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by Rin Hirai,Makoto Haruno

ePub Legendz, Vol. 1 download
Rin Hirai,Makoto Haruno
VIZ Media LLC; 1 edition (March 1, 2005)
Comics & Graphic Novels
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Discover new books on Goodreads. Makoto Haruno’s Followers (1). Makoto Haruno. Makoto Haruno’s books. Legendz, Volume 1 (Legendz, by. Rin Hirai, Makoto Haruno (Illustrator).

This discovery has become a popular toy craze that is sweeping Japan: Legendz. Ken Kazaki and his Legendz Windragon are ready for anything and Ken wishes to obtain the Golden Soul Figure by any means necessary. This game is considered to be the ultimate role playing game where kids can train their Legendz to participate in dangerous matches.

Authors/Artists: Makoto haruno, Rin hirai Status: Completed. Genres: Shounen, Fantasy, School life.

Legendz, Vol. 1. Daisuke Higuchi. 2 people found this helpful.

Legendz 2: Burnout! by Rin Hirai. Since the next volume is the last one, I'm expecting a pretty fast rushed ending but the whole series so far has been a fun whirlwind with this one bringing us to the brink of the climax.

Author(s): Hirai Rin. Artist(s): Makoto Haruno. LegendZ 18 Vol 04 LegendZ Become Legends Jan 13,2009. LegendZ 17 Vol 04 True Wind! Jan 13,2009. LegendZ 16 Vol 04 Jabberwock Reborn Jan 13,2009. LegendZ 15 Vol 04 Overlord Jan 11,2009. LegendZ 14 Vol 04 Last Saga Jan 11,2009.

Part 2: shardianofwhitefire. deviantar. egendz (c) Rin Hirai and Makoto Haruno.

Luckily Shiron's body is relatively simple enough to get basic sitting positions without it looking like a messy disaster. Not so sure about Meg though. Part 2: shardianofwhitefire.

Artist(s): Makoto Haruno. LegendZ Vol 4 Chapter 16: Jabberwock Reborn. LegendZ Vol 1 Chapter 4: Eternal Champion. Genre(s): Fantasy, Shounen. LegendZ Vol 4 Chapter 15: Overlord. LegendZ Vol 1 Chapter 3: Spiritual Inheritor. LegendZ Vol 1 Chapter 2: Volcano Hacker. LegendZ Vol 1 Chapter 1: The Tornado Comes! Jul 20, 2016.

Author: haruno makoto. This game is considered to be the ultimate role playing game were kids can train their Legendz to participate in dangerous matches. Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Summary: Plot: Scientists have discovered that mystical creatures like dragons, mermaids, and werewolves DID exist. This discovery has become a popular toy craze that is sweeping Japan: Legendz. This game is considered to be the ultimate role playing game were kids can train their Legendz to participate in dangerous matches Latest Chapters: C. 8, C. 7, C. 6, C. 5, C. 4, C. 3, Toriya Trip.

What if scientists discovered that mythical creatures like mermaids, dragons and werewolves actually exist? Better yet, what if any kid could raise them and train them to play the ultimate role-playing game? Welcome to the world of LEGENDZ, where master trainer Ken Kazaki and his loyal Windragon are about to turn fantasy into reality! Teen.
  • It's my favorite manga series.

  • This is a short (4-volume) old-school manga series, that focuses on a battle game ala Pokemon. It's rated A as suitable for All Ages. Both my son and I found this a fun light fantasy diversion. The name of the game here is Legendz where everyone has a Legendz to care for and do battle with (these are like tamogochi's and the series was created by the same people). They are all legendary creatures such as trolls, mermaids, werewolves, dragons, etc. Ken is new at the school, a battle game freak, but one who plays with honour and a conscience. He teaches the kids a new kind of respect for their legendz. Ken ends up being the rightful owner of the "Golden Soul Figure" but doesn't want it as he's vowed to only play with his beloved Winddragon. And that's where the book leaves us. Lots of battles and just pure fun, nothing heavy, but a good read and lots of great old-school battles. The last page leaves a collection of cards showing all the stats for the Legendz who fought in the volume. This would make a great beginning series for a youngster!

  • For those who don't get enough of the cockfighting monsters genre, Legendz comes in to pick up some of the Pokemon slack. Set in an alternate future, scientists have discovered that some of the creatures of myth did exist. Not only that, they found a way to replicate their spirits within a video game, allowing players to use them as virtual pets that can be used to fight with others. This concept is called Legendz.

    The spirit of the creature or monsters is placed in a small gem called a Soul Figure. This is then placed in a control unit called a Talispod, sort of like putting a game cartridge in a Game Boy. The creatures vary from about a dozen different types: mermaids, yeti, giants, dwarves, werewolves, etc.

    Their story is mainly centered around Ken, a young player who wins alot at Legendz and has just moved to a new school. Once there, he's challenged by local bully Housuke. Ken totals him with his only Legendz character, Shiron the wind dragon. After hearing about this, Yuki, an upperclassman, offers Ken the chance to become the owner of his prized Golden Soul Figure. Yuki apparently can't use the Golden Soul Figure for himself, but he has to find someone worthy of using it.

    Yuki finds Ken at home and walks with him to school. After an encounter with a gang secretly owned by Housuke, the Golden figure reveals itself to want Ken to be its owner. However, Ken refuses as he only wants to use Shiron as his Legendz. Then, their friend Ririko gets kidnapped by Housuke's girlfriend, the sexy Meiko who looks a little older than your average elementary school student, Ken agrees to take the Gold figure with him to help stop Ririko's abducters who want it as ransom.

    Legendz has most of the overdramatized theme that an kiddy game-based manga could have. Ones like Beyblade and Yugioh where the fate of the world is always in the balance make this seem a little tame. But it keeps an innocence that the original season or two of Pokemon and Digimon had. So be sure to look it up if your a fan of tournament anime.

  • This manga reminded me a whole bunch of Pokemon. I enjoyed the book, yes. However I don't really think the book was original enough. I have played Pokemon games and they are different from the book, but they are pretty close in subject.

    Aside from that and onto the book, I actually enjoyed this book a lot. The plot isn't really fast paced or to slow, and it does have a interesting ending which will make you want to read the next book. I do think this series is more for children from the ages of 8-13. I enjoyed it, and I think that they fact that it is four books long is also something for new beginners to start off with.

    Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did.
    Would I buy it? Probably not.

  • I saw this book at a bookstore the other day, flipped through a few pages, then promptly put it back on the shelf because it looked too much like a Pokemon knock-off. I saw the book again in the store today and, feeling as if I had not given it a fair shot, I delved a bit more deeply. I am glad I did, as I have found an amazing new series, one which I will be looking forward to reading again and again. I finished the book the same night I bought it and then read it all over again. That's what great manga makes you do, you want to go back and read it again and again. Take a chance on this one, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • Ok, so I had known about LEgendz for a long time, because I had come across it on a japanese website, and thought it was never coming here to america. IT did, and it rocks. It is good too, because the show in japan has little kids, this has older kids on it. I love the talispods and different legendz. I wish viz or whoever would come out with the talispods for us to play with, since they came out in japan. They can get the soul figures in vending machines like we have.

  • ilove this gn i saw a preview in sjshonen jump and the storyline gets your atention fast sorry but no spoilers youll just have to buy this gn and rate it yourself and please do not hesitate it is not like pokemon at all.

  • This is one of the best new series coming from Viz comics. I've already bought the first volume and I loved it. The battles between the differend Legendz are awesome.