent condition, sealed, and well protected! The product is American Girl Brand and it came new in the American Girl box! I appreciate the seller's honesty in providing the true product that was posted and described!! My little girl will be so surprised on Christmas morning!!

  • This was a way to save a lot of money on this American girl doll. She is tiny but an exact replica of "Big Expensive Julie". The little girl that I gave it to seemed pleased and since it went into her pile of gifts for Christmas, I was happy that I didn't shell out $160 bucks for the large version.

  • I was thrilled to actually get this doll since "Julie" has been hard to find. I was disappointed that it was so small, but had I payed attention in the description, I'd realize the size. Since it is a gift, I didn't open the box, but the book will no doubt be tiny. Regardless, I'm happy with the product and hope it will be enjoyed by the little girl who is receiving it.

  • love her

  • I like the doll and it is the mini edition. Come to find out, girls who want the American Dolls - are not happy with the mini. Buy the large size.