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by Alice Mead

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Alice Mead
Square Fish (May 26, 2009)
Growing Up & Facts of Life
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Some of the stuff that goes on in the Auburn Street Projects, I'm never gonna do. These projects are like some kind of never-never land.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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By Alice Mead Junebug and the Reverend I like the first book called Junebug because the book is like my life. Like the part when he said he lives in a bad place, I used to live in a bad place too called Chelsea

By Alice Mead Junebug and the Reverend. I like the first book called Junebug because the book is like my life. Like the part when he said he lives in a bad place, I used to live in a bad place too called Chelsea. One part that I think is important is when Darrel left and then later a guy came looking for Darrel.

Alice Mead is the author of many highly acclaimed novels, including Adem's Cross, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and two other books featuring Junebug.

Junebug copes first with the ambulance and then with taking care of himself and Tasha until his mother is released from the hospital. Mead (Crossing the Starlight Bridge, 1994) has stores of affection for her wonderful characters. How he accomplishes this and still pulls off the birthday plan makes for a warm and inspiring tale of an indomitable boy who refuses to let the harshness of his situation destroy all hope for a better future. Readers will be rooting for Junebug and his dreams all the way. (Fiction.

Junebug - has decided to skip his birthday. Since ten is the age when boys in the projects are forced to join gangs or are ensnared by drug dealers, Junebug would rather remain nine. Still, he does have a birthday wish: to someday become a ship's captain and sail away.

Some of the stuff that goes on in the Auburn Street Projects, I'm never gonna do. These projects are like some kind of never-never land, like they never got put on a regular map. Nobody comes around here on purpose. It's as if we all got lost, right in the middle of the city.

Reeve McClain, Jr. -- Junebug -- has decided to skip his birthday. Since ten is the age when boys in the projects are forced to join gangs or are ensnared by drug dealers, Junebug would rather remain nine. Still, he does have a birthday wish: to someday become a ship's captain and sail away. So Junebug comes up with a plan to launch a flotilla, fifty glass bottles containing notes with his wish, in the hope that someone somewhere will help to make his dream come true.

  • From Aidan: When I heard about the options for reading groups in our fourth grade class, I automatically knew I wanted Junebug for my book. the main idea is about a 10 year old boy who lives in a rough part of new haven.

    It's sad in some parts because I know if I were in those situations, I would have a hard time finding the good things in my life. Even though it's quite sad, it also makes you happy when something good happens. The writer did a very good job writing and really makes you feel for Junebug. I would give it 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars if I could.

    Junebug lives in the Northeast ,so he is pretty close to the water and he loves boats. There is slight violence and they do mention a boy who is in a gang and has a gun. There was also a 13-16 year old girl who was really hurt. If you have read Hatchet, you might remember that when the boy lands, he is quite confused and he needs to gather his bearings and he still keeps on going. Well, it's the same with Junebug when something goes wrong, he keeps on going. It's great for 9-11 year old boys and girls.

    If you are a kid, it is a great book you should read it !!!!!!!! I hope you will read it.

    From Nate: I thought that Junebug was a great book. In some parts, it was sad and at some parts it was happy, but the whole time it was a good book. If I were Junebug, I would do exactly what he did. I think he made the right choices.

    I have already recommended this book to one of my friends. I think the age range for this book is probably from 9 to 12 years old. I think it is sad that a boy that age would have to go through so many hard times and take so much responsibility. Junebug's aunt and her friends are bad people, but a lot of people are much worse in this book. I highly recommend reading Junebug. I think that most people that enjoy sad and adventure books would like Junebug. This book has minor violence. I think most people would love this book. I highly recomend reading this and the second book.

    From Julian: I think Junebug is a very emotional book. It has both sad and happy parts. It makes you feel lucky that you have a lot more than him and that he has so little compared to you. It has many adventures about Junebug's life and his family and other people.

    Junebug doesn't want to go into gang. Unfortunately, when you turn 10 in his neighborhood , others usually force you into one. Junebug stands up to neighborhood gangs and refuses to join them. So he puts messages in bottles sending his birthday wishes out to sea. He sends 50 messages. They each have the same message. Junebug is very interested in boats and water. Junebug lives in Connecticut on Auburn Street in New Haven. Junebug has an aunt and her name is Jolita. She is rude. Junebug has a sister Tasha who is nice and his Mom. I think the beginning just tells you about him, then the middle is all about everything in his life and the end is nice and sad. There are A LOT of gang and drug dealers in his neighborhood. There is a lot of violence in the book in some parts of the book.

    The author Alice Mead is a very good author. If there were 100 stars, I would rate it exactly 100. I believe there are two of the Junebug books. Boys and girls, men and women would like this book. Hope you enjoy it!

    From David:I think that there are good and bad things about Junebug. Some parts scared me and I think they scared the main character (Junebug), too. Somehow, Junebug always finds something good in a bad thing. What I liked about this book is that there is stuff that happens that really excited me and when we stopped reading, I was wondering what would happen.

    If you have read this book than there is a second book if you want to read more about Junebug's life, it is Junebug in Trouble. I would rate it four stars!

    From Luke: I think Junebug is one of the best books I have ever read. I truly think you should read it because the main character (Junebug) has a way some around things. If I were in some of the situations that Junebug was in, I would have no clue of what to do.

    Junebug always believes in himself and doesn't give up. Junebug is basically in love with boats. He lives in a not so good of an apartment. There is some violence in the book. The place where Junebug lives is not a safe place because the police don't come all the time and same with the firefighters and the ambulance. I go to a way better school than Junebug. There are a lot of guns in this book. In this book they mostly join gangs when they turn 10. Junebug isn't one of those kids that are spoiled and want video games and NERF guns like me. Junebug wants bottles and corks instead.

    Junebug is why different then me. He lives in a apartment and I live in a nice home. If you read Junebug I think you will really like it. I have read both books Junebug#1 and the sequel, Junebug in Trouble. Junebug in trouble is the second one. My favorite one is Junebug, but I think you will have to read the first one first because in the second one, it doesn't talk that much about where he lives and all of the good stuff is in book # 1. Five stars!

    Five stars!

    From Oci: The book Junebug was really sad, but it had a lot of meaning. It's one of those books that really gets to you. I really enjoyed how the author put so many exciting parts in the book. I would recommend Junebug to people who like books that are really emotional. This book has some violence, but it always ends up in a good way. If you read this book and you like it, you should read the sequel called Junebug In Trouble!

    In the first chapter of Junebug, I thought I would not like the book, but in the middle of the second chapter, I knew I would love it. Junebug is a amazing book, but I think it is for fourth graders and older because it would be a little hard to understand for younger kids.

    Four stars!

    From Madalyne: Junebug was a good book because I really like how detailed it was. Junebug was very sad. I enjoyed the book. It was very exciting to see what was next . When I started the book, I was not that excited, but when I got to the second chapter I started to love it. Sadly, there was some violence in the book . If I were Junebug, I would hate it having that rough of a life. Even though it was sad, it was very inspiring because he never let go of his dreams . Although Junebug is a good book, it would be kind of be hard to understand for kids under 4th grade. It really depends on how good of a reader you are. But this is definitely a good book and you should read it .There is also another book called (that is the sequel) Junebug In Trouble. You should read that, too.

    Four stars!

  • A good read for my 3rd grade student. It held her attention and she did not complain once when it was time for her daily reading time.

  • Amazing lol where do I start i don't know this book was written with pashon it was cool and interesting

  • Junebug is a good for anyone that likes stories about kids living in the city. Junebug, his mom, his Aunt Jolita, and his sister live in an apartment in a rough part of the city. Junebug enjoys collecting bottles and his dream is to get bottle messages from people in other places. You should read it.

  • I like Junebug. It is an exciting book. Mother fell down the steps and Junebug called the doctor and the ambulance came and took her to the hospital. She stayed there and Junebug came to the hospital to visit his mom . I also like the happy ending. Read this book and you will like it.

  • I like this book becase it is a friendship.His friend's help him.You need to read it.

  • JuneBug Is a great book. It tells how a young boy named "junebug" Lives in the projects. He has collected up to 50 bottles that he could use to set in the sea so people can read his wish. His wish is to be a sailer. Alot of things happen along his way. His mother breakes her leg, The libary closes, Darnell Runs away, Theres a fight against MaMa and Jolita. Read this book to find out what heppens to june bug! ^.^

  • The projects is were Reeve Mclain lives aka Junebug. He is a young man who collects bottles. He lives with his mom ,sister and aunt. There is a lot of gangbangers where he live. He only has one true friend named Darnell but, com to find out Darnell has to get out of town because, he is in trouble. Junebug's mom got pushed down the staires by a pimp that his aunt Jplitia lit in. So that is all for now if you want to find out the rest you should the book JuneBug.