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ePub Bear at Home (Bear Series) download

by Debbie Harter,Stella Blackstone

ePub Bear at Home (Bear Series) download
Debbie Harter,Stella Blackstone
Barefoot Books (October 1, 2001)
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My kids have about a dozen of the Stella Blackstone Bear series.

Debbie Harter's illustrations encourage young readers to spot and identify the variety of objects to be found in specific rooms. Book Details: Format: Board Book. My kids have about a dozen of the Stella Blackstone Bear series. The rhymes, illustrations and narrative are fun and engaging for kids.

Author(s): Stella Blackstone, Debbie Harter. Bear At Home (Bear Series). Published September 1st 2006 by Barefoot Books. Bear at Home (Hardcover). Published September 10th 2003 by Turtleback Books. ISBN: 1846864216 (ISBN13: 9781846864216). Author(s): Stella Blackstone, Debbie Harter (Illustrator). ISBN: 1841484369 (ISBN13: 9781841484365).

Debbie Harter's illustrations encourage young readers to spot the variety of objects to be found in specific rooms: a brilliant introduction to household vocabulary

by Stella Blackstone & illustrated by Debbie Harter.

by Stella Blackstone & illustrated by Debbie Harter. Following the short story is a two-page spread devoted to a drawing of a floor plan of Bear’s house. Filled with illustrations using paint, pen and ink, and crayon, knock-’em-dead contrasting colors accompany the text, adding a breathtaking visual appeal to a simple story.

As young readers follow Bear around his home, they will learn about all kinds of different household activities! . This is another in the fabulous series of "Bear" books by Stella Blackstone. The books are beautifully illustrated by Debbie Harter, and the stories are simple and very sweet.

As young readers follow Bear around his home, they will learn about all kinds of different household activities! With many first learning themes. The children I take care of love these books, and never seem to outgrow them.

Household Essentials. Bear (Stella Blackstone). Stella Blackstone; Debbie Harter. Party & Occasions. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H). 8 x . 9 x 1. 3 Inches.

Debbie Harter has participated in all kinds of artistic ventures, creating jewellery, textiles, ceramics, mirrors and candles

Bear in a Square Bilingual Spanish (Barefoot . .Illustrated by. Debbie Harter.

Bear in a Square Bilingual Spanish (Barefoot .by Stella Blackstone Paperback. 32. 4 RUB. 47. 5 RUB. Shipping: + 37. 6 RUB Shipping. How Loud is a Lion? by Stella Blackstone Board book Book The Fast Free Shipping. 33. 3 RUB. 42. 6 RUB. 58. 9 RUB. 73. 2 RUB. Shipping: + 52. 3 RUB Shipping. Good Night Planes (Board Book).

Young readers can follow Bear as he takes them on a tour of his house, showing them the playroom with its "great big toy chest" and the bedroom "where Bear says goodnight!," in an adorable introduction to vocabulary words.
  • The English version is on the left side of the page and the Spanish on the right with the picture spanning both pages. The English version rhymes. The Spanish doesn't rhyme. The pictures are bright and inviting.

    Bear goes to the market, down a river on a raft, past buffalo in a covered wagon, on a train, to the beach, to an island, in a hot air balloon, to a rainbow, to a castle party, and in a rocket off to space. There's no story here just comments about where bear is going. Maybe it was trying to be a book about transportation but it doesn't really do that either.

  • I purchased this book for my toddler grandson because I thought he might enjoy it, which he has. He has been going for bike rides with his dad for months in his carefully purchased bike seat, observing the world around him wherever he goes. The Bear on the Bike book reminds him of adventures he's had cycling about Austin, TX on his dad's bike, even though Bear's adventures are a bit different than those of toddler, Ethan.

    His mom and dad enjoy allowing him to enjoy a book that he cannot destroy. Ethan thinks pages should be turned like his favorite toy, his parents' i-Pod. He's tough on the i-Pod and tough on most books. But, he has not been able to destroy The Bear on the Bike board book.

    We thank the author for writing this, and Amazon for making its selection so easy. Going to stores has been a challenge for me since injuring my spine, so I'm shopping mostly online.

  • Love this book! Very colorful. Simple to read. On the back of the book there apparently is another bilingual book by same authors , however it is not sold on Amazon:(. Because I loved this book so much, the beautiful illustrations with lots of things to point out to the child, I did purchase other English-only Stella Blackstone/Debbie Harter bear books. Unfortunately they were not as great (small board books, illustrations were not as large...)

  • This is the story of a wealthy bear escaping a doomed planet and the poor curious boy who wants to tag along. The bear makes his way from a market to a beach where he hops a boat for a private island where he dances with royalty and finally catches a commercial space flight off planet. The tag along boy who was desperate for the bear’s company is left wondering what’s next. Excellent commentary on our present societal woes.

  • We got this book as a hand-me-down from neighbors and it became one of our family's favorites. We have since given it as a gift multiple times. The illustrations are detailed, bright, and whimsical. The language is quite complex yet musical. This is a book in the tradition of Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd or Janet & Allen Ahlberg. It deserves a place among the classics of early childhood literature.

  • I purchased this book for one of my primary school bilingual students. She loves and is so happy because her mom is learning English and they read this book together.

  • My SO's kids (ages one and three) love this book, and as adults we've grown to love it too. It has such a fun, bouncy rhythm that makes it a joy to read over and over again, which is great, because those kids will never tire of this story. I also love the illustration... so much for the kids to look at and point out.

  • This books is great for my 21 month old! He loves to point out all the things in the pictures (which are great by the way). The dog, the clock etc. There aren't a lot of words so we can spend time identifying what's in the picture.