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by Michael Mart Chenko,Robert Munsch

ePub Boo! download
Michael Mart Chenko,Robert Munsch
Cartwheel (August 1, 2004)
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BOO! Written by Robert Munsch. Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. This story took a long time to get good. When I finally decided to make it into a book, Lloyd George School was closed and I could not track down Lance.

BOO! Written by Robert Munsch. Published by Scholastic Canada, 2004. Happily, Carma McKay tracked me down when she heard that I was looking for Lance. It turned out that Lance had moved back to Jamaica, but Carma still had his picture. Lloyd George School was right across the street from an enormous steel mill. The mill is the backdrop in some of the pictures.

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Robert Munsch (Author), Michael Martchenko (Illustrator). Ships from and sold by allnewbooks. Book 1 of 4 in the Munschworks Series.

Take a picture walk through the book by having the ebook play in manual mode so you can turn the pages yourself. Reader’s Theatre This is a way to practice fluency after reading the book. Please note to turn off the sound as well so the story is not narrated. Have the students predict what they think will happen. Record the predictions. 3. What was the author’s purpose for writing this book? 4. Introduce vocabulary. This is a Reader’s Theater so the students can read the text in a different way. Pigs Characters: Megan Megan’s father Principal Teacher Narrator 1 and 2 Pigs Narrator 1: Megan’s father asked her to feed the pigs on her way to school.

Ships from the UK. Former Library books. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

Best- selling team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko create another funny adventure about a boy named Lance, who finds an inventive way of getting more candy on Halloween. Lance loves dressing up for Halloween. This year, instead of wearing a store-bought mask, he paints his face very, very scary.

Born in Carcassonne, France, Michael moved to Canada when he was seven, where he graduated from the Ontario College of Art. His early interest in drawing became apparent when he began creating his own depictions of his favourite comic books.

Best- selling team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko create another funny adventure about a boy named Lance, who finds an inventive way of getting more candy on Halloween.Lance loves dressing up for Halloween. This year, instead of wearing a store-bought mask, he paints his face very, very scary. When Lance goes trick-or-treating, his scary face spooks his neighbors so much that they fall over--leaving him all their candy! Lance uses his horrid face to steal more candy than he can carry. But in the end, he he has so much candy that he decides to share with his neighbors.
  • Just overlook the larceny. My kindergartners have no problems with the story and they certainly know better. It is just a story after all.

  • very cute story

  • Fun book for all of us!

  • Robert Munch is a wonderful author. I bought this book to add to my collection and my students always get a kick out of the humor.

  • I bought this book to donate to my son's library at school, for his birthday. It was in horrible condition and falling apart.

  • If you feel uncomfortable overtly instructing your preschooler on how to be prejudice, yet you still want to instill in them a good dose of institutional racism, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! don't have to even mention that the main character is a minority. According to some research, your child will AUTOMATICALLY pick up the difference in ethnicity and begin to categorize him as different [...]. Young children love to learn and categorize and try to figure the world out. What are we like? What are they like? This book will help!

    Next comes the magic of the book. The story has a minority doing many things that you tell your child are bad or wrong. Some examples include; A passed out father figure, hurting strangers, stealing all a stranger's Halloween candy, robbing other items from their homes, and scaring and not respecting a police officer. Congratulations! Because of institutional racism, you have been able to guess the ethnicity of the main character....and after reading the book, your child will be able to also!

    Bingo... no direct instruction on your part necessary. What could be easier? Your preschooler will easily be guided and helped to come to their OWN conclusions about how people of a specific different ethnicity act.

    If this sounds like your kind of book, write the author. Perhaps he can be convinced to write about least 3 other minority heroes so your child's education can be complete.

  • This is one of my 4 year old daughters picks for reading time right now and I cringe every time she hands it to me. Okay fine that the kid paints his face so scary that anyone who sees it doesn't just scream, they pass out. We're obviously breaking from reality here, and that's just great. I can accept a few things as literary embellishment such as at Halloween each adult has massive amounts of candy for the trick-or-treaters, and a pillowcase can swell to hold a dumptruck sized load of candy. I realize the fun of the book is in the exaggeration. But it starts to get into things I don't want to have to explain. Most innocently, that the kid eats candy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks for a year. But less innocently that saying the magic word, "Trick or treat," gives anyone and everyone who can incapacitate you in some way like scaring you silly can then march into your house and stroll off with whatever they like, from the halloween candy on your table to the contents of your fridge. And then, when the policeman hears what the kid has been doing, flat out telling him "I go in and take all the candy" the policeman's response isn't any sort of a reprimand, it's "bet you can't scare me."

    All of this is perfectly acceptable. Certainly didn't bother the cop. It does bother me and every time we read this book we have to take a moment and discuss how it is bad to go into other people's houses and take their stuff under any circumstances.

    However, ironically, the book does inform us that teenagers are too old to go out trick or treating. Kids practicing larceny? That's OK! But when those teenagers go out trick-or-treating? Well, that's frowned on. Oh by the way when a little kid steals the candy from an overage trick-or-treating (larcenous) teenager, that's okay too.

  • This is one of those books for kids that won't help them grow up to discover the cure for cancer, and won't make them want to run off an help the starving masses in Africa. Having said that my four year old son enjoys yelling boo! while reading it. My daughter, age two, also started yelling boo! as well.

    Munsch has written some brilliant books and some not so brilliant but never a bad or immoral book. The goal of his books are to get kids into reading and even with this one -- not his best ("I got to go peeee!") -- he succeeds.

    If you see dangers and evil lurking in many places perhaps you should avoid this book but if you enjoy sitting with your kids and reading together give it a try. Especially in the days before halloween.