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by Marc Sutherland

ePub Waiting Place download
Marc Sutherland
Harry N. Abrams (September 1, 1998)
Growing Up & Facts of Life
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Outrageous adventures take place at the foot of the bed when a bout of insomnia allows a child's imagination to take .

Outrageous adventures take place at the foot of the bed when a bout of insomnia allows a child's imagination to take flight. Spare, imperfectly rhyming text gives readers just enough structure to enter the illustrations, which yield something new with every viewing

by. Sutherland, Marc, 1968-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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The Waiting Place, 2012. The Waiting Place, 2012. Better Than a Hallelujah, 03:30.

Filled with whimsical and fanciful charcoal illustrations, a delightful story describes a little boy who cannot sleep because his imagination introduces him to all the unexplored places and things he can do, from marching in a parade for the Queen to visiting the Yeti in the mountains. 50,000 first printing.
  • what a beautiful book - the artwork is so amazing -- more like a fine master than a children's book illustrator - highly recommended as a gift to a new mom or dad - or actually to anyone - really a gem

  • I bought this book online based on the rave reviews it had received. I have a son, almost 4 years old. The black and white charcoal drawings are very good and detailed, but very scary for a young child. One picture has a large wolf in the child's bedroom, another has a creature that looks human but with large fangs coming out of his mouth. I was very surprised the 3 prior customer reviews did not mention this. I definitely would be very hesitant about buying this for young children.

  • This hardcover book ,The Waiting Place,by Marc Sutherland is wonderfully illustrated and full of a child's imagination. The story is set in a child's bedroom in which the child sees many marvelous things. The child takes a trip in a submarine,sails with Vikings,dances with the Man in the Moon and plays chess with Grandmother Gryphon while waiting for sleep to come. The charcoal drawings are so full of detail and bring the imagined characters like the soldiers of the Queen on the front cover amazingly to life. Every drawing has so many fantastic figures and imagery that a new aspect of it will be seen by the child each time the story is read. Because this story takes place in the child's room and the child can identify with trying to go to sleep, its a perfect book for all.

  • This book is wonderful, for both young & old. I have 2 small children, a 2 & a 4 year old boy & they absolutely love this book. They are mesmerized by the pictures & delight anew each time with the detail. Another reader mentioned that the pictures may be too much for a little one but my youngest, who is 2, is in awe of the pictures & their realism is such an exciting contrast for him (when compared to the more cartoon like that is typical) & I believe that they engage his mind & invoke more curiousity.
    Furthermore, I have already bought 30+ as gifts - it makes such a perfect gift as the book itself has an almost old world elegance to it that I have never seen the likes of before. Every friend & relative that I have given it to has been delighted & asked me where to purchase it because they know a friend who loves unique books or they have a friend with children. The person who most appreciated the gift was my cousin who has been in the hospital for months. The hopeful message of "The Waiting Place" seemed so appropriate for him - we cried as we read it together & he has it displayed by his bedside. I recommend this book quite highly.

  • The artwork in this book is phenomenal. There was one negative review regarding the "scariness" of the images which seems preposterous to this writer. There is a Monty-Python feel to the story that hops from one absurd reality to another-much like the world of dreams.
    Though the meter of the ryhming was a bit off in one spot, the spirit of the story is a good one. When the child wakes up at the end of the book, we're invited to make our personal dreams come true, not to just remain in bed fantasing, as both child and adult can be guilty of.

    Buy this book.

  • A wonderful treat for child and adult alike!
    Exquisite detail and you feel like you have purchsed a piece of art!
    I highly recommend as a high quality gift - one of those books you want to have 2 copies so you have one that remains untattered.