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by Steve Kellogg,Deborah Guarino

ePub Is Your Mama a Llama? download
Steve Kellogg,Deborah Guarino
Scholastic Inc.; 1 edition (June 1, 2004)
Growing Up & Facts of Life
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A young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas and finds out, in rhyme, that their mothers are other types of animals. Is Your Mama A Llama? by. Deborah Guarino.

A young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas and finds out, in rhyme, that their mothers are other types of animals  . A young llama asks his friends if their mamas are llamas and finds out, in rhyme, that their mothers are other types of animals. You can also read a copy of 'Is Your Mama A Llama?' by going to the International Children's Digital Library, a joint project of the Internet Archive and University Of Maryland.

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Author: Deborah Guarino. Illustrator: Steven Kellogg. Genre: Predictable Book, Picture Book, Theme(s): Repeated/Patterned Phrase, Animals/Llamas, Family, Opening line/sentence: Is your mama a llama? I asked my friend Dave. Deborah Guarino and Steven Kellogg's Is Your Mama a Llama? is the story of a Welsh llama with no comprehension of fundamental principles of biology and genetics, wandering around Australia(?) and trying to determine which animals have llamas for mothers. Lloyd the Llama asks his various animal friends whether their mother is a llama.

Download ppt "Words from Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino and Steven Kellogg. Similar presentations. The people Look for some people. 1. THE old woman 2. A nice man 3. A short friend 4. THE funny girls. TSI & Read Well Vocabulary.

The Kellogg Company -. by: emma lutzky,madison doherty, jenna horne . The llama, alpaca, vicuna, and guanaco. kellogg entered the cereal. llama: lama glama alpaca: vicugna pacos. Llamas -. by trista clark. how much does a llama cost?. Author : Deborah Hopkinson Genre : Expository Nonfiction - Big question: what challenges do immigrants encounter?. ROOT WORDS -. what are root words?. words originating from latin (ancient rome) and greek. why is it important to learn.

Find Books With Book Wizard. By Steven Kellogg, Deborah Guarino. Lloyd the llama is looking for his mama. Is your mama a llama?" he asks a bat, a swan, a cow, a seal, and a kangaroo. see all.

The book was apparently inspired by the author meeting a llama in Central Park petting zoo, which makes me. .

The book was apparently inspired by the author meeting a llama in Central Park petting zoo, which makes me immediately want to rush off to New York to meet the llama in question, though I fear that animal is no longer of this world. I first became aware of the book when I spotted Allison DuBois (played by Patricia Arquette) reading it to her daughter in the television show Medium.

Category: Family"She grazes on grass, and she likes to say, 'Moo!' I don't think that is what a llama would do."In this favorite, whimsical rhyming riddles help Lloyd the baby llama guess what kind of animal everyone's mama really is. But it's his friend Lyn the llama that finally leads Lloyd to the answer he most longs to hear.Is your mama a llama?"An enchanting animal guessing game."-School Library Journal
  • I got this new. Nice book I purchase this book for my toddler boys (1 and 2yrs). Book is about a baby llama asking a bunch of other animals if their mom is a llama until he figures out only his mom is the llama. This book teaches the characteristics of the animals mentioned (a bat, swan, cow, seal, kangaroo, and the llama), great way for a toddler to learn about animals and what is special about them and discover new animals they may not know. Also has a little rhyme to it which is great for little children.Not a huge fan of the graphics it comes off to me a little dull but that maybe because for kids I love brightly colored images.

  • My 5 month old grandson enjoys this book, but not as much as his "Brown Bear" books. They sing-song rhyming words are appealing, but the illustrations are not as eye catching as those in the Brown Bear books. Also, he likes to hold his books himself and these are a little bigger than the Brown Bear books so not quite as easy for his small hands. All in all a good book though.

  • I love this book. Probably my all time favorite book to read to my 6 month old. My son was in the nicu for 4 days and at one point I went to take a 2 hour nap and came back to find my husband reading him this book so this book is very special to us. As soon as we brought him home we ordered it. Cute story, love all the rhyming.

  • Such a cute book. Saw it at my brothers house and had to buy a copy for my son. Board book, which is great, and perfect size to hold for little hands. Just long enough without being too long. Gotta do the voices too. I find myself walking around work saying "is YOUR mama a llama

  • What's not to LOVE about this book?! Our kids loved it, and now our grandchild does! (Great for teaching rhyming skills.)
    Also, the book arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very pleased with vendor!

  • This is such a fun book! It's a bit of a story, so there is more reading than many other board books (which is what we were looking for). It all rhymes, which is nice. And it includes animals that are not typically found in other books like a seal, a kangaroo, and a llama (of course). I think this gives more diversity when trying to teach the kid animal names.

  • I love, love, love this book and so does my son. He’s 10 months and doesn’t always have an attention span for books- but he loves this one and will climb in your lap when you read it! He also keeps handing to you when he wants to hear it again, and again. We have to read it so often I have it memorized but still love it! Cute book!

  • a gift for my grandson, this book is his mother's favorite as well as his. the rhymes and rhythm are outstanding, as are the illustrations and sentiment. excellent book for all ages!