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by The Editors of Klutz

ePub The Cootie Catcher Book download
The Editors of Klutz
Klutz (March 1, 1998)
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Plus instructions on how to make your own cootie catchers and the fortunes to go inside.

Plus instructions on how to make your own cootie catchers and the fortunes to go inside.

The Cootie Catcher Book (Klutz). Published September 1st 2009 by Klutz. Spiral-bound, 70 pages.

ISBN: 1591746809 (ISBN13: 9781591746805). The Cootie Catcher Book (Klutz).

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Klutz Cootie Catcher Book. Some people call them cootie catchers, while others call them fortune tellers (since you lift the flaps to discover what's going to happen). With preprinted punch-out-and-fold cootie catchers, this book has it all covered - answers to burning questions are just a couple folds away. The kit includes a book with cool illustrations and fabulously funny fortunes plus stickers and glow-in-the-dark paper! Make up to 25 cootie catchers. For ages 6 and up. Clear, easy to follow instructions.

The 100 cootie catchers in our book double as hilarious conversation starters. Now we're bringing the DailyCandy experience to life at the DailyCandy Bazaar, a first-of-its-kind shopping event November 8 through 10 in New York City. The Daily Cootie Catcher.

A clever little book on everyone’s favorite playground fortune-teller, with 20 pre-printed tear-em-out-and-fold-em-up pages. Plus instructions on how to make your own cootie catchers and the fortunes to go inside.
  • Good ideas in it....could use some for younger kids though.

  • all the pages are riped only instrosons

  • This item was an alright buy...I was a bit disappointed with the seller because some of the info in it was my comment on what I did receive, the book is cool but too expensive for what is inside of it. Maybe its great a discounted rate but not the regular klutz price, its not worth it.

  • This book is printed on very nice, high quality paper. The designs are fun and eye-catching.
    However, I was really disappointed with the "fortunes".... a lot of boy/girl stuff and for other items I thought the overall tone was flippant, kind of "in your face".

    I have fond memories of making cootie catchers at Girls Scout Camp many years ago, so I was excited to introduce my kids to them. But I didn't think the overall theme here is appropriate for a seven and nine year old. It is very "worldly" for lack of a better term.

    There are several blank pages at the back, so you can create your own themes, so that is one redeeming thing. I love Klutz products, but I just don't want my young kids thinking about and "playing" with a lot of boyfriend/girlfriend themed material. I'm passing this one on.

  • You remember 'Cootie Catchers' don't you?
    (Although we used to call them "Fortune Tellers".) A paper square is folded and refolded so that there are four "pyramids". The player uses the index finger and thumb from both hands to open and close the pyramids, revealing pictures, numbers, words, or letters on the inside surfaces.
    The person who is having their fortune told chooses from the pictures once, twice, or three times, and then the paper is unfolded to reveal a "fortune"- a little gem of advice, warning or congratulations, written inside.
    This kit provides some precolored lovely, intriguing and creative designs ready to cut out and use. More importantly, it has all the guidelines necessary for you to make your own designs using any square piece of paper. You can make them larger or smaller once you have the idea.
    When my 7-year-old niece got this as a distraction for a long car ride to our vacation, she generously shared the patterns with her 6 and 8-year-old cousins. They stayed in the Cootie Catcher phase for weeks, making their own, with wilder, and more outrageous fortunes.
    This is a terrific little kit for kids around age 7, and for the inexpensive price, it provides hours of entertainment for car rides and other times when a distraction would help. If it doesn't quite keep them quiet, at least they're having fun!

  • When our kids were younger, and when the weather did not let them go outside or maybe we were on a long trip, their down time was full of board games, Wii and Klutz activity books.

    Our daughter was hooked on the crafts books from Klutz, covering everything from making jewelry to gimp and even 'cootie catchers', plus everything in-between. Hours of fun while traveling, and the instruction were always so easy for her to follow.

    While portable electronics seem to rule the day, I bet that your kid would love these old school activities just as much as ours did.

    Highly recommended. Go for it.

  • I agree with the previous post of this book really helping out on a long car ride with kids entertaining themselves with the 'cootie catchers'. It was strange because these (something like them at least) used to be pass-time items that I used to play with when I was a child, and now my children are doing the same. The initial draw to this book (not knowing what a 'cootie catcher' was beforehand) was the adorable little girl on the cover of this book. My five year old son said he has a crush on the little angel and that's what ultimately caught his attention. She looks so friendly, so kind and caring, and just precious as can be! They definitely knew how to advertise. Overall, book was helpful and I do suggest it as a HAVE for your children. Hope this was helpful.

  • We found this one at a craft store for my then 5 year old son. He loved the idea of making up his own fortunes--we helped him fold his catchers. It really helped develop his fine motor skills--it takes concentration to hold one and manipulate a catcher! The designs are great! Bright and colorful--and there are ready made catches plus blank ones to fill-in too! They come in a spiral note book-type format...they are easy to remove and complete directions are very helpful! :)