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ePub Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear) download

by Frank Asch

ePub Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear) download
Frank Asch
Sagebrush Education Resources (October 1999)
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  • This is an excellent story with gorgeous pictures, however, the board book version Amazon is offering is incredibly off. The text is slanted.. the colors are completely wrong (orange instead of bright red, hot pink all over the book including the light pink bathtub, hot pink in the snow). Our copy came bent and I immediately knew something was off. I had ordered another copy of this book where the colors were not off so I'm not sure what happened. Either it's a fake or they did a horrible job of printing it but sold it anyway. It seemed Amazon was aware that this book has serious issues because when I requested a refund they did not even want their copy back..

  • My toddler LOVES this little book. He's going on 3 next month and enjoys the Peter character also all the snow. Not long after it was delivered, I discovered that they made a cartoon version of the story that's on Amazon Prime video - just search "The Snowy Day". We found that and my son loves the story even more! I personally love the little 30 minute cartoon of the story too - very soulful.

    FYI - not sure about the reviews mentioning a color issue. The book I received looks perfectly fine. (we have the board book version)

  • I love this book! It seems to really capture what a child would observe and how they would observe it. I also love that the main character in the book is a child with dark brown skin, but the book isn't about the child's skin. It is just a book featuring a child with dark skin. Those books are surprisingly hard to find. Thank you Ezra Jack Keats! Also, Amazon made a little 40 minute mini movie based off the book that is good if you are looking for a little animated show to play for your kids.

  • As a child growing up in the 60's, this was my favorite children's book. Having it read to me at a young age is one of my earliest vivid memories. I imagined myself as part of Peter's world and as his special friend. The use of patterns inspired me to cut up scraps of fabric, wallpaper or whatever else I could find to make my own artwork. Of the many young children's books in our home, this is the only one I recall that featured a child of color. It didn't mean much to me at first, despite the fact that I knew only white people. As I grew and began to hear subtle and overt racist language and remarks, I had a sense that something was wrong because I knew Peter was just like me. I am grateful to whomever gave my family this book for I believe I would have processed those ugly remarks much differently if not for The Snowy Day. The delight I had in reading this book to my own children is immeasurable. I just purchased two copies of the 50th Anniversary Edition for baby shower gifts.

  • I love this timeless classic book and its story of a boy's adventures on the first day of snow so it only made sense to buy the board book for my toddler to read to him during the snowy days here in Chicago! The story and artwork received the absolute most prestigious award for children's picture books, so my review cannot possibly do the justice it deserves. I am not even going to try to do that. I will say that the quality of the construction of the book is wonderful, it gets lots and lots of use from my toddler and is still in perfect condition. The author has several great books, my other favorite being Whistle for Willie, and the foundation created in his name does amazing work for children and reading.

  • My 2 year old loves this story. She knows it by heart. And often recalls a lot of the book during the day while she plays in the snow or sand. Often say, " I'm making tracks like Peter ". Combining this with the snowy day movie adds a little more detail to the story. And our daughter loves both. So happy we came across this book. I feel like it's opened up her world or imagination.

  • This is a sturdy board book, with a fun storyline and beautiful illustrations. The picture quality could be a little better, but it's great for the price and ought to hold up even under my toddler's tough love.

  • Sweet story that all kids (living in snowy areas) can relate to. My 3 yr old daughter loves it! The pages are thicker than most paperbacks and the colors are beautiful.